I use these bodyfat and calorie calculators all the time!


We all have access to the internet these days, but in the fitness world it seems like the internet has created more confusion for the average joe trying to get fit. Most people reading this at one point, or another would have wondered what their body fat percentage is or how many calories they require to be in a calorie deficit to achieve weight loss goals. Fortunately, I have several calculators here which can accurately predict your calorie requirements, body fat percentage and more!

Body Fat (3 Skinfolds) Calculator

Want to find out what your bodyfat percentage is? If yes, then this is the calculator for you – the calculator uses the sum of 3 skin fold regions on your body (to better understand this process, see link below to a comprehensive blog on this), your age, gender and current weight and then translates this information it into an accurate bodyfat %. This is a great tool if you want to accurately check whether your fitness or weight loss program is working.

Tape Measure Bodyfat Calculator

You want to know your body fat % but do not have access to skinfolds? That is perfectly fine, this calculator does not require the sum of your skinfolds, instead, you are just required to measure your waist circumference at the navel and input your weight and age to get your bodyfat % – this is so simple yet highly beneficial data. Remember, you want to make sure that you accurately measure your waist as this can impact the results significantly. You will also receive extra beneficial information, such as the amount fat weight and lean weight (includes muscle and water weight).

Macros Per Day Calculator

This calculator is great for individuals starting a fitness program to build muscle or lose fat and wanting to know their daily macronutrient requirements (I.e., the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats). Want to learn more about macros and why they are important?  I have written an awesome blog on this topic which you can find here too.

Simply put, for this calculator you will require the number of calories you consume per day – this number can be discussed with your fitness trainer. Next, you can choose whichever dietary approach you like, as the macronutrient split can differ between each dietary approach I.E., zone, keto, etc. will have a higher % of calories coming from fats and protein while lower on carbohydrates. Then you can choose the number of meals you prefer to consume each day. Once complete you will receive a great output of information detailing your macronutrient requirements each day.

Calories Burned Today Calculator

This is for you to get a better understanding how many calories you burn on an average day. By entering your age, weight, height, and activity levels you will accurately receive the total number of calories you burn on an average day.  For example, let’s say your burn 2000 calories per day, you would then subtract 500 calories to generate a calorie deficit that will elicit weight loss.  So when you plan on losing weight, building muscle, or just maintain your physique condition this calculator will help you immensely!

Advanced Resting Metabolism Calculator – BMR Basal Metabolic Rate

Similar to the calculator above, although this calculator will provide you with the number of calories you burn at rest (your resting metabolic rate). This does not take into consideration our activity levels – so if your wanting to lose weight or build muscle and want to know the amount of calories you need to be in a deficit or surplus then use this calculator.

This calculator is still great, as it enables us to understand the calories you burn if you were to just lay in bed all day (yes, you burn calories even if you do not exercise).

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