Is Organic Food Better for Weight Loss?

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More and more foods these days are laden with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, and my clients have been asking if all those chemicals affect their weight gain. I believe that to lose weight in the most healthy way and maintain a lean body, you have to not only cut out all the processed foods, but also focus on eating more and more organic fruits, veggies and meats. Doctors have been citing studies that show organic foods are more nutrient dense because they were grown in healthy soil. It makes a … Continue reading

Kitchen Tools To Keep You Thin

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You made the decision the change your lifestyle. You are ready to do what it takes to get in shape and feel healthy and strong. But being in the kitchen and preparing meals every day is challenging. You don’t know what you are doing and the healthy meals you were so excited just days ago don’t taste as great. What to do? “Take it one step at a time,” advises wellness coach Elina Fuhrman. “Changing your lifestyle takes patience and the kinder you are to yourself, the more successful you … Continue reading

Five Lies We Tell Ourselves That Can Ruin Our Health


I get it, nobody is perfect and how boring would our life be if we were. But when minor slip-ups become habits, they can do real damage. Not only to our bodies but also to our health. Don’t Lie to Yourself About Your Health “It’s okay to have a second piece of cake or skip a week of workouts when you are overwhelmed with work, kids, life,” you tell yourself. Well, if it happens once, it could be okay but when you convince yourself that it’s always okay, it could … Continue reading

5 Posture Fixes for a Leaner Body


Posture is often overlooked when people embark on a new workout and nutrition plan.  But proper posture is key to a leaner body and bad posture can derail your fitness goals. We all spend too much time hunching over our laptops, slumping in front of TVs, sitting in traffic in our cars.  The result: poor posture that not only affects the way we look, but also takes a toll on our spine, shoulders, hips and knees. If not taken seriously, posture can cause a cascade of problems from joint pains … Continue reading

How to stay young forever…and it’s not how you think

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How To Stay Young Once we enter our fourth decade, many of us start to worry about how to stay young. The August issue of Vogue magazine proclaimed “getting and staying in shape in your 40’s is the new midlife crisis.” Have you joined the big trend yet? It’s never to late to start but the sooner you begin and the more consistent you are, the greater your long-term rewards. An active lifestyle is really an investment not just in a great body but also in your youth and wellness. … Continue reading

5 ways drinking wine can derail your weight loss


You’ve been diligently working out for weeks but you are not seeing the results you were hoping for. “I’m at the gym every day,” you say to yourself.  “Why am I not losing any weight?” When I start training clients, I always insist that they follow a strict nutritional regimen along with workouts, to achieve optimum weight loss results. But sometimes, I discover that people have a glass of wine with their meals, not realizing what a setback it is for their fitness goals. “A glass of wine won’t do … Continue reading

Sitting can kill you – here’s how to stay alive and healthy – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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(SANTA MONICA, CA November 14, 2014) A new study has revealed that sitting for long periods of time can actually be the cause of your death. Those is the United States are the main concern as millions of Americans can be classified as “couch potatoes,” meaning they sit on one place for a long stretches of time watching television. Of course, this can also apply to those who spend hours and hours working on a computer. The Physical Activity Council has recently released a survey that indicates that the inactivity … Continue reading

Benefits Of Supplements


For those of you who know me, or know me by reputation, you’ll already know I’m a fan of nutritional supplements. In fact, you can even access my supplement store directly from my website. However, I’m not here to sell you supplements today, or any day. I’m blogging today about the benefits of supplements and what they can do for you. When most people think of supplements, they think of a multi-vitamin or calcium, because that’s what you see in advertisements. Unless you’re reading health, fitness or sports related magazines, … Continue reading

Optimal Fitness

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Maintaining Optimal Fitness – Diet and Exercise Alone Aren’t Enough Have you ever wondered why some people look and feel great most of the time while others seem to drag themselves through each day? What is it about the ones who always appear to be at their best? What are their secrets? Some will tell you it’s all about working out. Others will say “You are what you eat.” Still others will say “I don’t do anything special, I’m naturally like this.” I can tell you it’s all of the … Continue reading

Weight Lifting Myths Debunked!

