Virtual Personal Training

No contact personal training


Virtual Personal Training

virtual personal trainer
Using your home gym or at your gym

via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

Virtual Personal Training FAQs:

What is Virtual Personal Training? 

A 30 or 60 minute session with Jason or High Performance Team Trainer via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype coaching you through your workout whether it’s your home gym or at your commercial gym!

Does it include a nutritional plan? 

Yes.  Any package of 24 or more virtual sessions (like our most popular 8 weeks package) includes a custom designed nutritional plan, just like an in person or online training client would get.

How many virtual sessions should I do per week?

It’s up to you.  You can do the standard 3 or more per week or choose to do fewer.  I’ll give you workouts to do on your own if you opt for less than 3.

If weight loss is part of your goals you will also be assigned cardio to do in addition to the resistance  / weight training.

I want to train at home but I don’t have a home gym or any equipment, What do I do?

At the very least I’ll want you to get a suspension trainer and exercise bands set.  I can send you links for additional exercise equipment as needed.

We will talk and sort out what’s best for your needs.

Are the results the same as in person training?

If you invest in necessary home gym equipment as recommended (we won’t go crazy) and follow the complete program including the lifestyle adjustments, nutrition and cardio programs you’ll get the same results as our other clients.

Can I do virtual personal training sessions at my gym?

You just have to ask about their rules.  Many clients take their phone to the gym for their virtual training sessions.

What happens if I have virtual sessions left when things go back to normal? 

Virtual training is a permanent offering so you can continue as virtual client. If you wish to switch to live training we can transfer the remaining credit to equal value in personal training sessions or other services whether in home or at the gym.

Virtual Personal Training with High Performance Personal Trainers

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Rates: same as normal training rates, contact for details and request a consultation

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