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Men! Do you want to:

  • Drop 10+lbs just 4 weeks?
  • Get ripped in 8 weeks?
  • Get down to 5 percent body fat in 16 weeks?
  • Create a whole new physique in less than a year?

Women! Do you want to:

  • Get into skinny jeans in 4 weeks?
  • Regain a pre-baby body in 6 weeks?
  • Get bikini-ready in 8 weeks?
Mr. America Jason Kozma
The Boss: Mr. America Jason Kozma

Jason Kozma and his High Performance Personal Trainer Team can teach you a completely new lifestyle to create and maintain the amazing results that you accomplish under their training program.

If you don’t believe that Mr. America Jason Kozma can help you achieve this, check out the results posted by a few of his clients here and below on this page.

By appointment only.

Hollywood Celebrity Personal Trainer

personal trainer Hollywood CA
Hollywood Personal Trainer | Frank

Frank Vassil is a world-famous celebrity personal trainer in Hollywood California. High Performance Team Trainer Frank trains clients from all walks of life including athletes, competitors, executives, homemakers, just as long as they want results. Frank will help you create new fitness oriented lifestyle that supports your long-term and short term fitness goals. His training is challenging and constantly varied workouts. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, Frank’s many bodybuilding championship titles include Teenage Mr. America, Mr. California, Mr. USA and Mr. Universe. Frank is down to earth, fun the train with and very genuine in his demeanor. Frank’s clients stay with him long term, so if you do manage to secure a spot in his schedule you’re on the inside track to success!

Personal Trainer Hollywood CA Frank and client Fabio

Frank trains clients of all types. From Hollywood celebrities, to competitive bodybuilders, physique competitors and the like, runway and fitness models, executive, students and homemakers. Frank Vassil emphasizes traditional weight training techniques that produce radical results in the shortest amount of time. You’ll get get more toned and shapely, more fit and healthy, feel great and look great in no time!

Frank Vassil is certified by the International Sports Science Association. He is an honorary inductee and sits on the advisory board for NABBA USA Fitness. Vassil is also featured in Mens Health, Elle Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, and other magazines. His television appearances include ESPN Sports, The Joan Rivers Show and The Roseanne Show among many others.

Frank is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals and will sculpt your body to it’s fullest potential. Other trainers may waste your time and money so don’t train with a lesser trainer. Sign up for training with Frank and see for yourself!

Hollywood Celebrity Personal Trainer


“I have trained with some of the best known personal trainers in the world. For the past three years, my trainer of choice has been Frank Vassil. With Frank as my trainer, I get the results I am looking for. Frank brings an unbeatable combination of skills and motivation to my workouts. My training sessions are always a positive and enjoyable experience.”

More Client Testimonials

Hollywood Personal Trainer client Claudia

“I had been running and hiking for years, yet I still lacked the core strength and strong legs that I always wanted. I always knew the importance of weight training, but I was scared of getting that “bulked up” look.Also, as a physical therapist, I was skeptical of some of the people claiming to be trainers-I wanted to work with someone who had the knowledge and experience of proper weight training and anatomy….Frank turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and within a few months I could feel the difference in my strength and tone- but without the bulkiness that women often worry about.

And most importantly, he helped me get camera-ready for my revealing wedding dress!”

Thanks Frank! -Claudia Zaniolo, MPT


“I couldn’t recommend a PERSONAL TRAINER more highly than FRANK VASSIL. Former Teenage Mr. America, USA National Champion, USA Jr. National Champion and NABBA Mr. Universe, Frank has 20 years of training experience as well as strength and bodybuilding training. I have trained with some of the best and I can honestly say that Frank has helped me to get in touch with my body more than any other personal trainer and the results have been most satisfying—definitely worth the personal investment.”
Michael Locke: 1st runner up
Gold’s Gym Challenge
Editor, The Silver Lake News

bodybuilding Tom Platz endorsement

Tom Platz: of the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Committee endorses Frank Vassil

Hollywood personal training client John

Jason: I meant to get back to you sooner and say thanks. I took your recommendation and started working with Frank Vassil last September. I still work with Frank 2 or 3 times a week, usually as a client but sometimes as a workout partner. He has helped me to achieve development beyond what I thought I could. I’ve gone from a somewhat slack and sloppy 182 lbs and about 18 pct. body fat to about 218 lbs and about 14 pct body fat. Everyone who’s seen me thinks the results are amazing. Better than I expected at my age (I’m 42). Anyway thanks again. It’s been much appreciated!
John 2004

Jason: I really have to thank you again for your recommendation of a trainer in my area. You had referred me to Frank Vassil Back in September of 2003. I had contacted you a two years later to let you know Frank had done an amazing job of taking a flabby 44 year old of 182lbs and 18%body fat to a buff 218lbs and 14% body fat in a couple of years. Wanted to let you know that I still train with Frank and have continued to make gains. In addition, I recently suffered a spinal injury which has caused me to modify but not terminate my training. I would be unable to do so without Frank’s help: My doctor told me that along with regular physical therapy that the smartest move I’ve made is to continue working with a trainer. With Frank working in conjunction with my doctor and therapist, I’ve been able to continue making gains without injury to myself. This would not be possible without the guidance provided by you and Thanks again for guiding me to Frank.
John 2006

