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Los Angeles personal training

Q: Why is Jason Kozma’s High Performance Personal Training program more effective than other personal trainer or gym’s fitness programs?

A: My program is a results – oriented program. It focuses on how you look in combination with your health, strength and well-being. Most fitness programs emphasize improvement in athletic fitness and strength, hoping this will create the desired body shape. More often than not, it doesn’t: you end up with oddly developed or an unchanged body and an unhappy client.

My program is designed to reshape your body. You will gain strength, be healthier, and more fit.  Together we will create the body you want.

Los Angeles personal training

Q: What’s the difference between Jason Kozma’s High Performance Personal Training program and what other trainers provide?

A: 1. Most trainers train clients the same way they train themselves or all of their clients without any thought given to the uniqueness of the client’s body. Their thinking is “If it works for me, it’ll work for you.” Unfortunately, most trainers have been training for many years and do not know how to teach a client how to get in touch with their body and feel their muscles perform the exercises properly. For you to shape your body, you must be able to feel and control your muscles. This is called the mind-body connection. I can teach you this.

2: Most fitness trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months or even years. My clients enjoy an ever- evolving workout that varies as their bodies and needs change. I see the body as ever changing. My instruction is not constrained by a certain rote series of sets, reps, and exercises. My clients improve quickly and safely.

Q: Why should I do his Los Angeles personal training program?

A: Results! Time and time again I successfully transform the bodies, minds and lives of my clients. Check out my before and after photos and client testimonials sections and see what you think – If I can do it for these clients – whether it’s 5 or 50+ pounds, I can do it for you!

About my programs: My programs combine weight training, cardiovascular exercise and a nutritional regimen. You can transform the shape of your body and dramatically improve your health, strength, and self-image. These techniques and my guidance enable my clients to lose (or gain), as the case may be) an average of 20 pounds in 8 weeks. 100% of my clients have lost weight (or gained muscle) after following my program within the first two weeks. Whether you are an advanced trainee or you have never stepped into a gym before, I can develop a program for you to get you to the next level of performance!

Even if you’ve never had success losing fat or gaining muscle before, my individually tailored program will work for you! Call now and find out how quickly you can get in the best shape of your life with the best personal trainer in Los Angeles – Don’t you deserve it?

los angeles personal trainer

Mr. America Jason Kozma | Los Angeles Bodybuilding Trainer

It takes a much higher level of commitment beyond just a three-day-a-week workout routine to start competing in the world of physique, fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

Are you ready to take the next step?  Do you want to take your body to the next level?  Are you excited by the idea, but intimidated by the thought of actually participating in a competition?

Let Mr. America  Jason Kozma, help you get the body you’ve always wanted and get the competitive edge you’ll need to crush the competition.  It’s not just about the workout.  It’s nutrition, carb timing,  recovery, supplements, and it’s definitely about the posing.

Not only has Jason won multiple bodybuilding competitions, he’s helped dozens of clients reach their peak potential and meet their goals of winning physique, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding competitions for over 20 years.

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athletic training

Los Angeles Celebrity Athletic Strength Trainer | Sports Specific Training

When it comes to a great workout, we have you covered 100%. But what about when you really need to get in shape for a specific sport?

Training for a triathlon?  Pitching for a softball/baseball league? Snowboarding or skiing trip?  Heading back to the beach for a long-overdue surf vacation?

Off-season conditioning for amateur and professional athletes is our specialty.  Jason has personally worked with NFL , NBA and MLB superstars as well as many NCAA collegiate and pro-am athletes looking to reach their peak performance.

It’s not just what you do when you’re playing the game, running the race or carve your way down the hill or through the waves, it’s how you prepare for it.  Not all workouts are created equal. Our trainers know what it takes to help you reach your potential, in whatever your sport of choice.

Jason’s clients have included NFL  Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, Hideo Nomo of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lovianne Jung of USA Olympic softball, Sung-Min Cho and Jung Min Chu of the Yomiuri Giants and more.

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online personal training

Train with Mr. America from anywhere in the world!

Not in the greater Los Angeles area but still want results like Jason provides? Jason Kozma has been at the forefront of online personal training since its inception.

Jason’s online personal training program is personalized just for you.  He starts by reviewing your health and fitness goals to come up with a workout and nutritional plan that is precisely designed for your needs.  Jason’s exclusive Train with Mr. America app delivers powerful accountability resources to help insure maximum results.  Each workout includes specific instructions and videos to show you how to perform each exercise correctly.

Nutrition plans are customized for your goals and dietary requirements.  Your progress is tracked by check-ins on the app, and your workouts and nutrition requirements are adjusted according to your results.  You won’t be bored and you’ll be able to take your workouts with you wherever you go.

Knowing you have Mr. America in your corner to help you meet your goals will make your workouts even more effective.  Available world-wide!

personal trainer los angeles

If you have been looking for a way to drop those unwanted pounds, tone up, and feel better overall, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find information on Jason Kozma, the best personal trainer Los Angeles. Through Jason’s amazingly inspirational personal training coaching and expertise, you will be able to get the body that you have always dreamed of having.

