Some Yelp Reviews

  •   I've been working out with Jason for over 16 years now. He keeps me looking and feeling my best. I highly recommend giving him a try,(you'll be glad you did).... read more

    thumb Kurt K.

      I hired Jason and Los Angeles Personal Training to help me get stronger (and fit in my old pants) after having two babies.  Jason was super responsive and professional.  He... read more

    thumb N W.

      It's been a great experience training over the past 3 months. Jason provided a detailed nutrition plan at the start and Dennis has been an excellent trainer. They both have... read more

    thumb Haseeb S.

      Jason is really great to work with. If you follow his instructions-you will see results. Workouts and diet, supplements, check-ins, food lists, recipes, stretching...all the information and guidance is there... read more

    thumb Danica D.

      Jason Kozma is a life changer.  I was fed up with different diets and exercise and knew I need a lifestyle overhaul. I was so ready. I researched for months... read more

    thumb Anna P.

      I will always remember turning 55 because Jason encouraged me to press more weight than i thought i could - and he got me safely up to pressing 300 lbs... read more

    thumb Trudy G.

      Amazing trainer with a great network of (also) stellar trainers. If you can train with him directly - awesome. If you can't, he will refer you to someone who is... read more

    thumb Tony V.

      Before training with Jason, I was still no stranger to the gym. In fact leading up to our first session I was on a 6 day per week, disciplined schedule,... read more

    thumb Christopher W.

      Jason created a great nutrition plan
    catered specifically to my body, that I lost 10 lbs in the first week. David was my trainer and was super friendly and very... read more

    thumb Anika A.

      I was needing motivation and finding Jason definitely did the trick!  He's the real deal and can design a fitness program for anyone.  He makes it fun and brings so... read more

    thumb Cheryl L.

      I travel a lot for work so I do the online training program and have been pleased about it. My original goal was to actually gain weight first and he... read more

    thumb Harold M.

      Jason is a miracle worker. We did a consult with him for my 9 year old son and my son has been so inspired ever since. After trying many different... read more

    thumb Ronit F.

      After a week I started with Jason, my body has changed already. I started with 13% body fat. So it's not that easy. He's also flexible to schedule for my... read more

    thumb Akiko N.

      Jason's a really great trainer. I do the virtual personal training program because I know form, I just don't have the knowledge to build my own plan. Jason's always been... read more

    thumb Rory F.

      Excellent customer service and services are a great value. Highly recommended. There is no substitute for training with a professional who understands nutrition, diet, and how to tailor a workout... read more

    thumb A A.

      If you're looking for rapid transformation success Jason Kozma is the best personal trainer available! Very happy with the guidance, accountability, and humor he provided during our training time together.... read more

    thumb Darren M.

      I live in Chicago so I used Jason's online personal training. It was a great experience especially for the price. He would monitor my workouts each week and let me... read more

    thumb Eric S.

      Jason is the best personal trainer. He knows exactly how to increase muscle and strength. I've built up muscle so rapidly due to his program. He truly keeps you motivated... read more

    thumb Nathan Å.

      Jason is an absolute master!! I came too him to lose the weight I gained from having 3 kids and get into Hollywood movie star shape... Jason gave me a... read more

    thumb Rachel D.

      Jason is amazing at Personal Training. He is skilled and talented at sculpting your body while increasing your strength, balance, agility, and flexibility along with correcting those trouble spots!!  

    Workouts... read more

    thumb Beth H.
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