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Jason on the Fineliving Network

Weight Training

Written and Produced 1999

Weight training goes beyond mere exercise. It involves a workout regimen that sculpts the body into a desired form.

Strengthen your body and improve mental focus with weight training.

personal training
Strengthen your body and improve mental focus with weight training.

As a former competitive bodybuilder, Jason Kozma has 17 years’ experience in weight training and certified personal training. His bodybuilding titles include Southern States Champion, Kentucky Derby Champion and Tennessee Valley Champion.

Kozma’s workouts focus not just on the physique, but also on health, strength and overall well-being.

Here are some basic concepts to consider if you’re thinking about getting into heavy lifting:

  • Don’t expect fat loss: Weight training uses anaerobic exercises that are intended to shape muscles—not burn fat.
  • Structure a workout to achieve your desired results: Every desired result requires a different workout. To maintain the current tone of your body, you can work out as little as two times a week. To increase tone, work out three to four times a week; to build muscle mass, a completely different workout schedule and structure is necessary.
  • Work out at the same time each day: Over time, your body will come to expect the workout and will automatically optimize its energy level for that time.
  • Train body parts equally: Don’t let your body get out of balance by only working one body part, such as your chest. Unbalanced muscles can lead to injury.

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