Personal Trainer in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Fitness expert and celebrity LA trainer Jason Kozma is much more than a personal trainer…

Mr. America Jason Kozma

Offers custom designed fitness programs for weight loss, fat loss, general fitness, bodybuilding, strength, sports, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, and of course, rapid body transformations. Get A New Body In 8 Weeks!

“My mission is to provide the highest level of service, reliability, accountability and results for our discerning Los Angeles personal training clients.  I and my High Performance Personal Training Team are the most experienced professional private trainers in LA.” – Jason Kozma

In West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and most of LA. (Worldwide via Online Personal Training and Live Virtual personal training too) See the before and after photos pages…

Los Angeles Personal Training specialties

male-body-transformation_before and after

Q: What’s the difference between Jason Kozma’s Los Angeles Personal Training program and what other personal trainers provide?

A: 1. Most personal trainers train clients the same way they train themselves or all of their clients without any thought given to the uniqueness of the client’s body. Their thinking is “If it works for me, it’ll work for you.” Unfortunately, most personal trainers have been training for many years and do not know how to teach a client how to get in touch with their body and feel their muscles perform the exercises properly. For you to shape your body, you must be able to feel and control your muscles. This is called the mind-body connection. I can teach you this.

2. Most fitness trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever- evolving workout that varies as their bodies and needs change. I see the body as ever changing. My instruction is not constrained by a certain rote series of sets, reps, and exercises. My clients improve quickly and safely.

Q: Why is Jason Kozma’s High Performance Personal Training program more effective than other personal trainer or gym’s fitness programs?

A: My personal training program is a results – oriented program. It focuses on how you look in combination with your health, strength and well-being. Most fitness programs emphasize improvement in athletic fitness and strength, hoping this will create the desired body shape. More often than not, it doesn’t: you end up with oddly developed or an unchanged body and an unhappy client.

My program is designed to reshape your body. You will gain strength, be healthier, and more fit.  Together we will create the body you want.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Q: Why should I do Jason’s Los Angeles personal training program?

A: Results!  Check out the client body transformations on this page and the before and after section.  If they can do it, so can you!

My personal training programs combine weight training, cardiovascular exercise and a nutritional regimen. You can transform the shape of your body and dramatically improve your health, strength, and self-image. These techniques and my guidance enable my clients to lose (or gain, as the case may be) an average of 20 pounds in 8 weeks.

100% of my clients have lost weight (or gained muscle) after following my program within the first two weeks. Whether you are an advanced trainee or you have never stepped into a gym before, I can develop a program for you to get you to the next level of performance!

Even if you’ve never had success losing fat or gaining muscle before, my individually tailored program will work for you! Call now and find out how quickly you can get in the best shape of your life with the best personal trainer in Los Angeles – Don’t you deserve it?

Get in your best shape ever and feel great now with Jason and his team of Los Angeles best personal trainers team. They are available in most parts of LA including:

West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, El Segundo and more…

Jason and many of his top Los Angeles personal trainers are aged 50+ with 25 or more years professional personal training experience. We know firsthand how to help clients 50 and up to restore their energy and fitness and get in the best shape of their lives.  Learn more about over 50 personal training.

Senior Fitness Experts

I know the home page of this site doesn’t scream “senior fitness” but I assure you that we are also passionate about spreading the benefits of health and fitness to those of whom we could learn so much.

High Performance Trainers have an abundance of training and experience in training mature trainees to enjoy all of the health and mobility benefits strength and flexibility training has to offer.

Check out the senior fitness section.

los angeles personal trainer

Mr. America Jason Kozma | Los Angeles Bodybuilding Trainer

Not only has Jason won multiple bodybuilding competitions, he’s helped dozens of clients reach their peak potential and meet their goals of winning physique, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding competitions for over 20 years.

More bodybuilding and how to build muscle

Powerlifting is traditionally working to improve the 3 powerlifting lifts: Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat. We will reach you the correct form, supporting lifts and training frequency for maximum gains.

Throwing weights around in a class format in a sweaty warehouse is not the right way.

You know what I’m talking about…

personal trainer los angeles

In Home Personal Training

Your workout comes to you

By the looks of Jason, his clients results and the site you may assume that we wholly focus on gym-based personal training.

Not true. Jason and his High Performance Trainers also offer on location and in-home personal training.
Whether you have a complete apartment building fitness center, home gym, just a few pieces of equipment, or nothing at all we can come to your location and provide great and effective workouts!

Get started with a trial session.
More in home personal training info

sport specific training los angeles

Athletic Strength | Sports Specific Training

Jason’s clients have included NFL  Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, Hideo Nomo of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lovianne Jung of USA Olympic softball, Sung-Min Cho and Jung Min Chu of the Yomiuri Giants and more.

More sports specific training

Los Angeles Boxing Training

Take your boxing to the next level with our High Performance boxing personal trainers!

Private Yoga in Los Angeles

Private Yoga instructors

We bring the best yoga instructors straight to you.

Go to Yoga

in home Pilates Los Angeles

In Home Pilates Los Angeles

One-On-One Pilates is Better

Imagine your own personal, private, in-home Pilates workouts.

More about Pilates

online personal training

Train with Mr. America from anywhere in the world!

