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Bodybuilding Boot Camp with Mr. America Jason Kozma | Los Angeles Bodybuilding Expert

Los Angeles Bodybuilding Vacation with Mr. America!

Jason Kozma bodybuilding photoPrivate training with me on an accelerated schedule in sunny Santa Monica, California. A complete full service bodybuilding & fitness vacation with referrals for lodgings, meals, optional related services like massage, acupuncture and stretching. Plus plenty of free time to enjoy Los Angeles and Venice – the birthplace of bodybuilding!

Mr. America’s Bodybuilding Boot Camp is not a cardiovascular workout like most boot camps. The bodybuilding boot camp is an intensive learning and training experience for bodybuilders, fitness, and figure competitors and people who just want to “look the part”. Whatever your ultimate goal is, I will impart you you all of my knowledge of how to achieve maximum muscle size, shape and density and minimal bodyfat.

I am truly excited to offer this service to motivated clients. This offering will make it possible for me to pass on my knowledge to up-and coming “muscleheads” and “hard bodies” from all over the world!

Coming soon – The Bodybuilding Bootcamp Manual (ebook) – email me to get on the early release list!

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Sample Client Testimonials:

Thank you Jason for all you’ve done for me! Before I came to Jason I had 5 years of training experience. All I was missing was Jason Kozma. With Jason’s coaching I placed 2nd and 4th, respectively, in the Mr. California and Mr. World natural bodybuilding competitions I entered in 2006. Standing onstage against fierce competition, in little posing trunks, in front of a crowd is a daunting task. Jason gave me the confidence I needed to compete. He traveled with me to my shows, cheered me from the audience, and came backstage to coach me whenever he saw the opportunity. Thank you Jason for working so hard. And, of course, thank you for giving me the body I always wanted.

I enjoyed the training with Jason so much that I drove an hour to see him 6 days a week from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica. Jason developed my muscles meticulously. He scrutinized my physique on a weekly basis, and also probably when I didn’t notice and I could never tell when he would be satisfied because his standards were so much higher than mine. I was ecstatic just to see my target muscles growing but that wasn’t enough for Jason. When Jason looks at you he sees a classic physique that looks good from every possible angle, with no weaknesses, and that is the direction he’ll move you in. I hung on Jason’s every instruction because if a pro like him thinks I have potential then it must be true.

In a perfect world where I could just sit on a beach and watch my bank account grow, I would still be training with Jason 6 days a week. Thank you a thousand times Jason. YOU ARE THE MAN!

Larry Cook, Encino

bodybuilding boot camp client AmirAlthough I thought I was doing pretty good, Jason showed me new ways and advanced methods to improve my technique, hence improving my physique and be able to eliminate my weaknesses in my exercises and body. He was able to work around my injuries, reassuring that I would be able to keep up with my goals. Jason also gave me great referrals and shared his knowledge of exercises and supplements with me to help me get closer to my ultimate physique.
Thanks Jason – I’ll be back!!

Amir, London UK

heavy 1300 pound leg press
This is Matt leg pressing 1300 lbs: When he started he did 270 on his first day and almost threw up!
Matt client

Are you a bodybuilder, fitness or figure competitor, or are you interested in becoming one?

Coaching Options for Physique Competitors

  • Nutritional Program (in person or online, bulk/cut)
  • Personal Training (special rates)
  • Online Personal Training Program: My programs are excellent tools for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness competitors.
  • Posing Coaching
  • Online Consultation: Send me your photos and I’ll give you my honest feedback on what you need to work on, what types of shows and divisions to enter, etc.

Online Bodybuilding Coaching


Jason’s personal training service features fast visual results as well as dramatic increases in strength and health. He has successfully worked with people of all fitness levels: from beginners to competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors. He also offers online personal training. Online personal training programs are excellent tools for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

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