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Signature Body Transformation Programs

Featuring the original – proven safe & uber effective

8 Weeks to a New Body Program

For men or women – lose 20 lbs. of fat, gain muscle tone, strength and shape, you’ll need new clothes…

personal trainer body transformation
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Programs For Men
Back To The Weights 4 weeks: Refresher course getting back to weight training
Fit Daddy 6 weeks: Gain weight while your wife was pregnant?
Get Strong in 8 weeks: Jack up your bench press, squat, or you name it!
Get Ripped in 12 weeks: Get your 6 pack on!
Get Huge in 16 weeks: Rome wasn’t built in day, but I wasn’t there…
Get Shredded in 16 weeks: I’ve cut 50lbs of bodyfat in 4 months before. You will reach your absolute peak condition!
No one will recognize you: 6mo-1 year: Need to lose 50+ pounds? I will teach you a whole new lifestyle.
Programs For Women
Metabolic Reset 4 weeks: Discover why you can’t lose weight and fix it
Back to the Training 4 weeks: Just the kickstart you needed
Skinny Jeans in 6 weeks: Don’t throw them away yet!
Fit Mommy Post Partum 8 weeks: Get your body back or better!
Bikini Ready in 8 or 12 weeks: Vacation coming up?
Swimsuit Issue ready in 16 weeks: No joke. I’ll call Maxim now.
A Whole New You! 6 mo-1year: Need to lose 50+ pounds? I will teach you a whole new lifestyle.

Program durations are flexible.

Other Specialty Personal Training Programs

Healthy Lifestyle Program – anti aging, increase flexibility, back, abdominal and joint strength, immune system, bone density and functional fitness, slow and steady weight loss and more. 2-6 days per week.

Cross-Training Program – combine our training and nutrition with other modalities: yoga, Pilates, martial arts or whatever you are already doing. The weight training is designed to enhance your performance in your primary modality. 2 or more days per week.

Sports Performance Enhancement – with clients like Marshall Faulk, Hideo Nomo and other professional and NCAA athletes, we know how to get your athleticism to the next level. Pro athletes to weekend warriors.

Post Partum Weight Loss Program – Get your old body back or better.

Physique Competition Program – From beginner to winner.

Ultimate Body Makeover – Training up to 6 days a week. Options for meal delivery service, massage, acupuncture. Most intensive program offered. Most people are not up for this.

Personal Training Rates

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STARTER PROGRAM : In person meeting, custom designed exercise and nutritional program. Ideal for just getting yourself started.

  • 2 WEEK JUMP START : (6 sessions) three days per week.
  • 4 WEEK SERIES : (12 sessions) three days per week.
  • 6 WEEK SERIES : (18 sessions) three days per week.
  • 8 WEEK SERIES : (24 sessions) three days per week.
  • 12 WEEK SERIES : (36 sessions) three days per week.
  • 16 WEEK SERIES: (48 sessions) three days per week.
  • ACCELERATED SERIES: 4-6 sessions per week.

Note: 3 days per not required, just recommended.  3 days per week is sufficient for fat loss. For ultra rapid results or bodybuilding and muscle building 4-6 days per week is ideal.

We offer discounts for active military, police, firefighters, and public school teachers.

Other fitness services and options

Jason Kozma was the first personal trainer to offer online personal training. (second trainer on the internet!) Personal coaching and accountability.  Using our exclusive Train with Mr. America app, You get a customized workout plan and diet, plus massive support and accountability from Jason himself.

Online Personal Training

You get a face to face meeting with Jason Kozma, customized workout plan, cardio plan and diet plan.

One phone or skype call with Mr. America. We go over your training, diet, supplements and cardio plan. Take notes! Max duration 15 minutes.

Private training with a High Performance Personal Trainer in your hotel or home gym, office gym or outdoors. Call to verify availability.


A 1-hour in person consultation with Jason to go over your goals, current training and nutrition plan and and he will apply changes to radically upgrade your workouts and diet to enhance your results. Well worth it!

