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Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Training Plan for Love & Thunder

It has been three years since we saw Chris Hemsworth on the silver screen in Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Endgame. And more than a decade ago, we first saw Hemsworth wield Thor’s legendary hammer. Along with the actor’s evolution, Chris’s training plan has taken on new dimensions.

Hemsworth is in full God of Thunder mode for his training. We will dive into just what he did to get screen-ready. Thor: Love and Thunder sees our towering hero’s boulder shoulders on full display. Now you can see what it takes to build the body of one of Hollywood’s leading men.

Let’s dive into the winning pillars of his legendary plan, including:

  • Old school weight training
  • Pyramid sets that prime the body from one movement to the next
  • Meal timing that kept Thor fueled and still torching fat
  • Circuit training
  • Bodyweight movements

How Chris Hemsworth was Able to Sculpt Thor’s Arms

Comic book hero book Thor tips the scales at more than 600 pounds. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth was channeling Schwarzenegger for a slightly more mortal physique.

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Adding in muscle size was a priority at the start of the film. Looking the part includes high volume lifts to burn stubborn fat indeed.

Old school weight training built those arms. This training approach includes movements like lateral and front raises and rear delt flyes.

Since Chris Hemsworth is active outside of this role, this training takes the focus to the next level. The barbell bicep curl, EZ bar preacher cull, and hammer curls occupy an upper-body circuit. These movements are done to the tune of four sets of twelve reps.

Heavier weights for the same movements were early in the plan. That means four sets of six to eight reps to add size. The protocol also calls for crafting those triceps. The dumbbell lying tricep extension requires four sets of 12 reps. Meanwhile, the weighted dips use bodyweight for four sets of ten reps.

The barbell military press and the Arnold press with dumbbells were also critical pieces to this powerful training approach. Of course, everyone wants to know how to carve those blockbuster abs!

Chris Hemsworth’s Movie Worthy Midsection

Chris Hemsworth Thor Body Workout
abs much?

There are no shortcuts to ab work. Chris Hemsworth’s training kept the sessions to less than one hour. The entire time was laser-focused, and his physique is the proof.

Getting movie-worthy abs meant utilizing planks, followed by hanging leg raises. Keeping the heart rate up and the muscles primed is a part of this training routine.

Side planks for sixty seconds at a time are also in full effect to dial in the obliques. Chris favors bodyweight exercises for abs. The toes-to-bar exercise from a pull-up bar helps activate the stubborn lower abdominals. You can perform this movement for three sets of twelve to fifteen reps.

Rounding out the mighty Thor’s physique is a lean and broad back. Of course, it takes focus and hard work, but this plan can get you there.

Cardio & Back Attack to get Silver Screen Ready

Chris Hemsworth employs bodyweight movements and circuit-style training to keep things flowing. The fast approach allows for the most use of the hour of exercise.

Swiss ball hyperextensions for four sets tighten the back muscles. This exercise is done in descending reps with twenty-five, twenty, fifteen, and fifteen sets. Again, taxing the muscles brings out the thickness and the cuts.

Additionally, Chris Hemsworth’s training makes use of rows with dumbbells. Four sets of twelve reps get the back fired up. Next, add the rows with a cable machine for four sets of twelve reps. This pairing can help bring up the development of the lats and add strength.

Bodyweight pull-ups are an old-school essential. This movement improves the grip, increases arm development, and adds growth to the back.

Functional exercises are a critical staple of Hemsworth’s cardio. Focus mitt work that a boxer would do helps hone in on the agility of the Avengers’ Norse powerhouse.

Heroic Chest Day with Chris Hemsworth

The shelf that Thor’s iconic costume rests on is the monument-like pecs of Chris Hemsworth. That is why chest day is a heroic endeavor. Getting ready for one of the world’s biggest film franchises includes an enthusiastic approach.

