5 Secrets To Reverse Aging

reverse agingYes, you can go back in time. Don’t believe me? If you do what I tell you, I guarantee that in about 3 months you will look and feel younger. And if you stick with it, you’d actually grow younger on a cellular level.

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Look, I‘m not blowing smoke, I’ve witnessed clients turn the clock backwards and look years and sometimes decades younger. And how I have research to prove it. Scientists say that when people 40 and older do supervised resistance and strength training exercises for just six months, they reverse close to 200 aging genes and show reversal of aging gene expression. This is so incredible because this means that weight and resistance training actually reverses aging on genetic level.

Do you worry about new wrinkles on your forehead? Stop it. What you need to worry about is loss of muscle and strength. Typically, these changes begin at around age 40. Are you with me?

Working with a trainer is essential to your success because it’s the only way to workout effectively. I’m sharing with you my top 5 tips to training to reverse aging.

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1. Correct lifting. I work with my clients on teaching them on the mechanics of correct weight lifting.
2. Pain-free. This is important because pain will not make workouts enjoyable and injuries will slow down progress.
3. Proper breathing. This is of utmost importance. I encourage you to exhale during the challenging part of the exercise. Breath holding during resistance exercise may elevate intra thoracic pressures dangerously high, placing undue stress on the heart.
4. Proper resistance training. Working out properly will allow adequate time for joints and connective tissues to adjust to the loads.
5. Balance. To help you develop better balance and muscle coordination, we perform exercises in a standing position.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you and designing a custom workout for you to look, feel and become younger.

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