personal training Hollywood client

Before I started working with Frank Vassil I worked with other trainers. They all helped a little. Their intentions were there, however I was not able to achieve my goals – always taking such a long time to see ANY results I would quit frustrated.
From the moment I started working with Frank everything changed. Not only did I achieve the goals I set for myself (and in record time), but I was able to go beyond those goals and now I have a whole new set of things I wish to accomplish.
Frank has given me the confidence to achieve things I didn’t think I could (and not just in weight training). With his help not only did I lose 30 pounds, but I also turned what was left into muscle. Frank didn’t try to make me into a body builder, he asked what I wanted to achieve (a swimmers physique) and proceeded to assist me with EXACTLY that which I had asked for. I would recommend Frank to anyone who wants the body of their dreams. Thanks to Frank I have quickly seen the progress that has made me want to achieve greater heights. Thank you Frank, I couldn’t have asked for more.
Adam 2006

Weight has always been a bit of an issue for me and I’ve tried dieting and working out before but nothing seemed to keep the pounds off and in just 8 weeks after working with Jason on diet and with Frank in the gym I was able to drop 3 dress sizes and drop close to 13% body fat and drop 17 pounds.

Best advice…… Just do everything Jason and Frank tell you to do and you will see the results and have the body that you’ve always wanted.

Thanks again, Kristina P.

As a 16 year client of Frank’s, I am allowed to state that he is the best. Lose weight, tone your body, gain muscles, or recover from an injury – go to him right away. He, I think, makes each and every client feel good about themselves and proud that they have committed themselves to working out. Maryann

Since I moved to Los Angeles from NYC I was having a hard time finding the time to fit in my hectic schedule a personal trainer. I was so un-motivated and lazy at the same time. My boyfriend is a very athletic and very active at the weights. When i approached my boyfriend to do a join couple one on one personal training he was a little uncertain about the whole , but later i was able to convince him. After several online research I found High Performance Personal Training and immediately started session with Frank. At first I had to explain to him that I just had surgery from my breast and it had only been 4 weeks, so I needed gentle to mild training for my first couple of weeks of trainings, but to feel free with the hard core session with my boyfriend. Frank was very nice and accommodating to both of our schedule always easy to reach and on time. My boyfriend started to see result right after the 2nd week. And as for me I even thought I was not doing too much weight due to my medical condition i was able to see a big improvement on my upper body and more tone muscle. I highly recommend Frank is so friendly (a real sweetheart), highly motivated, dedicated, super knowledgeable about health and fitness, he is one of the best and most reliable trainer in LA, he really cares about making changes to your body and also helping you achieve your goals. He not only teach you how to build your dream body., but he also teach you at the same time on how to keep those result for the rest of your life. Too bad my boyfriend was involved in a motorcycle accident and he had to suspend the training due to the accident, but as soon he gets better we will be back with Frank.

– Miss ya Frankie!!
Sincerely, Daisy & Brandon Los Angeles, CA

private trainer Hollywood client before and after
CJD before and after: lost 85lbs!

As you can see, working with Frank has made a world of difference in my life. He has helped me become a healthier, more confident person. Before I started working out with Frank, I weight 230 lbs and was a size 16. After months of hard work, he was able to help me get down to 145 lbs and a size 8. Thanks for everything, Frank.. I am meeting my goals because of you!”

I met Frank Vassil nearly twenty years ago. We were both bodybuilders and I was a judge for the NPC (national physique committee) Since that time I have had the pleasure of watching Frank grow in many ways. His commitment to honesty and integrity in life, along with his unique skills and abilities in the gym, make him a trainer that is a cut-above. For years people would ask me “what makes a good trainer?” And I would tell them the two most important qualities to look for are caring and knowledge. Frank has both. It is my pleasure to endorse him as a friend, a former colleague, and a fan for life.

Glenn Berkenkamp

Beginning body weight 183.6 with 11.3% body fat, ending body weight 190 pounds with a decrease in body fat to 7.9%. Total weight gain 7 pounds, body fat loss 3.4%. Inches added to his legs 2 and a quarter inches. Shoulders 1 and a quarter inch and added 1 inch to his chest. He increased a 1/2 inch to his arms. Marcus’ primary goal was to build his back and his legs.”In just 8 weeks, Frank was able to add 7 lbs of solid muscle to my frame as well as significantly improve my weak points, which I had been trying to improve for years. Throughout this time, I was actually able to decrease my body fat percentage. Not only did he take my physique to another level but he was able to provide me with the knowledge and foundation so that I could continue to progress. What makes Frank different from any other trainer is that he knows the little things that sure enough add up and are vital for one seeking to achieve their fitness goals. However, his great attitude and his willingness to help one succeed is why I continue to train with him.”

Marcus before
Marcus after
Emily before and after

“In just 8 weeks I was able to put on muscle to my thin frame. My whole objective was to put on muscle without gaining body fat. Through Jason’s diet and guidance and with Frank taking care of the training aspects of the program I was able to achieve my goals during the 8 week program. Could not have done it without you guys!”

bodybuilding Bob Gruskin NABBA USA endorsement

Internationally Recognized Physique Expert Bob Gruskin, President of NABBA-USA Physique Committee has this to say about Frank:

“I have known Frank for almost 20 years during which time he has demonstrated a unique understanding of the human body and its development potential. I highly recommend him as a uniquely-gifted personal trainer. A lot of trainers may waste your time and money; with Frank you can expect to see the results you are looking for.”

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