5 Secrets To Reverse Aging

reverse agingYes, you can go back in time. Don’t believe me? If you do what I tell you, I guarantee that in about 3 months you will look and feel younger. And if you stick with it, you’d actually grow younger on a cellular level.

fat loss over 50
Randy 16 weeks

Look, I‘m not blowing smoke, I’ve witnessed clients turn the clock backwards and look years and sometimes decades younger. And how I have research to prove it. Scientists say that when people 40 and older do supervised resistance and strength training exercises for just six months, they reverse close to 200 aging genes and show reversal of aging gene expression. This is so incredible because this means that weight and resistance training actually reverses aging on genetic level.

Do you worry about new wrinkles on your forehead? Stop it. What you need to worry about is loss of muscle and strength. Typically, these changes begin at around age 40. Are you with me?

Working with a trainer is essential to your success because it’s the only way to workout effectively. I’m sharing with you my top 5 tips to training to reverse aging.

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Gale at 57
1. Correct lifting.
I work with my clients on teaching them on the mechanics of correct weight lifting.
2. Pain-free.
This is important because pain will not make workouts enjoyable and injuries will slow down progress.
3. Proper breathing.
This is of utmost importance. I encourage you to exhale during the challenging part of the exercise. Breath holding during resistance exercise may elevate intra thoracic pressures dangerously high, placing undue stress on the heart.
4. Proper resistance training.
Working out properly will allow adequate time for joints and connective tissues to adjust to the loads.
5. Balance.
To help you develop better balance and muscle coordination, we perform many exercises in a standing position.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you and designing a custom workout for you to look, feel and become younger.

Online Personal Training

Personal Training without the Trainer

More and more people are turning to the Internet for workout guidance. I was one of the first trainers out there who started providing online training and I believe that the biggest advantage of this option is its affordability and flexibility.

online training client
Maria lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks!

My clients know when they travel, they can achieve the same results with my custom online workouts. Online training is also great for those who live outside of LA or don’t have time to drive to Santa Monica to train with me in person. Being my client through High Performance Online Training program is no different than training with me. Well, there is one difference. It costs less.

“How does this work?” many ask. “How do I stay motivated?” “I’m not good at following anything online!”

What you get:

online training client
Madaline lost 20+ pounds in 8 weeks!

When you enroll in the Jason Kozma Online Training program, you will get everything all my clients get: my custom designed workout planned especially for your needs. You will get both cardio and weights program, plus a nutritional plan that evolves and changes as your body changes. You will also get a booklet that will not only explain how your body works, but also outlines the whole program. My online demo website has photos of every exercise so you do then correctly for optimum results.


Since the sessions are not done in person, you can choose the best time for you to complete specific workouts. I can also design your workouts to make use of what equipment you have available.

online personal training client
Amy lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks!

Regular monitoring

We meet online and discuss your needs, desires and challenges. I monitor you online weekly and make all the necessary changes and adjustments. You take before, progress and after photos and email me your nutritional log every week so I can tweak things to keep you progressing. We will communicate via email and phone calls.

Results-oriented training

Of course, just like with in-person training, your motivation is the number one barometer of your success. What my clients love about online personal training is that I’m always just an email away to support and regularly check in with them. I also love to motivate my clients with a quote or a blog post.

online personal training client
Carlos lost 15 lbs!

It doesn’t matter what your level is but I noticed that intermediate to advanced trainees do better with my online training program. Although my online training is relatively low-tech compared to some programs out there, they are handcrafted and run by me and not a software algorithm or large company.

If you follow my program, I guarantee you ripped abs, sculpted arms and legs, more muscular back, or whatever your unique goal might be. So what are you waiting for? There is no more excuse not to start working out and sign up today.

Note: All the client photos selected are online training clients only. Sign up now!


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