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If you are going to work with a personal trainer, of course you want to work with a good one. After all, if the personal trainer you choose cannot deliver results or simply does not work well for you, it will be a waste of your money and time.

So why not train with Mr. America himself?

Jason Kozma, one of the Los Angeles area’s best-established and most-trusted personal trainers, has won multiple bodybuilding titles, including Mr. America, Southern States Champion, Kentucky Derby Champion and Mr. Muscle Beach.

These awards recognize Kozma’s dedication to a disciplined, holistic and results-oriented approach to personal training. Kozma has achieved his results through diligence, conscientiousness and genuine effort, and now he puts the lessons learned from his success to work for clients like you.

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When it come to fitness, trends and fads come and go, but Kozma’s own success and the results he has achieved with his clients are a testament to the fact that when it comes to physical fitness, there are some tried-and-true methods that just work, regardless of whether they are in fashion at the moment.

Kozma takes a very personal approach to his business, working carefully with each client to determine what sort of workout and nutrition plan makes the most sense for that individual client’s goals. This is what sets him apart from other personal trainers, who take more of a cookie-cutter approach to their work.

If you are interested in learning more about Kozma, please feel free to contact us for more information. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

Westwood Personal Trainer: Tips To Fight Off That College Freshman 15

personal trainer Westwood - Travis before and after
Travis before and after

Whether freshman 15 is a myth or not can solely depend on the individual. And if you lead a healthy college life, then gaining 15 pounds during your first year will only be a figment of your imagination. However, it will be an adjustment period for all freshman students, health-wise.
So, consider keeping these tips in mind when you find yourself beginning to weave off that healthy path:

Healthy Foods

Having a meal plan can make things harder when you have so many unhealthy food choices especially on a hungry stomach. So if you decide to go for the pizza slice, then make sure you pile up on the greens like a salad. Instead of stopping at the cafeteria for your daily greasy breakfast meals, try to keep fruits like apples, veggies like carrots and celery sticks, peanut butter, hummus, yogurts, hard-boiled eggs, bread, and bagels in your room. Late nights and stress can also lead to binge eating. So choosing these instead will keep you a lot healthier. These are all easy on-the-go choices, too. But if you have ample prepping time in the morning, why not try making a green smoothie? Green smoothies are packed with healthy nutrients that will keep you energized until lunch time.

Check out this easy recipe that you can make with only a few ingredients added to your blender:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 serving of peanut butter or almond butter
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries or strawberries
  • handful of spinach
  • 8 ounces of liquid; your choice of water or milk: almond, soy, or cow
  • several ice cubes

Now you are setting off your day on the right foot.

Healthy Exercises

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Your body needs to be in motion in order to stay healthy. You may have tried simple exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, and weights in your room but that can become boring after a while. Consider changing things up by working with a personal trainer. As a college student, you are busy with your studies, your social life, and catching up on your sleep. Switching gears to work with a personal trainer on a weekly basis will keep things more interesting and fun. With a variety of exercise equipment and proper guidance from a trained professional, you will feel more refreshed after a long week battling with your exhausted body and mind. Your body will thank you for it!

To find out more about preventing freshman 15 or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We provide personal training at our gym conveniently located in Brentwood on Wilshire Boulevard and in West Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Finding the Right Westwood Personal Trainer

personal trainer in Westwood - Morgan

Westwood Personal Trainer Morgan is an NASM certified personal trainer with over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. He specializes in a wide variety of training styles including weight loss, bodybuilding, functional training, core strengthening, and plyometric / reactive exercises. Morgan has also been trained under master trainer Jason Kozma in High Performance Personal Training techniques. He is also a licensed massage therapist. He will work with you to design an individual fitness program to suit your needs. He is available for both private in-home training and at several gyms throughout West Los Angeles including Brentwood, Westwood and Santa Monica.

Personal Trainer Westwood - client UCLA alum Cassie

To Jason…. a muscle genius:
You’ve gotten me into the best shape of my life. Not only am I buff as hell but I feel AWESOME!…. thanks to you. These past few weeks off from training with you have been a pain because I’ve actually missed working out. I can’t wait to start training with you again and this time I will be recruiting some of my sorority friends!
keep up the good work!!!

Sample before and after photos

Personal Trainer Westwood - cassieba smaller
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
before and after of personal trainer Los Angeles client
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  • To start functional training, weight loss or bodybuilding training with High Performance Personal Trainers in Westwood, Brentwood or Santa Monica, contact us.
  • Jason’s gym is located in Santa Monica, conveniently adjacent and easily accessible for residents of Westwood.
  • Many UCLA students and faculty train with us at the Santa Monica gym on 3rd Street Promenade and find the location quite convenient with free parking right behind in the gym. We have an additional personal training location in West Los Angeles on Santa Monica Blvd just a few blocks east of Bundy.
Jason’s a really great trainer. I do the virtual personal training program because I know form, I just don’t have the knowledge to build my own plan. Jason’s always been very responsive whenever I have questions. He doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter plan; I have a few physical limitations and my gym doesn’t have the widest variety of equipment and he was very understanding and helped find the right exercise substitutions. I found the diet plan really helpful because it’s flexible enough where I can try different foods, but specific enough about how much and when to eat so I actually see results. Be clear with your goals and stick to what he says and you’ll definitely be happy with where you are in just a few months.
Rory Fitzpatrick
Rory Fitzpatrick
Highly recommended his personal training session for body building
Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale
Highly recommended. Responded quickly, worked around my schedule, and provided exceptional service.
Edward Angwin
Edward Angwin
If you’re looking for rapid transformation success Jason Kozma is the best personal trainer available! Very happy with the guidance, accountability, and humor he provided during our training time together. He genuinely cares about getting his clients the best results possible. If you are not in the LA area he also has an excellent online personal training program. Highly recommend.
Darren Maroni
Darren Maroni
I live in Chicago so I used Jason's online personal training. It was a great experience especially for the price. He would monitor my workouts each week and let me know if I should be able to go heavier on an exercise based on everything else I was doing. He'd also review my recorded diet and tell me where to tweak things. He was also good about reminding me to update my weight and progress pics, and he'd adjust the workouts or diet based on that. He was honest about how much weight/muscle I should expect to gain and didn't try to make huge promises just to get business.
Eric Seelbach
Eric Seelbach
So happy to find jason! He connected me with an incredible trainer and provided me with nutrition and support to achieve my goals!
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson
Jason is awesome, very communicative and reliable, and he paired me with Jerry, who is not only a great trainer, but also a fantastic person overall. Great training and great results!
Masha S
Masha S
Jason is the best personal trainer. He knows exactly how to increase muscle and strength. I’ve built up muscle so rapidly due to his program. He truly keeps you motivated and continuously pushes you to give all your absolute effort. I highly recommend!
Nathan Akhtarzad
Nathan Akhtarzad
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