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Mr. America Jason Kozma is a competitive bodybuilder having won the following titles:

  • Mr. America
  • Mr. Muscle Beach
  • Southern States Champion
  • Tennessee Valley Champion
  • Kentucky Derby Champion

Jason Kozma brings more than 20 years of experience to the fore to help you reach your bodybuilding goals. From bulking up to cutting down, Jason’s experience and knowledge will help you achieve your objective in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Do you have weak points? Jason can show you how to bring those up with better training and mind-muscle connection. Any muscle can be stimulated to grow and shape. You just need to know how. Jason does.

Jason has trained and coached physique competitors to victory from all over the globe. Jason offers training and coaching face to face or online – to you anywhere on earth with his Online Bodybuilding Coaching program.

Whether you want to compete, just look like you do, get stronger, get in bikini / beach shape ASAP, find out how the pros do it so “easily”, Jason Kozma – the ultimate expert on advanced bodyscuplting and shaping is the trainer for you.

  • Are you a bodybuilder, fitness or figure competitor, or are you interested in becoming one?
  • Training, diet and posing coaching for physique competitors
  • In person consultations and training
  • Online contest prep programs

Training and Coaching

Bodybuilding - Physique

Yes, you can train and consult with Jason Kozma, 2004 Heavyweight Mr. America for your competition. Jason offers full time daily training to “as you need it” workouts, posing practice and diet planning. Jason’s team includes experienced bodybuilding coaches in multiple Los Angeles areas. If you live outside the Los Angeles area he offers online coaching, skype /facetime posing practice and more.
Specialized physique training for all divisions:

  • Classic Physique
  • Women’s Physique
  • Men’s Physique
  • Fitness Model
  • Bikini
  • Figure
  • Fitness
  • Bodybuilding


Jason will create your precontest cutting plan or off season mass building nutritional program and monitor your progress with weekly checkups: available in person or online.

Personal Training

Assuming it isn’t obvious, the personal training is geared towards creating a perfectly balanced physique that will land you in the winner’s circle on your show date. Jason has always strived for perfect balance, shape and symmetry over simple mass. Jason has beaten many larger adversaries due to his superior balance and definition. All top bodybuilders, bikini and figure and physique athletes work with a trainer or coach. You don’t need to figure it out yourself. Hire a professional who’s been there, done that, and won. Also, most of our competitors have placed won or placed second their first show!

Bodybuilding Boot Camp

Jason’s Bodybuilding Boot Camp takes two forms: a private training immersion program for visitors or private / semi private training sessions for locals. Normally 4-6 sessions per week, sometimes two-a-days. Click here for testimonials and use the contact form to inquire about current availability.

Online Coaching Program

Jason designs specialized online personal training and diet programs for physique athletes. You can sign up on the online personal training page or in the tab below on this page. Jason’s online training and coaching program is an excellent and low cost tool for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

Posing coaching

The ability to display your physique to maximum effect is critical to your success. The judges have no imagination and will not see what you do not show them. Offering 30 minute posing sessions, recommend at least 4 sessions to grasp the basics or weekly up until your show. If posing does not come naturally to you, you really need this!

Fix Me

The “Fix Me” consultation is a one hour meeting with Jason where he assesses your strengths and weaknesses, both in your physique and your training and nutritional plan, and he writes out corrections to give you a better plan to take you where you currently are to where you want to be. This will revolutionize your training and nutrition plan. Also available online.

Television and Media appearances:

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MTV’s Urban Myth Show
American Muscle Magazine (TV show)
Discovery Channel’s Fitness Fantasy

Mr. America Bodybuilding Posing


Mr. America Jason Kozma | Los Angeles Bodybuilding Guru

Jason has mentored under master trainers Charles Glass, Don Ross and Michael Thurmond. Jason has trained with Charles Glass since 2002 for competition and to learn from the “The Godfather of Bodybuilding”. He has trained alongside legendary bodybuilders such as Shawn Rhoden, Chris Cormier, Gunter Schlierkamp, Melvin Anthony, Mike O’Hearn and many others. Jason trained with Chris Cormier in 2004 for Chris’ victory at the San Francisco Pro and his controversial 2nd placing at the Arnold Classic. Jason’s longest running training partner is fitness model, powerlifter and natural Mr. Universe Mike O’ Hearn. Mike recently played “Titan” on NBC’s “American Gladiators”.

