Bodybuilders Fat Loss Secrets

Why train with a bodybuilder?

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The secrets other trainers don’t want you to know.

“I don’t want big muscles, I just want to tone,” personal trainers across the country hear this from new clients every day. Especially after overeating during holidays, people make New Year’s resolutions and flock to the gyms hoping for a magic pill or maybe a secret on how to get their bodies in shape.

Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

ripped bodybuilder
Mr. America Jason Kozma at 3.3% bodyfat

“There is no secret to a great body,” insists Jason Kozma, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer who molds his clients into shape in a matter of months. “You simply need to make a commitment to the best diet and exercise, and work hard.” Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? But there is a little bit of science that goes into making your body bikini-ready. Kozma is a bodybuilder and an expert in complete body reshaping. I sat down with the former Mr. America and asked him what it takes to get the perfect body we all want.

Why do bodybuilding techniques work better than regular weight and cardio work outs?

JK: The most important aspect of working out with a bodybuilder is that you learn discipline. A successful bodybuilder has to structure his or her life in a way that maximally encourages progression in their physique. Everything from the food we eat to the daily activities and workouts are meticulously planned ahead of time. It is very important to strictly follow the plan if you want to reach your goal.

Do you think women especially are intimidated by bodybuilders and feel that they will just bulk up?

JK: It’s important to understand that female body does not produce enough testosterone to get big, bulky muscles. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to build excessive muscle size without at least a year of heavy training and in some cases steroids. So women have nothing to worry about. Muscle is more dense than fat and it takes up less room. Five pounds of muscle is about half the volume of five pounds of fat. As you can see, more muscle won’t make you look bulky; it’ll improve your appearance.

What happens when clients sign up and start working out with you?

JK: I work out of a gym in Brentwood, on the border of Santa Monica. The first thing I do is take photos of my clients, the “before” photos. They are important because my techniques deliver results and I want my clients to see what they’ve achieved by looking at their “before” and “after” photos. I also measure my clients and calculate their body fat, so we know what we are dealing with.

How about food?

JK: Food is very important. I customize diets for all my clients and expect them to follow the diet if they want to achieve results. Water and supplements are also key to getting the body you want.

What do bodybuilders know that other trainers don’t?

JK: Bodybuilders are the only athletes that know how to minimize body fat while shaping the body in the most efficient manner. It takes great self-control and discipline, but everyone loves the results. Just read the testimonials of my clients here.

Do you work with people who live outside of Santa Monica and Los Angeles area?

JK: Of course! I have a select group of top notch personal trainers who train according to my methods. I call them the High Performance Training Team and I have team trainers in all the major areas of Los Angeles. Also I offer online consultations and even a customized training program. Just because you don’t live in LA, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own celebrity personal trainer.

Have any other fat loss secrets? 

JK: Sign up and find out…

Bodybuilding Promotes Health For People Of All Backgrounds

When most of us think of hitting the gym and beginning a weight lifting regimen, we think of trying to shed some extra pounds and finally finding a way to get in shape. We think of bodybuilding as a solution to our issues with being over weight, but actually training with weights can help transform your health no matter what your body shape and size was beforehand.

People who are underweight can also benefit from the healthy focus that bodybuilding gives you. A perfect example of this is Charlotte MagGill who credits bodybuilding as saving her from anorexia.

In a recent article in the Daily Mail by Madlen Davies, called, “From Anorexia To Miss Universe: Woman, 26, Says bodybuilding Saved Her From The Grip Of Eating Disorder” MacGill tells her story of how her unhealthy obsession with looking like skinny celebrities transformed into a healthy obsession with proper exercise and eating. In the article, MacGill says,

“Now Ms MacGill has become a muscly transformation of her former self, winning regional, national and global bodybuilding competitions and being crowned Miss Universe. She said: …bodybuilding changed my life – I know how to exercise properly now and can’t believe how unhealthy I was before.”

Everyone can benefit from bodybuilding, not just people who are overweight. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and very specific exercise techniques. If you want to completely transform your body in the healthiest way possible, please contact us. Our elite training services will guide you through the process of creating the body you want without compromising your health.

Bodybuilder Breakfast

Pop Quiz

What does Mr. America, Jason Kozma, eat for breakfast?
A) Small children
B) Godzilla or Mothra, depending upon who’s trying to invade this week
C) Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast
D) Oatmeal and Egg Whites

egg white and oatmeal protein pancake
bodybuilder’s fat loss secret

While I can eat any of the above and suck the nutrients right out of them, I prefer to eat oatmeal. Yes, I know, boring, right? Maybe, but there’s no better option for breakfast that a great bowl of oatmeal. Not the sugary kind you ate as a kid, but the slow cooked, nutritious kind I have every day. I don’t add sugar at all. I may add a packet of Splenda or Stevia, for a bit of sweetness. I might also add a dash of cinnamon, for some flavor, but never maple syrup or brown sugar. If I want some crunch, I’ll add some of flax seed or sliced almonds. When I need extra protein, I’ll have egg whites – either in my oatmeal, or just in addition to my breakfast. I always have at least 24 ounces of water as well, as soon as I wake up in the morning. It helps rehydrate me and gets me pumped up for a great day.

Mr. America’s Power Protein Pancakes

1 part dry oatmeal
2 parts egg whites
double dash o’ cinnamon

using a hand blender, blend up the dry oatmeal, egg whites and cinnamon.
cook in a hot pan with a light layer of coconut oil / olive oil spray or similar. Cooks very quickly, so stand and watch. flip once.
Boom! You’ve got equal grams of protein and carbs, ready to eat on the fly! I personally use 1 cup oats and 2 cups egg whites for 60 grams protein and 50 grams carbs (ish)
if you must, you can add sugar free maple syrup product for taste with minimal calories and avoid the insulin rush and crash.

Bodybuilder’s Lunch

I often go to the Firehouese in Venice and order the Bodybuilder’s Breakfast for lunch.

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