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Let’s go back to the first half of the 20th century, when a physical culturist, named Joseph H. Pilates, grew up as a sickly child suffering from asthma and rickets. He was determined to overcome his difficulties and develop the perfect body by combining Greek ideals with meditation from the East. Spurring him on was the German culture of the period, which believed that movement and special equipment could cure bad health.

He wrote two books about how to train both the body and mind. His training methods worked wonders for him because he eventually became a gymnast, skier, diver, boxer and follower of yoga. He had tested his exercises on wounded English soldiers in World War, boxers, and ballet dancers. Several of his student spread his methods by opening opening their own studios and refining the discipline. Current Pilates now combines both the traditional methods of the founder and the modern methods of his students.

Pilates builds strength, flexibility and endurance in the abs, back, hips, legs and arms. It aligns the spine and pelvis, develops a strong core, improve posture, and increases coordination. Pilates himself rarely taught groups. He would work with individuals, customizing the training to meet his or her needs.

The only way you can experience the practice of Pilates as its founder intended is to work one-on-one with our trainers. We offer in home Pilates instruction on the west side. Whether you have a just a mat, reformer or cadillac you’ll get top notch training. To get started, please contact us today.

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Private Pilates In Home Los Angeles

Pilates calls for low-impact strength and flexibility exercises that specifically target the lower back, hips, thighs, and abdominals.

Our instructors Deena and Angelica are here to guide you to your goals with years professional experience and expert knowledge. Both Deena and Angelica have over 15 years of fitness experience in several areas such as dance, body alignment, post rehab training, senior fitness and strength training.

Private Pilates Benefits

#1: Attention. You’ll get undivided attention from Deena or Angelica. They will be focusing on you and no one else.

#2: Pace. There is no one to keep up with. When in a group we naturally feel the need to compete with those around us. In our private lessons, you’ll progress at your own pace.

#3: Safety. Proper form is a big concern when performing exercises. Since you have an experienced trainer watching your every move, they’ll be paying close attention to your form. Proper form insures results and safety.

#4: Relaxed. If groups formats intimidate you, this option will keep your stress levels down. You’re working with someone who knows you’re trying your best in order to reach your goals. There will not be any social stress involved at all.

#5: Rigorous. Working one-on-one is the only way to efficiently and effectively reach your goals in a specific timeframe. Our trainers know exactly how to push your body so that you can reach your goals as fast as your body allows you to.

#6: Results. Everyone is exercising for a reason whether it is for a better body, flexibility, weight loss, general health, lean and toned muscles, back strength, or sports performance. Whatever the reason is, our Pilates trainers will help you achieve your goal with a customized workout.

Pilates Los Angeles

Contact us to book a trial session in Santa Monica, LA Westside or South Bay.

Contact us today so we can get you started on the Los Angeles Pilates routine that will change your life.

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