soup for fitness and health

Soups for Weight Loss

As a bodybuilder, I’m normally against fad and trendy diets. I know they don’t work; they help you lose weight temporarily but you end up losing muscle tone and the moment the diet is over, the weight climbs back up.

My regular diet is pretty simple: protein, vegetables and complex carbs in the form of meat, broccoli and rice or sweet potatoes. So, when I started training a vegan client who owns a healthy soup company, I was skeptical at first. Can soup help you lose weight, keep you fit and improve your health? Soupelina soups claim to do just that. They are not your typical supermarket soups, loaded with sodium and who-knows-what. Soupelina soups use the highest quality organic vegetables, herbs and lentils and no table salt. They are packed with plant-based proteins, veggies and complex carbs, and perfect for after rigorous workouts. No soy, gluten, sugars or nuts are used, which makes me happy since I don’t like my clients eating any of the allergens when they train with me.

Facts About Soups

Elina Fuhrman, owner and soup guru behind Soupelina, quoted research that says soups help keep us full for longer per calorie compared with eating he same foods separately. Her soups are also easy on digestion and won’t set you back more than 300 calories. This is a great way to eat less without feeling like you are depriving yourself and a great way to eliminate refined carbs like bread or pasta. Soups are also better than juices which have sugars from fruits, plus soups are much more likely to make a real long-term difference.

kale soup
Kale Soup

Eating Soupelina soup makes you feel healthier in an instant, gives your more energy throughout the day and helps you stay sharp and focused. When I went on Soupelina’s website, to see just what Elina puts in her soups, I realized why her soups made me feel so great. All Soupelina soups have vegetable or lentil base; my favorites are I Can’t Believe It’s Butternut and Sweet Coconut Thai Oh My! The butternut squash and ginger-infused red lentils combo gives me 17grams of protein and complex carbs for muscle recovery in just one serving! The sweet potato/coconut milk Thai soup is delicious, spicy and extremely satisfying, not to mention loaded with health benefits!

Elina has a true passion for creating her “bowls of goodness” as she calls them and says her soups are not only nutrient-packed super foods but also healing potions. They help with digestion, clearing up your skin, making your hair lush, nails strong and tummy flat. The combination of effective workouts and soups will help you break down stored fats faster, make your body lean so your beauty will shine from within. I say, with Soupelina soups, you can have it all: wonderful food and gorgeous body!

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