Anti – Aging

How To Stay Young with an Anti – Aging Lifestyle Once we enter our fourth decade, many of us start to worry about how to stay young. The August issue of Vogue magazine proclaimed “getting and staying in shape in your 40’s is the new midlife crisis.” Have you joined the big trend yet? It’s never to late to start but the sooner you begin and the more consistent you are, the greater your long-term rewards. An active lifestyle is really an investment not just in a great body but … Continue reading

How To Get Ripped

Forget everything you thought you knew about diet and exercise in order to achieve that lean, ripped body. I have a secret to scoring the six-pack abs, killer arms and buns of steel you so want. I know, you love looking at the lean and ripped bodies of athletes and fitness models in magazines and it looks like if you just exercise harder and skip a meal or two, you would look the same. Well, let me tell you. If it was that easy, we’d all have the perfect body. … Continue reading

Metabolism Boosters

before and after of personal trainer Westwood client

With all the talk about metabolism, can we trick our bodies to burn calories more efficiently? Apparently we can! People with high metabolism burn more calories that those with low metabolism. Because every time we eat, our bodies rely on the energy provided by the metabolism of the calories we consume. The enzymes in our body’s cells break down the food and turn it into that energy that also keeps our heart beating, our mind thinking, and our legs moving. The more calories we burn, the easier it is to … Continue reading

2018 NGA Natural West Hollywood Classic

Natural Bodybuilding Show at Fairfax High School on Saturday, August 18th 2018 – the NGA Natural West Hollywood Classic 💪🏆 past posts: WBFA Santa Cruz Oct 13 2012 Get Ready for the 2012 WBFA Contest Schedule All contests will include the following divisions: Men’s Bodybuilding Male Physique Women’s Figure Women’s Bikini Contest- Dates – Location Sept 29-Nor Cal Championships-Sacramento, CA (Flyers/entry forms coming soon) Oct 13-Santa Cruz Championships-Santa Cruz, CA Nov 17-Sacramento Valley Championships-Sacramento, CA(Flyers/entry forms coming soon) For more details email: Also, check their Facebook page for updates … Continue reading

Grab a Buddy for More Workout Motivation

1100 lbs heavy leg press with mike ohearn

Sometimes the best motivation to work out is having a training partner who holds you accountable for showing up and working out. Some of my best workouts are with my training partners, whether I’m prepping for a competition or just looking for some good old fashion inspiration, partnered workouts are a great way to push yourself and each other harder and see great results. Here are some exercises you can do at home, at the gym, at a park or anywhere you and your workout buddy happen to find yourselves. … Continue reading

Weight Training for Seniors

I really enjoy training older people. Today’s seniors are full of life, many still work or own businesses, and they are passionate about healthy living. That’s why I created a personal training and lifestyle program for people over 65 to help them slow down their aging process. When people ask me if it’s too late for them to start working out in their 60’s, I say, you are never too old to attain positive results from exercise. It is true that we can’t stop the clock from ticking but recent … Continue reading

Heart Health

heart health

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it got me thinking about heart health. Specifically, what can we do on a daily basis to improve our cardiovascular health and well-being. The American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Health and pretty much every other medically oriented organization all have guidelines for heart-healthy eating and exercise. There are plenty of fitness trackers and calorie counters available on the market today to track steps, food intake and activity levels. On-line resources abound in every aspect of heart health. Heart Health Essentials … Continue reading


young man meditation

I know a lot of you guys don’t know this about me, but I did Karate for over 10 years. A big part of traditional martial arts practice includes meditation.  Meditation has a lot of benefits chief of which are the ability to clear your mind, tune out distractions and focus on the present. Meditation has been in the news a lot lately and I wanted to write about it, mainly because I know firsthand how it helps not only with calming your mind but keeping your body lean and … Continue reading

Boost Your Brain with Weightlifting

weightlifting and the brain

Your Brain and Weight Training Tests showed that seniors who trained with free weights, dumbbells and weight machines just once or twice a week improved their cognitive ability by almost 13 percent after working out for a year. What’s interesting is that a similar group of women who did toning and balance exercises actually regressed in their decision-making abilities and focus. Lifting weights, it turns out, slows older women’s cognitive decline. The study was published in “Archives of Internal Medicine.” Tests showed that seniors who trained with free weights, dumbbells … Continue reading

