How Liquor Makes You Fat!

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It’s no secret that high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet is bad for your body.  Monitoring your calories and the foods you eat is a must if you are watching your figure. But how about alcohol?  Do alcohol calories count more? Can drinking hurt our efforts to shed a few pounds? Well, actually, new research shows that even small amounts on alcohol may widen your waistline and contribute to more weight gain that you imagined.  A mere 3 ounces of alcohol can reduce fat-burning by about a third.  But how could this be, … Continue reading

Study Reveals Weight Training Is The Answer To Belly Fat

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As men get older, they tend to put on extra fat, especially in their mid-section which results in a pear or apple-shaped body. The truth is, it’s harder to get rid of that excess fat as the years go by. The reason for this is actually simple. As you age, you lose muscle mass. Decreased physical activity also contributes to the loss of muscle mass which, in turn, decreases calorie usage and the weight starts piling on. It’s also possible that fat cells in the arms and legs are no … Continue reading

Why Genetics Don’t Matter in How Your Body Looks

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I met with a young man recently who said to me: “I don’t think I’m meant to have abs.”… Really? That’s it? You’re throwing in the towel? Just because it doesn’t come to you easily you’re willing to just give up on it? Let me tell all of you something – YOUR GENETICS DON’T MATTER. YOU ARE IN 100% CONTROL OF HOW YOUR BODY LOOKS. That’s right. Genetics, past history, what your mother fed you for breakfast MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof that genetics don’t matter: I … Continue reading

Weight Training Pays Off In The Boardroom

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Research at VU University of Amsterdam has been looking at how people make judgments about leadership potential based solely on visual assessments of physical traits. This is a topic they have studied for some time, refining their process of creating faces for analysis. Smart Vs. Attractive: Who Wins? Their most recent study was designed to test whether people preferred intelligent looking leaders or leaders that looked very physically healthy. To begin they created four faces out of a composite of volunteers. Each face was a white male with no jewelry, glasses … Continue reading

7 Secrets of Lean Bodies

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My client asked me what I considered the single most important element in achieving and maintaining a lean body. I know what you are thinking but I didn’t tell her that it was working out or cutting out sugar, fat, carbs, etc. What I consider the most important ingredient is consistency. It’s impossible to stay lean without consistent training, proper nutrition and a few tricks here and there. Here is my list of what you need to keep up with when working to achieve and maintain a healthy lean body. … Continue reading

3 Simple Weight Loss Tips – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Daylight savings time is finally here. The days are getting longer, the sun is out later. Time to get out of hibernation and mix up your workout routine. Have you spent your winter cardio routine stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike?  Get outside and go for a run, a bike ride, a swim or a hike.  Near a body of water?  Try rowing or stand up paddleboard (SUP).  Snow still piled on the ground where you live? Why not head out for some cross country skiing or snowshoeing?  You don’t need an expensive lift … Continue reading


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What’s Your Motivation? Last week I started thinking about motivation. What is it, exactly? Why are some people motivated to do things, but not others? I thought about asking some of my clients to get a better perspective on this. I’m ALWAYS motivated to achieve my best, and it’s my job and privilege to motivate others to achieve theirs as well. This blog is their forum to talk about what motivates them to exercise, eat right and maintain their optimal weight. Dan: I’m motivated every morning. I wake up with … Continue reading

My Secrets to Looking Lean and Toned

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The good news is that anyone can look great if they set their mind to achieving that goal. The tricky part is that unlike many people think, you have to eat a lot to lose that body fat and grow lean muscle. Because just exercising is not enough. Training alone won’t even get you halfway to being lean and achieving the results you want. Want to know the secrets? I tell my clients that there is no secret and no magic to a beautiful body. It’s all about hard work … Continue reading

5 Tips on How to Resist Peer Pressure to Gain Weight

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Some of you are probably laughing at this headline, saying how much peer pressure is out there to be thin and good looking. But if you’ve ever reached your goals and emerged lean, toned and size 0, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. “You are too thin!” you hear from your girlfriends you used to go out with. “Oh, come on, one glass of wine won’t kill you,” your guy friends tell you. “Just enjoy, you only live once,” your family keeps saying. Now you know what I … Continue reading

How Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight


So you are finally working out regularly, you are eating right but are you getting enough sleep? If you thought that groggy mornings and cranky days are the only side effects of not getting enough ZZZs, think twice. New research shows that missing out on sleep can also lead to weight gain. Why You Need Enough Sleep Researchers from Columbia University found that people who slept less than seven hours per day have a harder time losing weight and are on average heavier than those who got at least eight … Continue reading

Why I like eating eggs


Eggs are a great source of protein and they are so easy to prepare, it’s easy to understand why I encourage my clients to eat eggs for breakfast, snacks and anytime they want to. I believe that eggs should be a part of every person’s healthy diet. I’m also talking about egg whites not yokes. Yokes are rich in cholesterol and American Heart Association recommends only one yolk per day. The good news is that when it comes to egg whites, you can have as many as you’d like. Just … Continue reading

Tricks to eating healthy on the road

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It’s easy to maintain your fitness routine at home, especially if you are working with a personal trainer (hopefully one of mine) and have a plan for everything. But what happens when you have to leave town on a business trip, vacation, or holiday? So many people end up falling off the wagon the moment they leave their comfortable environment and have a really hard time picking up the pieces once they are back. Let’s face it, maintaining your habits of eating healthy while traveling can be really hard and … Continue reading

Online Training: A New Way to Get in Shape

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More and more people are turning to the Internet for workout guidance. I was one of the first trainers out there who started providing online training and I believe that the biggest advantage of this option is its affordability and flexibility. My clients know when they travel, they can achieve the same results with my custom online workouts. Online training is also great for those who live outside of LA or don’t have time to drive to Santa Monica to train with me in person. Being my client through High … Continue reading

How to tell if you are hungry

We eat when we are happy. We eat when we are sad. We eat to celebrate. We eat when we are bored. Sometimes, we don’t even know why we are eating at all. One of the main reasons so many people are not at a healthy weight is because at some point, they stopped listening to their body. They don’t know when they are hungry and when they are full. Scientists have been looking into what contributes to our appetite and hunger for many years. Our bodies are complex and … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Fitness After Achieving a Goal

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We all skip a workout once in a while but does cutting back shortchange your fitness progress? People love to lament that it’s hard to get in shape especially after 40. But even when you work out hard, not many realize that all their hard work can slip down the drain if they take a few weeks off from their regular workout schedule. Even if your weight remains the same, the body shape changes. So how much effort do we need to expend to maintain this level of fitness, cardio … Continue reading

Is Organic Food Better for Weight Loss?

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More and more foods these days are laden with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, and my clients have been asking if all those chemicals affect their weight gain. I believe that to lose weight in the most healthy way and maintain a lean body, you have to not only cut out all the processed foods, but also focus on eating more and more organic fruits, veggies and meats. Doctors have been citing studies that show organic foods are more nutrient dense because they were grown in healthy soil. It makes a … Continue reading

Kitchen Tools To Keep You Thin

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You made the decision the change your lifestyle. You are ready to do what it takes to get in shape and feel healthy and strong. But being in the kitchen and preparing meals every day is challenging. You don’t know what you are doing and the healthy meals you were so excited just days ago don’t taste as great. What to do? “Take it one step at a time,” advises wellness coach Elina Fuhrman. “Changing your lifestyle takes patience and the kinder you are to yourself, the more successful you … Continue reading

Five Lies We Tell Ourselves That Can Ruin Our Health


I get it, nobody is perfect and how boring would our life be if we were. But when minor slip-ups become habits, they can do real damage. Not only to our bodies but also to our health. Don’t Lie to Yourself About Your Health “It’s okay to have a second piece of cake or skip a week of workouts when you are overwhelmed with work, kids, life,” you tell yourself. Well, if it happens once, it could be okay but when you convince yourself that it’s always okay, it could … Continue reading