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Weightlifting Myths and Why Lifting Weights is a Must for a Lean Body I see many women who come to work out with me and want to lose weight. “I can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds,” they tell me. “I don’t like how I look in jeans,” or “I miss feeling sexy with my partner.” Then they tell me that they’ve done it all but worry that weight lifting will make them bulk up. So, I decided to finally spill the secret of those women who look lean … Continue reading

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

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Maintaining Optimal Fitness – Diet and Exercise Alone Aren’t Enough Have you ever wondered why some people look and feel great most of the time while others seem to drag themselves through each day? What is it about the ones who always appear to be at their best? What are their secrets? Some will tell you it’s all about working out. Others will say “You are what you eat.” Still others will say “I don’t do anything special, I’m naturally like this.” I can tell you it’s all of the … Continue reading

Soups for Bodybuilding?

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As a bodybuilder, I’m normally against fad and trendy diets. I know they don’t work; they help you lose weight temporarily but you end up losing muscle tone and the moment the diet is over, the weight climbs back up. My regular diet is pretty simple: protein, vegetables and complex carbs in the form of meat, broccoli and rice or sweet potatoes. So, when I started training a vegan client who owns a healthy soup company, I was skeptical at first. Can soup help you lose weight, keep you fit … Continue reading

Jason’s Pet Peeves – Basic Gym Etiquette

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Basic Gym Etiquette Pet Peeve # 1: Rack Your Weights If you’re strong enough to take the weight off the rack and use it for your workout, you’re strong enough to re-rack it when you’re done. Enough said. When you start an exercise, you walk over to the rack to pick up the weights you need. You expect them to be there, don’t you? You don’t want to walk all over the gym to find the plates or weights you need, they should be on the rack nearest the appropriate … Continue reading

The Dr. Oz Scandal and Why Weight Loss Supplements Don’t Work Like That

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We all dream of a miracle pill to help us lose weight. It’s so much easier than worrying about proper nutrition and regular exercise. No wonder then when America’s favorite TV doctor, Dr. Oz, told us that the miracle pill does exist, we all ran as fast as we could to buy it. Months later, Dr. Oz is facing congressional hearings and grilling by U.S. senators about the promotion of weight loss supplements that do not work. “I don’t get why you need to say this stuff when you know … Continue reading

Physicians Recommend Strength Training For Health

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When was the last time you talked to your doctor about exercise? For some people, the answer may be “never.” In fact you should make a discussion about physical activity a priority as part of your annual well checkup. Moreover patients should feel free to ask questions about exercise at any doctor’s visit. “A discussion about exercise often is overlooked” in doctor’s offices, says Moin Salahuddin, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at Providence Medical Institute’s Torrance Urgent Care and Primary Care Clinic. “But exercise is a great, proactive measure … Continue reading

Benefits Of Bodybuilding

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Okay, okay. I know what you are going to say. Bodybuilding. “I don’t want to get too big”. “I don’t want to get musclebound” . “I don’t want to look like a man” (girls say that one). Bodybuilding isn’t a dirty word. It’s a way of training for visual effect, shaping the body, and a complete lifestyle. The name ‘bodybuilding‘ is the perfect description of a pursuit that will help you develop your body to its full potential, and I, Jason Kozma is an expert in helping clients reach their … Continue reading

Why Vitamin C and Omega 3 are good for you

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Vitamin C is good for you WebMD notes with some authority the truth that most doctors and most moms know already, explaining that vitamin C is good for you.  Vitamin C is thought to be a great way to alleviate the more serious symptoms of the common cold, which is why a lot of doctors recommend taking supplements or drinking orange juice the moment the sniffles start to manifest. Furthermore vitamin C includes protection against a wide variety of ailments, including immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and … Continue reading

The Importance of Recovery Days


As your Los Angeles Personal Trainer, I can attest to the fact that getting ripped isn’t just about pumping iron. Planned rest and recovery days are vital to your muscle development. Most new clients don’t realize how the human body works.  What we do when we train is we break down the muscle tissue.  All of the gains in tone, firmness, strength, muscle size and metabolism building comes from the recovery period – that’s the days and nights after the actual workout.  Your body’s mechanism for self-repair is what gives us the results … Continue reading