Getting Back To It – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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If you follow my blog….and I know you do (here you are), you probably started ramping up your workouts and fine tuning your nutrition to get your beach body ready for summer back in January. You’re probably saying to yourself “Well, summer’s over, the kids are back in school and I need some ‘Me Time.’” I definitely agree. How about this year, you make that ‘Me Time’ your workout time? You were finally satisfied with your fitness levels, body shape and all of the benefits of eating right and exercising. … Continue reading

12 Ways to Get a Better Body in 2016 – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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2016 is coming up, which means it is time to sit down and write out your goals for the coming year. The most common New Years resolutions are to lose weight, reduce stress, increase exercise, or eat healthier. These are great goals! Unfortunately, the problem is that people tend to forget about them after the first week of the New Year. This is the year to change. Do you want to be making the exact same resolutions on the last day of next year? Or would you rather create new … Continue reading

Teen Fitness Seminar at City Terrace Library in East Los Angeles

personal training guru Jason Kozma

Teen Fitness Seminar Did a seminar on teen fitness, nutrition and exercise for the kids here in East LA – thanks guys! Posted by Jason Kozma on Teen Fitness Seminar Thursday, October 8, 2015 How Stretching Improves Your Workout Results The sign of a good workout is NOT sore muscles. Your body should work hard to ensure a good, fat-burning, muscle-building session, however, sore muscles are a sign of an improper warm-up or a buildup of lactic acid. Both of which can be helped by incorporating a solid stretching routine to … Continue reading

Tips for Thanksgiving Overeating

Rachael Ray FHM5 2009-03-02

How to make it through Thanksgiving without gaining weight …and not feeling guilty Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? We all eagerly await to gather around the dinner table with family and friends. But we all knows what happens at that dinner table: we end up eating so much, we end up talking about it for weeks…and then trying to lose the weight for months! Do you know that most Americans will consume more than 4,500 calories and close to 200 fat grams (that’s 1800 calories just from fat!) on Thanksgiving day … Continue reading

Stop the Fall Weather Weight Gain


It’s sweater weather and this time of the year, after working out all summer to stay in shape for bikini season, you start slacking off. Cooler temperatures start off the season of eating. You tell yourself that missing gym is okay because you worked out so hard during the summer months. And when it comes to your diet? Let’s just say it’s easier to be naughty than nice. Also, everyone is back from vacations and your friends are getting together more often. Some of your co-workers are baking pies, cookies … Continue reading

How to Have a Healthier Dinner – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Fit woman cooking in kitchen

Having a variety of food on your dinner plate does not always mean you’re getting a healthier dinner. There are many factors that determine whether or not a dinner is considered healthy, such as the amount of calories and the quality of the food itself. For those of you looking to lose weight or to be healthier in general, follow the 5 tips below so you can make a truly healthy dinner every night. 5 Healthier Dinner Tips Tip #1: Make sure you purchase high quality food. Get organic or … Continue reading

Motivation – Write Your Way to a Healthier You

Los Angeles personal trainer before and after female client

For some people, looking and feeling great is motivation enough to work out and eat a healthy, balanced diet. For others, it takes a lot more than that. Some people need a lot of motivation just to get off the couch. Others need motivation to carve out time in the day to get to the gym or take a run. Others may have physical limitations or health issues that may prevent them from getting the exercise they need. Back when I decided to transform my body to become a competitive … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Actor Breaks 1,000 Year-Old Weightlifting Record

Hafthor Thor Bjornsson

Breaking a world record is impressive, but when a bodybuilder takes it upon himself to shatter a record from myth it’s something that gets people’s collective attention. That’s why Game of Thrones Actor Hafthor Bjornsson, an Icelandic power lifter who competes under the name of Thor, drew so much attention when he accomplished a feat even the heroes from the sagas couldn’t manage. What Did He Do? According to legend there was a great Viking hero who had the mast of a longship laid across his shoulders. In the myth … Continue reading

Why Vitamin D3 Is So Good…and It’s Not What You Think

vitamin D3

It surprises me how many of my clients still don’t take enough Vitamin D3. It’s been in the news a few years ago, mostly because doctors realized how many people had Vitamin D3 deficiency. But like everything else, it was hot for a minute and then everyone went about their merry way and forgot to take their vites. So why is Vitamin D3 so good for you? Well, first of all you need to know that if you don’t have enough D in your body, you are more likely to … Continue reading

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