Jason has worked with Marshall Faulk of NFL fame, Major League Baseball stars such as Hideo Nomo of the Los Angeles Dodgers as well as actors, models, CEOs, physique competitors and regular folk.

He has exceptional knowledge in the fields of bodybuilding, bodysculpting and sports performance training, nutrition, motivational techniques as well as an extensive background in martial arts, holding a black belt in Wado-Ryu Karate. Jason’s training has enabled him and his clients to develop extreme strength in both basic and “weird” exercises.
Some of Jason’s best lifts include:

  • Bench press 455 x 2
  • Incline bench press 455 x 2
  • Overhead barbell press 315 x 5
  • Leg press 1500 x 4, 1100 x 20
  • Hack squat 720 x 10
  • Side lateral raises: 100 x 10
  • Alternating db curls 100 x 10
  • Dumbbell row 200 x 10

Jason was featured in MuscleMag international issue #263. Scans of the article are above.

Jason’s personal training service features fast visual results as well as dramatic increases in strength and health. He has successfully worked with people of all fitness levels: from beginners to competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors. He also offers online personal training. Online personal training programs are excellent tools for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

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Bodybuilding Galleries


Jason's Contest History

Jason Kozma Contest History Year Class Placing
Knoxville Bodybuilding Championships 1989 Teen 15-17 3rd

Tennessee Bodybuilding Championships

1989 Teen 15-17 3rd
Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships 1990 Teen Heavyweight 2nd
Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships 1991 Teen Heavyweight 1st
Tennessee Valley BB Championships 1991 Teen Heavyweight, Novice Light-heavyweight 1st and overall teen, 1st novice
Southern States Bodybuilding Championships 1991 Teen Light-heavyweight 1st
Orange County Bodybuilding Championships 2003 Heavyweight 3rd
California State Bodybuilding Championships 2003 Heavyweight 3rd
San Francisco Bodybuilding Championships 2004 Heavyweight 2nd
Mr. America Bodybuilding Championships 2004 Heavyweight 1st
Mr. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Championships 2007 Super heavyweight 1st

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In Person Checkup / Consultation / Posing Lesson – 30 Minutes

Phone / Skype Consultation – 15 minutes

Women's Figure - Bikini - Physique

Women’s Physique Trainer Los Angeles | Bikini Coach Los Angeles

Figure – Bikini – Physique

womens physique

Client Lejla – Miss Figure America

Women’s physique competition is a steadily evolving sport. Once upon a time, the bodybuilding competition was strictly about the muscles that a woman can develop and show off, just like the men’s division of the competition; the bigger the better. Many began to feel like women were losing their femininity with bodybuilding, so the National Physique Competition (NPC) has recently added the women’s physique division to replace women’s bodybuilding. The difference between bodybuilding and physique is that there is less emphasis on excessive muscle size, density and striated muscularity; and there is more attention paid to the femininity in the symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise, and beauty flow. The muscles are defined by the poses (all open hand): front double biceps, back double biceps, side triceps with leg extended, side chest with arms extended and front abs/thighs.

bikini competitor

client Giannci

Training for a women’s physique competition can be strenuous and stressful. Preparing for the NPC is no walk in the park, and it takes a special trainer to keep a strong- willed competitor motivated, and up to par. Jason Kozma, 2004 Heavyweight Mr. America has the experience to train any woman that has the determination to step on stage. He has a tried and true contest prep nutritional and training program to ensure that you will be ready to take the top spot in your competition.

For more information on training with the best and tips on reaching your competitive goals, contact us.

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Client Reviews form yelp

Alessandro D.

Great professionalism and patience Although living across the globe in Dubai, Jason was able to direct me in details in every single step of my diet, training and rest. Jason was following up with me almost everyday and was always ready to answer all my questions especially in the beginning days. I have been very pleased with him and I highly recommend him even on a correspondence basis he can take you very far. Alessandro, living in Dubai, U.A.E.

Jake S.

After coming in an unsatisfactory 5th in my last physique show I decided I needed to get a coach with experience in these types of things. After searching far and wide I found Jason. He is informative and very helpful, but the bottom line is he gets results!

Overall Yelp rating is 5 out of 5.0 for Los Angeles Personal Training based on 25 reviews.