Postpartum Weight Loss Programs for New Moms

Cara's postpartum weight loss results
Cara’s postpartum weight loss results – After is 16 weeks post partum

After you have your baby, there’s a period of time when losing the weight you gained while you were pregnant is the last thing on your mind. Sure, you’d like to be able to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans someday; but for the first few weeks, you’re focused on your new bundle of joy and spending more time in your comfortable sweatpants than you are in anything else.  Post partum weight loss isn’t yet on top of your priority list.

Then you have to go back to the real world. Maybe you’re headed back to work and realize that you don’t have any hope at all of buttoning your pre-pregnancy pants. Maybe you’re staying home with your baby, but can’t get into anything but your yoga pants. Whatever the case, you’re ready to work on getting that pregnancy weight back off–but you don’t even know where to start!

If you’re still breastfeeding, that presents its own unique challenges. You can’t restrict your calories too much, or your milk supply and the quality of your milk will suffer; and besides, you may be suffering food cravings every bit as intense as anything that you had while you were pregnant. How are you even supposed to begin?

Lose The Baby Weight

postpartum weight loss trainer for women

That’s where we can help. Jason Kozma and Deena are post-pregnancy weight loss specialists who will hep you down the journey to postpartum weight loss. Remember: it’s not going to happen overnight, and your body will never be exactly the same as it was before you had a baby.

That’s okay! You can learn to love your new body, not only for all it’s done for you, but for its appearance, too. Not only that, you can take this opportunity to get into the best shape of your life.

post partum weight loss | Terri
Terri post partum weight loss

You need a postpartum weight loss plan that will work with your new, busy life. It’s easy to put off going to the gym when you have a new baby. There’s always something else that you’d rather be doing. Making the time to hit the gym, however, is the only way you can start reclaiming your body and becoming the hot mom you’re meant to be. Having a personal trainer waiting for you is great incentive to show up at the gym and put in the effort for a great workout. They’ll provide you the support you need to keep coming even when you’re feeling discouraged and remind you of what you’re working so hard for. On top of that, our personal trainers will design a workout routine that will work for you, pushing you on to the next level of excellence.

Get Your Body Back

It took nine months to put that weight on; and as much as you wish it was just “baby,” you already know that parts of your body that didn’t have anything to do with the baby were affected. Whether it’s your butt, hips, or arms that are carrying the trouble weight, don’t worry! We have the experience to help you get it back off so that you can show off a gorgeous, toned body again. Worried that you won’t be able to do as much as you could before you had the baby? That’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere. Get started today, and a few weeks from now, you’ll look back and wonder what you were so worried about. Put it off, and you’ll be in the same place you are today.

Ready to get started working toward a body that is healthier and looks better than ever before? Contact us to see how we can help build a workout routine that’s perfect for your postpartum body.

How To Maintain Your Postpartum Weight Loss

We all skip a workout once in a while but does cutting back shortchange your fitness progress? People love to lament that it’s hard to get in shape especially after 40. But even when you work out hard, not many realize that all their hard work can slip down the drain if they take a few weeks off from their regular workout schedule. Even if your weight remains the same, the body shape changes. So how much effort do we need to expend to maintain this level of fitness, cardio capacity and muscle mass?

over 40 bikini
Amber has maintained her bikini body at 40 – her son is 18

Let’s say you’ve been training for months to lose the weight it took you years to gain. You look great, your friends tell you that you look years younger and are silently jealous that you can show up at the pool in a tiny bikini. But now that you got what you wanted, you are wondering, “now what?” Can you keep your new body without the time commitment required for hard-core conditioning? I tell my clients who achieve their goals, whether it’s weight loss or training for marathons, races or body building competitions, to allow your body adequate time to repair itself. Here are a few tips to maintain your progress:

6 Steps To Maintaining Your New Body

1. Commit to Cardio: Don’t skip on it, just do lower intensity or cut your program in half for a couple weeks. If you don’t maintain cardio, your hard-earned aerobic capacity would be gone in a flash.  Bodyfat will accumulate over time.

2. Keep Up Resistance Training: 50 percent rule applies here as well. You can engage in regular weight routine half as often as long as you increase the weight and reps.

3. Don’t Binge Eat: You want to reward yourself and many people binge. If you are one of those people, binge smart. Especially if your goal is to continue to look great. By binging incorrectly, you could cancel out months of hard work and seriously interfere with your metabolism. Binge on protein and veggies, but if you just can’t resist and load up on donuts, bread and pasta, stop after one day. If you continue for more than two days, it can change your brain chemistry, causing an addiction to junk food.

4. Drink lots of water: The more water you drink the less junk you will crave. Since thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

5. Stay away from alcohol: Alcohol will dehydrate you even further. Alcohol also has an extremely high glycemic index, meaning that your body turns it into glucose very quickly, messing with your metabolism in the process. More than once or twice per week will likely lead to weight gain.

6. Rest: Catch up on all the sleep you need. Your body and brain engage in restorative processes while you sleep, and if you fail to catch up on rest now, you run the risk of suffering burnout and losing the motivation to continue your workouts.

Remember that achieving a goal, competing in a race or running a marathon do not represent the end of the journey, but rather just one milestone that will come and go as your career continues. Maintaining your postpartum weight loss requires work, but it’s an amount that you can handle.

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