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Meet the High Performance Trainers

The High Performance Personal Training Team are the most experienced and best personal trainers around.  Brought together and trained or re-trained by Mr. America Jason Kozma, each High Performance Team trainer is specially equipped to provide the High Performance Personal Training concept.

The High Performance Personal Training concept is a unique blend and style of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutritional planning that produces the most dramatic results seen with any personal training program. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

For those of you who have been frustrated or disappointed with in-house personal training programs like those found at most large chain gyms, High Performance Personal Training is what you have been looking for.

For your convenience, High Performance private fitness coaches are available at gyms and training studios covering most of the Los Angeles area. In home personal training is also available. High Performance Team members are available to travel to nearby locations.

LA’s Best – The High Performance Trainers


South Bay + West Side

South Bay Personal Training



bodybuilding coach near you



Sherlyn Venice



personal trainer venice


Playa Vista

personal trainer playa vista


El Segundo

personal trainer El Segundo


Beverly Hills

personal trainer in Hollywood California


Woodland Hills

Woodand Hills personal trainer


West Hollywood

West Hollywood Personal Trainer


Woodland Hills

Debby McKnight


Santa Monica

personal trainer pacific palisades


West Side

boxing personal trainer


Studio City

Personal Trainer Studio City CA - Judit


Mr. Universe

personal trainer Simi Valley CA | David Hughes



Private yoga instructor Angela


West LA Pilates

pilates instructor

David D




personal trainer Pasadena CA


Beverly Hills / Bel Air

personal trainer beverly hills


Pacific Palisades



in home personal trainer

Current Training Locations

Our home base gym is open for indoor training and is located on the border of Brentwood and Santa Monica on Wilshire Blvd.

Other team trainer gym locations also include Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood, Playa Vista, Koreatown, Pasadena, Hollywood, North Hollywood, San Gabriel, Pasadena, Van Nuys and Woodland Hills.

In home training: Most High Performance Team trainers can provide training in your home, your yard, perhaps a nearby park. Trainers can bring portable fitness equipment like suspension trainers, bands, light dumbbells and similar items.  You don’t need a home gym to train with us but the more equipment you have, the better.  If you like we can advise you on how to create or expand your home gym for maximum utility at minimum possible cost and space.  We can service most areas of Los Angeles like the westside, southbay, DTLA, Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, etc.

How You Know It’s Time to Call High Performance Personal Training

If you have particular goals in mind, when it comes to your health and fitness, you may have considered hiring a personal trainer. Perhaps you have been going it alone, and now you are stalled in your results and wondering what to do next. So how do you know if it is time to hire a personal trainer, or whether you should just stick to what you are already doing?

When Hiring A Personal Trainer Can Help

There are many reasons you may want to hire a personal trainer, here are just a few circumstances where hiring a good trainer can benefit your goals.

You are a Beginner – If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, hiring a personal trainer is a great idea. A good trainer will help you learn how to use equipment correctly, so that you greatly reduce the risk of injury, and won’t feel completely lost when entering a gym or fitness center. A personal trainer from the High Performance team will also write up a plan for you that will help you make a habit out of exercising and eating right. Another great reason to hire a personal trainer when you are just starting out is for the motivation. Beginning your fitness journey can be hard, having someone stand beside you and push you along can help keep you motivated.

Your Weight Loss Has Stalled – If you have been working towards your goal weight, and your weight loss has stalled, you may need a specific plan to help you get back on track. A private fitness coach can help introduce new exercises that will challenge your body, make small adjustments that will fire up your metabolism, and point out areas that can be changed, to get your body burning fat again.

You are Looking to Hit a Certain Fitness Goal – Whether you are looking at running a 5k, or entering a bodybuilding, physique or bikini competition, my personal trainers have experience in different forms of athletic competition and can help set you up with a plan that will help you achieve your goals. My High Performance Personal Trainers are experienced in creating plans that can help you maximize your exercise results for time available and achieve your goals efficiently.

You are Recovering from Injury – Even seasoned exercisers injure themselves. A fair percentage of the time, these injuries occur due to improper use of equipment over time. This equipment includes our bodies. Many trainees are performing exercises incorrectly whether they realize it or not. If you have suffered from an injury and are trying to recover while keeping your fitness up, a High Performance Personal Trainer can help guide you towards exercises and recovery methods that will help you heal and keep you moving forward.

A High Performance Personal private fitness coach can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals and will give you the motivation you need to become the best version of yourself. Contact us today to start getting the results you deserve.

Personal Training Rates

Online Personal Training and Coaching 

Have You got what it takes to be a High Performance Trainer?

We are accepting applications motivated and experienced trainers worthy of being called High Performance Trainers. We are currently looking for great trainers in or near these areas:

  • Southbay
  • Pilates instructor for in home clients (West side)

Applicants must have minimum of 10 years professional experience.  Screening is stringent.  Also required is a base gym (somewhere to train your clients) and it’s best to have a flat rent situation instead of by the session trainer fees.  Team players only.

Think you’ve got the stuff to be part of Mr. America’s Team? Send an email through the contact form and details will follow.

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