A dedicated chest day means hammer strength chest press. This movement done for four sets of fifteen reps also engages the triceps and even the biceps. Following this is the bodybuilding favorite, cable flyes,

Four sets of twelve reps on the cable flyes place consistent tension on the pecs. Chest development requires the right weight load, training frequency, and time under tension. This approach drives growth and strength.

Bringing the dumbbell back into the plan, Chris Hemsworth uses the dumbbell bench press. Completing this exercise to the tune of four sets of twelve reps will genuinely have your pecs crying out. The barbell bench press is a dynamite addition.

Eight sets of the classic barbell bench press with descending reps fire up the chest. Following this approach, perform twelve reps of bench press, then ten, ten, eight, eight, six, four, four, and a final set of four reps.

Consider that this version of Thor may be our most formidable one yet. Chris Hemsworth needed to look the part of a Norse god while having the legs to be an agile and devastating force.

How Chris Hemsworth Trains Legs

Chris Hemsworth talks about the transformation of his Thor character over the years. While he was the right size early on, the production saw more mobility as the right fit.

Crafting the plan with more functional movements, leg training, and agility brings a new edge to the hero.

How Chris Hemsworth Trains Legs
20 reps with 1100 lbs training with Mike O’ Hearn

That training includes leg press done as a drop set to failure. Again, bringing the weight down as you progress through the movement pushes the muscle fatigue. But, again, this approach drives growth and strength.

Back squats are another old-school weight training classic. Seven sets of this exercise at descending reps have taken Thor’s leg workouts to new heights. Ten reps of back squat, followed by eight, six, five, four, three, and a final set of three should do the trick.

Walking lunges also fire up the quads and glutes and engage the hops in terrific ways. Four sets of twenty reps are also outstanding to elevate the heart rate. Following this movement is the leg extension.

Three sets of twenty reps on the leg extension will tax the quads properly. Additionally, the movement can improve the stability of the knee joint by improving the strength of the muscles around the knee.

Single leg curls for three sets of twenty reps add fullness to the legs. Your hamstrings will respond to this exercise even under manageable loads. Shoot for volume with this movement and see why Hemsworth’s training went up a notch.

Finally, three sets of twenty reps for the standing calf raise. Calf raises improve ankle mobility and stability and also strengthen jumping capacity. Explosiveness comes from the full-back and lower body, so this movement is critical.

Dialing in the Diet of an Asgardian Legend

Getting the right fuel for the role of a lifetime means a disciplined approach. A high meal frequency of six meals per day was on the path to success for Hemsworth.

It is true that you can’t out-train a bad diet. But moreover, having the right fuel can make achieving outstanding results more likely.

Chris Hemsworth dietHigh protein from quality sources kept Chris Hemsworth’s muscles growing. His trainers chose protein sources from tuna, fish, lean cuts of steak, chicken breast, and eggs. These protein sources have high amino acid contents and help repair and rebuild muscle.

In addition to the training plan, the diet includes a balance of healthy fats from sources like avocado. Carbohydrates for muscle energy were found in brown rice, legumes, and some grains. This diet saw a transition from the early stages of preparation.

The calories varied as the training focus went from adding size to Chris Hemsworth’s 6-foot 3-inch frame to leaning out. However, it is a diet that is highly repeatable. It relies on clean sources of protein and quality vegetables.

Chris Hemsworth Reshaping the Cinematic Universe

Getting into the best shape we have seen on the screen requires a lot of work. Chris Hemsworth and his trainers dial in an approach that suits his body type and training goals.

Each of these is a terrific launch point for your training. But, first, consider how your body responds to the exercises and your goals.

Approach any new training plan with a keen sense of listening to your body, getting plenty of rest, and staying consistent. Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, the best plan is the one you follow diligently.

Dial in your diet to ensure you have the right fuel for recovery and growth. This portion is one of the keys that you cannot ignore. Hydrate, set realistic goals, and attack the plan like Thor would attack his foes while he’s saving the galaxy.

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