100% clean Mr. America – approved bodybuilding foods delivered to your door. Click here for details.

For physique athletes like myself. Nutritional coaching, posing and personal training services as you need to be ready for victory on contest day. Includes contest “peaking” procedures. All divisions: bikini, fitness, fitness model, figure, physique, bodybuilding.

physique contest

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While staying in Los Angeles, spend some of your time with Jason or a High Performance Trainer for a lifetime tool to take home with you. We will show you how you too can develop an “LA Body.” This includes a private training, customized workout plan and diet.

Treat yourself to the best!

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Ask about special deals for brides and grooms.

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Upgrade from the LA Body program. Lose weight and transform your body quickly and easily while staying in the lap of luxury in beautiful ocean front accommodations in Santa Monica. Includes lodging and food. For stays of one week or more. Additional info here. Contact Jason for signup details.

We have trained athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and multiple NCAA athletes.

Marshall Faulk

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Lose pregnancy baby weight, tone your abs, butt and waist back up quickly and safely. You can get your old body back or better.

post partum weight loss
Cara before and 14 weeks postpartum

Private yoga lessons in your west side home, can do groups at your workplace too. Meet the instructor


One on Pilates in in your home.

Pilates West Los Angeles

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Hire a full time personal trainer to watch your diet and train several times per day.  Awesome personal trainers available for travel to you or with you. Contact Jason for more details.

Corporate Fitness

Why You Need a Corporate Fitness Program

corporate fitness

In a word: money. A corporate wellness program can save your business a ton of it in health insurance costs and productivity.

First, healthy employees don’t need to see a doctor. This may seem completely obvious, but that translates into lower health insurance costs for your business. There’s no cure-all that will ensure your employees never get sick, but a corporate fitness program can help keep your employees healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 86 percent of Americans will be obese or overweight by the year 2030. The CDC says much as $1 out of every $3 spent inn healthcare costs will be due to weight gain.

Even health insurance companies believe corporate-sponsored fitness can be a better deal. Aetna recently rebranded itself as a “health solutions company”, sponsoring things like gym memberships and other preventative measures.

There’s another benefit to keeping your employees fit and healthy: they don’t miss as much work. A recent Gallup survey suggests overweight or obese workers that have chronic health conditions (as they’re more likely to have), miss about 450 million days of work a year. That means $153 billion dollars in lost productivity every year. The study doesn’t even include lost productivity due to overweight or obese workers who still come to work, but are less productive due to their chronic conditions.

So a corporate fitness program isn’t just a nice perk to attract the best employees (although it doesn’t hurt!). It’s an investment in the future of your business, an investment in the future and the health of your employees, and a way to ensure productivity through health.

corporate fitness

To set up your own corporate fitness program, contact us

  • on site fitness facility design
  • on site fitness program design and implementation with embedded trainer
  • off site discounted gym memberships
  • fitness and exercise plans for employees
  • personal or group fitness training
  • weight loss and optimal health nutrition programs
  • and more!

contact to get started with your Los Angeles businesses’ corporate wellness / workplace fitness program!

Personal Training is available with High Performance Personal Trainers at their base gyms in the following areas:

  • Brentwood
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Marina del Rey
  • Beverlywood
  • Hollywood
  • North Hollywood
  • Hawthorne
  • Koreatown
  • Pasadena
  • Van Nuys
  • Woodland Hills

In home or outdoor personal training is available in any of the gym areas plus:

  • Downtown LA
  • Santa Monica
  • Malibu
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Bel Air
  • Beverly Hills
  • Westwood
  • Century City
  • Hollywood Hills
  • Burbank
  • Encino
  • Tarzana
  • Calabasas
  • Any Southbay
  • Marina del Rey
  • Culver City
  • more, ask.

Our home base gym is on the border of Santa Monica and Brentwood on Wilshire and Centinela. We also use a private training studio in Venice.

By appointment only.

Personal Training sessions are available from 6am to 8pm.

Sample rate packages are available by filling out the form above.

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