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Jason Kozma - the Ferrari of personal trainers

Looking for the best Bel Air personal trainer?

High Performance Personal Training offers in home personal training in Bel Air. If you prefer to train in a gym, we have nearby gyms and personal training studios in Beverly HillsWest Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and more.

Lead by Mr. America (yes, for real) Jason Kozma, his High Performance Personal Training Team are the best personal trainers in Los Angeles, bar none.

If you want to maintain your health, get your dream body, recover from from an injury or just get your mojo back, we are the right choice for you.

Sign up with a Bel Air personal trainer from the High Performance Personal Training Team and take control of your body and your health now.

Even if you’ve tried and failed before, whether on your own or with less skilled personal trainers, we will get you to your goal faster, easier (comparatively), safer and more permanently than any other option available. Yes, we are including surgery in that summary.

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Bel Air Personal Trainer

Terrance’s Bio

Terrance - personal trainer Bel Air

Terrance trains clients in their home gyms and helps them achieve their fitness goals. Originally from Canada, Terrance has been an athlete since childhood. A former gymnast and dancer, he learned how to gain size by taking in the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body building philosophy. After training with Mr. America, Jason Kozma, Terrance achieved the results he always dreamed about and decided to train others to gain the bodies they want.

Terrance believes that fitness goals come with serious training as well the mind-body connection essential to change and sculpt the body. “In this day of awareness, it is essential to be responsible for your own life plan,” says Terrance. “The most important thing you can do is take responsibility to change the things that you can for yourself. Understand and acknowledge the role food and fitness play in your general health.”

Terrance, your Bel Air private fitness trainer

What Terrance’s clients are saying:

“I had been going to the gym for years with only marginal luck in losing weight and toning up. Terrance has truly put the “work” in working out. I have lost several pounds but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I have lost one size and several inches from all over my body. I have more energy and stamina than before and am motivated to keep on this track to achieve my goal. I credit Terrance for inspiring me to work harder than ever before with his combination of humor and technique.” – Debbie Butterwitz

‘I have been a client of Terrance for several years. Throughout this time, I have internalized the importance of physical fitness and exercise. Terrance has been my guiding light during this process. I, who once was a couch potato am now a gym rat! I actually enjoy going to the gym and have made it a permanent lifestyle change. Terrance is knowledgeable about anatomy and designs my workout to avoid injury. My mood and energy level have improved as well.” – Nancy Monferdini, MSW

Stretching and yoga are not optional when it comes to sculpting your body and achieving results you always wanted. That’s why High Performance Training focuses in assembling a team of professionals to help you reach the best results possible.

Private Yoga Bel Air

Private Yoga in Los Angeles

Angela is High Performance Training private yoga instructor. Angela’s journey into yoga began when a friend took her to a class to rehab her injuries.  As an athlete (Angela competed in triathlons and marathons), yoga was a godsend as it kept her from accruing training injuries and also helped her mind to stay calm in the under the pressure of competition.

Angela fell in love with the intense mind, body and spirit connection yoga awakened in her. Her passion led her to enroll in the teacher training in 2010 and complete her certificate program.

Angela is available for private yoga lessons in your home.

Meet The Boss

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Bel Air In-Home Personal Training Rates

Private training with Jason or a High Performance Personal Trainer in your home gym, office gym or outdoors. Contact to verify availability.

Bel Air Fitness Services Available

In addition to in home personal training in Bel Air or gym training in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood or our Santa Monica headquarters, we also offer the following fitness related services to address all your health and fitness needs:

Virtual Personal Training

Contact – free personal training using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or similar.  More details about virtual personal training sessions here.  You get everything in person clients get without leaving your “bubble”

Training with a High Performance Trainer or Mr. America Jason Kozma himself.

Online Personal Training

Your very own custom-designed weight training, cardio and nutrition plan created for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself. Learn more about Online Personal Training by clicking here.

Meal Delivery: Healthy, organic, Mr. America – approved meals delivered to your door.

Other Los Angeles personal training locations and team trainers

Meet the High Performance Personal Training Team here

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