Fitness is an important part of life and contributes to the overall health that we experience and the vitality that comes as a result. But, the truth is that we don’t always have the energy or the time to dedicate the commitment that it takes to achieve our fitness goals. The reality is that stressors from life impact the way that we treat our body and thusly, our entire life.

Best personal trainer in Los Angeles

Jason has figured out a way to get clients in shape quickly by utilizing time and energy to the fullest, and that is why he is known as the best personal trainer in Los Angeles. By harnessing one’s power inside, we are all capable of achieving the fitness, health and weight loss goals that we set forth and Jason Kozma is proven time and time again to assist others in reaching these goals.

Isn’t it about time that you said yes to losing those extra pounds, and get to looking and feeling amazing? Contact Jason today to get more information on these spectacular breakthroughs in personal training and nutrition and how you become a part of them and start losing weight today.

Get in your best shape ever and feel great now with Jason and his Los Angeles Personal Trainer team. They are available in most parts of LA including:

West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Reseda, Woodland Hills, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, El Segundo and more…

In home personal training

A High Performance Team Trainer can train you in your home as well as at one of our gyms.

LA Personal Trainer

Mr. America Jason Kozma is known for his extensive background in various fields of fitness and ability to rapidly transform the bodies and lives of those who work with him. He and his team have trained several well-known celebrities and athletes from multiple sports such as Fabio, Marshall Faulk, Armand Assante, and Bo Goldman to name a few.

Mr. America’s main gym is located in Brentwood, and his High Performance Personal Training team is available in most areas of Los Angeles. His team consists of elite level trainers with diverse backgrounds and specialties in just about any field of fitness you can think of. Each of them is certified and has trained under Jason Kozma himself.

With the combination of one-on-one training, lifestyle changes, and a custom designed nutritional plan, it is guaranteed that you will see results with Jason and his team faster than anywhere else. His system is designed to minimize body fat, maximize lean muscle tissue, increase natural energy, improve mood, and keep your body healthy for the long run. Each plan is customized to fit the needs of the client, so don’t think you’ll be getting a generic plan that everyone follows. This fitness routine is meant for only you which is why it works so well.

There are tons of before and after photo results and client testimonials from previous clients on this website. These clients will assure you that Jason and his team know exactly how to help you achieve the results you want as effectively and efficiently as possible.

natural bodybuilding coach
Jason and client Larry
personal trainer los angeles

In Home Personal Training

Your workout comes to you

By the looks of Jason, his clients results and the site you may assume that we wholly focus on gym-based personal training.

Not true. Jason and his High Performance Trainers also offer in-home or on location personal training.
Whether you have a complete apartment building fitness center, home gym, just a few pieces of equipment, or nothing at all we can come to your location and provide great and effective workouts!

Qualified applicants can get started with a free trial session.
More in home personal training info

Private Yoga

Los Angeles Private Yoga

Private Yoga instructors

For the most satisfying, rejuvenating and restorative yoga workout, why not take advantage of working out with one of our Westside yoga instructors in the privacy of your own home or even office?

No more stressing out about getting to class on time, trying to get your favorite spot in the studio or having to adjust your schedule to catch your favorite class or instructor.

We bring the best instructors straight to you.  Our yoga instructors work with a variety of modalities and practices to create the most satisfying and enjoyable yoga experience in the comfort of your own home.

Go to Yoga

Pilates West Los Angeles

In Home Pilates Los Angeles

One-On-One Pilates is Better

Imagine your own personal, private, in-home Pilates workouts.  Whether or not you have your own reformer or are looking for a private trainer to work with you on mat Pilates and resistance training, our team of in-home trainers are available to work with you one on one or in a small, two-person group.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been doing Pilates for years, you’ll quickly see the amazing benefits of working with our trainers in the privacy of your own home.  No more wasting your valuable time driving to the studio, dealing with parking and the reverse when you leave.

To get started, contact us today to meet with one of our amazing, certified trainers.

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Los Angeles Boxing Training

Los Angeles Boxing Training

Learn to Box!

Looking to incorporate boxing into your workout routine?  Look no further.  Boxing can be a great workout and an amazing way to stay in shape.  Working out with a professional boxing/personal trainer will help you improve your form and performance and give you a great, well-rounded workout.

It’s not just about hitting the bag and sparring, it’s knowing how and when to train each group of muscles.  And how not to over train and risk injury.  Take your boxing to the next level with our High Performance boxing personal trainers!

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Los Angeles Personal Training Locations

Get in your best shape ever and start feeling great now with Jason and his High Performance Personal Training team. They are available in many parts of LA including:

Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Venice, Marina del Rey, West Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Westwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, Van Nuys, Studio City, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo and more…

In home personal training

A High Performance Team Trainer can train you in your home as well as at one of our gyms.

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Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Jason Kozma is much more than a personal trainer

Mr. America Jason Kozma

Offers custom designed fitness programs for weight loss, fat loss, general fitness, bodybuilding, strength, sports, corrective exercise, injury rehabilitation, and of course, rapid body transformations. Get A New Body In 8 Weeks!

In West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and more. See the before and after photos pages…

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