Learn all about online personal training with Jason Kozma

Personal Training Client Testimonials

I wanted a long lean physique for modeling. He got me in the best...

Emelina Adams - model and actress

online personal training

Emelina Adams - model and actress

I wanted a long lean physique for modeling. He got me in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I lost 6% body fat within 6 weeks of working out with him and eating clean. Ever since I started working out with Jason I have booked the biggest modeling and acting jobs I’ve had throughout my career. Since working out with Jason I feel much more confident— healthy body, healthy mind!
over 50 bikini woman
Your no - nonsense approach to improving my body was just what I needed....

Delaney - Mother, Gourmet chef

online personal training

Delaney - Mother, Gourmet chef

over 50 bikini woman
Your no - nonsense approach to improving my body was just what I needed. No more bulking exercises, but a unique workout designed to suit my body. My husband has been one of your strongest supporters, because he has seen the way you have sculpted my body for the better.
I started personal training with Jason and I’m back up to 164 lbs. (and...

David, age 77

online personal training

David, age 77

I started personal training with Jason and I’m back up to 164 lbs. (and still gaining) with muscle accounting for all the added weight. BTW, I’m 77. With total commitment and the right trainer, it is NEVER too late!!
You are the best and I wouldn't be repping Nike without your help! Thank...

Isabelle Fuhrman - actress and athlete

online personal training

Isabelle Fuhrman - actress and athlete

You are the best and I wouldn't be repping Nike without your help! Thank you for everything!
red carpet ready
4 years living in hotels, working way too hard and working out way too...

Kym Wilson

online personal training

Kym Wilson

red carpet ready
4 years living in hotels, working way too hard and working out way too little had resulted in what I thought was an extra 10 – 15 pounds that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. When someone enquired when I was due I realized it was time to really do something about it. Jason Kozma was the answer. In 8 weeks Jason gave me a better body than I had ever had before. 10 – 15 pounds turned out to be 25 pounds and the six pack I had only ever fantasized about became a reality. Jason’s combination of weight training and his amazing diet (he actually had me eating 3 times as much as usual and dropping pounds by the day) is the quickest, healthiest way I know of to guarantee the body you’ve always wanted. The effects of training with Jason and the new body that came with it have enhanced every aspect of my life…I can’t recommend him highly enough. Not to mention he has you laughing the whole way through it. Kym Wilson red carpet ready
ripped male over 40 steven buscemi
I always look forward to my training sessions with Jason. No matter how I...

Steven Buscemi - Entrepreneur (not the actor)

online personal training

Steven Buscemi - Entrepreneur (not the actor)

ripped male over 40 steven buscemi
I always look forward to my training sessions with Jason. No matter how I feel when I enter the gym, I always have a great workout and leave feeling great. Jason has helped me to become bigger and stronger than I ever thought possible. I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Jason seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for. Jason has always been very professional in every conceivable way: his knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and his ability to develop my weak areas. Jason always keeps up with the latest news in nutrition and supplements, and has always made his program work for me. Steven Buscemi; Entrepreneur (not the actor) Steven got ripped
Jason takes pride in every client he personally trains. He's fully vested in your...


online personal training


Jason takes pride in every client he personally trains. He's fully vested in your success and pushes even the most avid and knowledgeable fitness buff to levels they thought were unattainable. His many years of experience and vast knowledge enables him to put together a personalized program.
Jason, I tried another more “nationally recognized” program to lose fat and gain muscle...

Anthony Lake

online personal training

Anthony Lake

Jason, I tried another more “nationally recognized” program to lose fat and gain muscle before enlisting your help, and that program was a true waste of time compared to the results I got from yours. You designed a program tailored specifically to my needs, not a cookie cutter one many trainers provide. Not everyone is the same, nor do they respond the same way, and you understand this. You stayed intuned to how my body was reacting to the program you designed and made adjustments when needed, as you did on 4 separate occasions during the course of my 8 weeks of training. The numbers really say it all as I lost 9 lbs., my waist went from 35″ to 32″, and my BF went from 15 to 4.9 . Furthermore, my interaction with you has given me the necessary knowledge that will enable me to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation, although you should provide a disclaimer stating that anyone who follows your program will have to buy new clothes because the current ones will no longer fit. Thanks for everything and I looking forward to training with you further. P.S. Since changing my program to add more muscle mass, I have gained 11 lbs. in 6 weeks while keeping my BF at 4.9 and I still have the 32″ waist. online personal training client
After a couple unsuccessful meetings with trainers, who didn’t seem to have any knowledge...


online personal training


After a couple unsuccessful meetings with trainers, who didn’t seem to have any knowledge in the competition world, I came across Jason Kozma. It was refreshing to meet someone who knew all about the bodybuilding World, how to train, eat and prepare. I had been wanting to train for a bikini division show for sometime and I needed some guidance on how to achieve the results I wanted. Jason assured me that we could get make it happen. He set a competition date that I would be ready for, and I was super motivated! Jason took into consideration my preferences and created a customized meal plan for me. He would tweak it every week depending on how well I was taking everything in. He would follow up with portion adjustments, added supplements, etc. The results came very fast! Jason encouraged me to do a competition earlier than planned. He is very supportive and clearly wants you to reach your personal goals. I highly recommend Jason Kozma for your nutrition needs! Meredith Bikini Competition Coaching

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