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Here’s a statement from Jason Kozma:

I love training senior (I call them experienced) clients!  The best part of my job is meeting new and interesting people.  Experienced clients have so much wisdom to share and are the most interesting.  Plus they make great fitness improvements by leaps and bounds on our no-impact training protocol

Give us a call and set up a meeting.  Maximize your mobility and strength!

In 2013, a disturbing series of articles focusing on the state of America’s aging population were released by various media outlets. The JAMA Internal Medicine was one of the publications that addressed the issue. Collectively, the articles indicated that America’s seniors are allowing obesity to rob them of their independence. The recent reports are right in line with previous research results that appeared in Obesity: A Research Journal.

That report suggested that being obese increases the likelihood of a nursing home admission. The good news is that such unfortunate scenarios may be avoided with the aid of a qualified personal trainer for seniors.

But starting a diet and/or fitness program can be a daunting task, especially for seniors who may not have had the opportunity to keep up with the latest research and exercise methodology. Gym equipment has gotten quite advanced and can appear intimidating to everyone, not just our older population. And diet, well, if you’ve been a victim of modern medicine’s advice to just “cut back on salts and fats” without any real guidance it’s no wonder our senior population is struggling with obesity and chronic illness.

Developing a program that is completely tailored to individual goals, medical concerns and limitations is fundamental when it comes to reversing some of the conditions our seniors are living with.

With proper diet and exercise, many seniors are finding benefits such as;

Senior Weight Training Benefits

  • Weight loss. Regular exercise helps combat the natural slowing of our metabolism as we age. Likewise, it helps build muscle mass which burns more calories than fat.
  • Increased mobility and balance. Exercise can increase flexibility, mobility and balance which helps us in our every day tasks. In turn, the risk of falls, and associated injuries, decreases. Incorporating these types of exercises also improve mental function warding off progressive brain disorders.
  • Increased bone density. With age come loss of bone density, sometimes leading to osteoporosis. While more common in women than men, it’s not something to be taken lightly. Fractures from falls can be excruciatingly painful and healing time increases as we age. Performing weight bearing exercises can help combat the effects of bone loss while improving the body’s ability to heal.
  • Help with Chronic Illness. With proper diet and exercise it may be possible to control blood pressure and diabetes without expensive medication (always check with your physician before changing or stopping your medication). Better heart health and reduced arthritis pain are also great side effects of regular exercise.
  • Improved outlook on life. For many seniors struggling with health conditions depression can become very real. Being unable to move around like they did in their younger years can mean everyday activities are no longer enjoyable or worse, burdensome. But getting up and doing something can help change that outlook. Generally, even small steps in the right direction can provide enough benefits that the motivation to taking even bigger steps follows naturally.
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60+ Senior Fitness in Los Angeles

With so much emphasis on childhood obesity rates in the U.S. a great part off the population are being neglected…the Baby Boomers. The first of the boomers reached age 65 just 3 years ago and their generation (born between 1946 and 1964) make up around 25% of the population.Reporting on the United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Senior Report, a USA Today article states:

Nearly 8 in 10 seniors are living with at least one chronic health condition; 50% have two or more, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. About 25% of older Americans are obese; 20% have been diagnosed with diabetes; more than 70% have heart disease; nearly 60% have arthritis, a leading cause of disability.

The best way to begin any new fitness program in to start slow. An even better way is with the help of a personal trainer with specific knowledge in senior fitness in the Los Angeles area. A personal trainer can take all of the guess work out of building a plan specifically for his or her senior client in a safe and effective way.

It you’re ready to take back control of your health contact us today. Our highly experienced team of personal trainers are experts in senior fitness and are ready to help you turn back the clock.

Sign up for our anti-aging program and improve your health and energy with a Los Angeles personal trainer for seniors Contact us now.

Los Angeles personal trainer and Team Leader Jason Kozma has gone to great lengths to recruit the very best trainers in the Los Angeles area to be a part of his High Performance Personal Training Team. It is common knowledge that in order to lose weight and combat aging, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Elements associated with a healthy lifestyle include mental engagement, sound nutrition, socialization and physical activity. Personal trainers for seniors can help in those areas by providing customized exercise and nutrition plans as well as offering encouragement. Being at an exercise facility also exposes seniors to socialization opportunities. Those socialization opportunities, in turn, will help to keep seniors mentally engaged with the world.

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Mr. America Jason Kozma

High Performance Personal Training provides personal trainers for seniors in Los Angeles. Run by Mr. America Jason Kozma, Kozma is a world renowned certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and well-rounded athlete. In addition, he has held several illustrious bodybuilding titles including Mr. Muscle Beach and Mr. America. Given Kozma’s qualifications and passion for perfection, senior clients can feel confident that they’ll receive professional service from all of the trainers on his team. Team trainers are available for gym or in home personal training.

Jason’s Los Angeles personal training gym is located in Santa Monica, conveniently adjacent and easily accessible for residents of the west side of Los Angeles. In home personal training is also available.

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David’s Testimonial (at 77)

Los Angeles personal trainer Jason Kozma is not for everyone. My experience with Jason is that he is all about results, and those results are achieved in direct relation to a client’s level of commitment. Jason utilizes both state-of-the-art training techniques as well as equally effective dietary guidelines, with both disciplines required for total body fitness and good health. Following an illness and major surgery in January of ’12, I went from 178 lbs. to 149 lbs.. and for 6 mo’s tried everything I could think of to put back muscle and weight, with little result.

Then I started personal training with Jason, who radically changed my diet, with all healthy foods and supplements devoid of side effects, along with a strenuous 3-days per week training regimen, and I’m back up to 164 lbs. (and still gaining) with muscle accounting for all the added weight.

BTW, I’m 77. With total commitment and the right trainer, it is NEVER too late!!

David, Brentwood 2013

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