Online Personal Training

Online Personal Trainer – Coaching by the Best

You can be Mr. America’s client anywhere in the world!

Hand-crafted training and diet plans just for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself!

I will design a complete program for you to achieve your specific goals. Whether your personal goal is total body transformation, weight loss, strength and muscle gain, fitness/figure or bodybuilding competition my program will get you the results you are looking for.

Your workouts can be designed for home training or gym training.  You’ll let me know what you have available in the questionnaire.

Typical Program Goals:

  • Weight Loss
  • Body Transformation
  • Life Extension and Wellness
  • Bodybuilding – non competitive
  • Build Muscle
  • Bikini -Physique – Bodybuilding – Figure Contest Prep

Advantages of High Performance Online Personal Training:

  • Advanced training techniques
  • Superior nutritional manipulation
  • State-of-the-art supplement recommendations
  • Rapid visual results
  • Blast through plateaus
  • Programs designed by a real-life 30+ years experienced personal trainer, Mr. America and competitive bodybuilder!

If you have been stuck in the same place for a while, this is the “get to the next level” program for you!

What is Online Personal Training?

Being my client on the High Performance Online Personal Training program is just like being my personal training client, without the expense of the personal training sessions. You get everything that my in-person clients get: a custom-designed workout (weights and cardio) and nutritional plan which evolves and changes as your body changes. I monitor you online, make adjustments as needed to keep you progressing. You get a setup kit with an informative handbook which outlines your whole program, explains how your body works and how the program is designed to make you achieve the desired results. You will also have access to my awesome new Train with Mr. America app with videos and photos of all the exercises with narration or description so you can make sure you are doing them correctly.

People get amazing results following my coaching programs. Many have competed in physique competitions following my programs. Online personal training clients from this site include Alex, Anthony, Heather, Kristina, Bryan, John, Joann, Emily, Deanna, Jenny and Jake.

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You take measurements weekly, take before and progress photos, email me your training and nutrition log weekly and I reply with adjustments to keep your progress moving forward.

All the materials are delivered via my Train with Mr. America app (IOS and Android).

online personal trainer

What’s Better About My High Performance Online Training program?

Most other online training and nutritional programs are cheaper, but are not handcrafted by an experienced trainer. They are either standardized programs created for average people or created by “bots” or computer programs. While these programs may work for the beginner, they lack the fine tuning skill necessary to create the sculpted look you are looking for.  Cheaper programs will work only for the most basic functions such as: losing some (not all) extra weight, gaining some cardiovascular health, or starting an exercise program.  If you want not only to lose fat / build muscle, but to sculpt a body that your peers will envy, then this program is for you.

My coaching service is very customized to you with great attention to detail.  I am very invested in your compliance and your results.   That’s because your program is created and run by me and not a software bot or an intern.  The workout and nutritional programs and all support materials like your training handbook, recipe book and measurements chart (and more) are delivered via my app.   The app has detailed exercise videos and photos with explanations of how to perform the exercises including the little nuances that make the difference between pro level training and beginner training.

My programs work great for clients of any level.  From the greenest beginner to the intermediate and even advanced trainees.   Whether you just want to turn back the clock to feel more fit, lose a few pounds, lose 50-100 lbs or get ripped for the beach or a physique competition, you are in the right place.

If my online personal training program sounds right for you, then sign up below!

What you get:

Your program is completely individualized and custom-designed. Specifically designed for your body. It tells you exactly what to eat and when. Includes supplement recommendations and weekly email coaching support and checkups. For weight loss, muscle gain, general health, etc. You will specify your specific goal in the questionnaire after you order.

Your online personal training program includes “as much as you want” email access to me. If I feel a phone call is more efficient to explain something, I’ll do that one time as well.  This is in addition to all the normal materials you receive: custom weights workout, custom nutritional plan, supplement list (optional), cardio assignment, support handbooks, recipe books and weekly email checkup.

  • 4 weeks online personal training program $369

    *$199 per month thereafter

  • 8 weeks online personal training program $459
    online personal training signup

    online personal training signup*$179 per month thereafter

  • 16 weeks online personal training program $629
    online personal training signup

    online personal training signup*$129 per month thereafter

Consultations with Jason

fitness consultation

Meeting Type – all choices can be online: FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, phone

New addition:


Virtual Personal Training with Jason

virtual personal trainer
We will use whatever equipment you’ve got, even if it’s nothing!

via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

Contact for Jason’s rates or High Performance Team Trainer rates and a free trial

Virtual Personal Training FAQs:

What is Virtual Personal Training? 

A 30 or 60 minute session with Jason via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype coaching you through your workout using whatever equipment you have available, even if you don’t have any!

Does it include a nutritional plan? 

Yes.  Any package of 24 or more virtual sessions (like our most popular 8 weeks package) includes a custom designed nutritional plan, just like an in person or online training client would get.

How many virtual sessions should I do per week?

It’s up to you.  You can do the standard 3 or more per week or choose to do fewer.  I’ll give you workouts to do on your own if you opt for less than 3.

If weight loss is part of your goals you will also be assigned cardio to do in addition to the resistance  / weight training.

What happens if I have virtual sessions left when things go back to normal? 

Virtual personal training will be a permanent offering from here on out.  If you wish to switch to live training we can transfer the remaining credit to equal value in personal training sessions or other services whether in home or at the gym.

Virtual Personal Training

with High Performance Team Trainers – same rates as in person sessions.  Contact for rates and a consultation.

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