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Looking for the best personal trainer in Hollywood CA ? (not FL, that’s really far away) Located in the western part of Hollywood, California, and the Hollywood Hills our team of Hollywood personal trainers are ready to transform your body in as little as 8 weeks.

No gimmicks, no fads.  Just personal attention, customized workouts and a nutrition plan filled with healthy, well-balanced foods to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to reduce body fat, gain muscle definition, tone those problem areas or just get back into shape after being a little too sedentary, our team of the best certified personal trainers in Hollywood Hills and flats work with you to optimize your health and transform your body. You’ll look and feel great.

personal trainers in Hollywood California
From left: David, Tasha, Kevin

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about personal training? Have you always wondered how great you’d look and feel if you had your own personal trainer? Are you concerned that personal training might be too difficult if you’re not already in shape? Have you been afraid of committing to a health and fitness routine? Have you tried working out with a personal trainer in the past and it just didn’t work for you? Well, there’s a reason you landed on this page and the reason is that you’re curious about personal training and how it can benefit you. We’re here to help demystify the benefits and advantages of personal training as the best way to get into shape, boost your metabolism and feel fitter and healthier than ever.

Hollywood Hills, CA personal trainers

Our top flight Hollywood personal trainers are part of the High Performance Personal Training team, lead by former Mr. America, Jason Kozma. Every one of our trainers is a certified personal trainer, most are also certified in nutrition as well as many other modalities of exercise and physical therapy. We are all united in one goal, which is to get you into the best shape of your life. Most clients start seeing results within 2 weeks. By week 8, you’ll see an amazing transformation. We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting exercise and nutrition strategies which gets rapid results in a healthy, comprehensive way. We don’t use tricks or gimmicks, we don’t use fad dieting or starvation tactics. We create a personalized workout to help you meet your fitness goals and develop a personalized nutrition program using only real, whole foods to rev up your metabolism and keep your body feeling nourished.

It seems like every month there’s a new workout craze or diet fad designed to get you excited about the prospect of losing weight and getting into shape without any effort. I think we can safely say that’s not realistic. Trends come and go, but time and again, it’s a proven fact that the best way to get fit, tone your body and increase your metabolism is through weight training, cardio and nutrition. Added bonus, weight training, aside from building lean muscle and increasing metabolism, helps keep your bones strong which is good news for people of all ages. When you workout with our carefully selected personal trainers you’ll see why our client testimonials and before and after results speak for themselves.

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Personal Training Programs

Our personal training programs don’t just begin and end with the gym, we can provide private, in-home or on-location personal training, nutrition and yoga programs as well as our on-line personal training, which allows you to train with many of our amazing trainers no matter where you are in the world. We’re able to keep you on track with your workouts and nutrition goals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never miss a work out, even if there’s no gym in sight. Now you have no excuse for not exercising.

When it comes to your health and fitness objectives, no two people are exactly alike nor should their workouts or nutrition plans be the same. We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to your requirements because you deserve our undivided attention, support and motivation. However, we do have several different types of programs designed to quickly help you reach your goals.

Some of our most popular programs include:

  • 8 Weeks to a New Body: Our most popular program which will help you lose up to 20 pounds of fat, tone all major muscle groups, maximize metabolism and get you well on your way to a sleek new physique. (Men and Women)
  • Bikini Body Ready: Vacation, special occasion or reunion coming up? This program helps you get your body back into shape, shed excess fat and look great in, or out of, clothes. (Women)
  • Get Ripped in 12 Weeks: Just getting back into the gym for the first time in months or years? Want to look great and finally reveal the six pack abs you always knew you had? This program helps you drop body fat, build muscle definition and strength. (Men, mostly)
  • Post-pregnancy Shape Up: Pregnancy can take a huge toll mentally and physically. This program is designed to help you shed excess pregnancy weight, tone the abdominal area as well as everywhere else and help release endorphins to banish any baby blues that may have snuck up on you. (Women)
  • Sports Performance Enhancement: With clients like Marshall Faulk, Hideo Nomo, NCAA stars and international athletes, this program is designed to help you reach peak performance, no matter which sport. Carefully targeted workouts pinpoint areas which need the most support, whether it’s building fast twitch or slow twitch muscles or building up stamina and speed, our trainers cover all the bases. (Men and Women)
  • Bodybuilding, Fitness and Physique Competitors: For clients looking to take their bodies to the next level, our Bodybuilding, Fitness and Physique personal training and nutrition programs are second to none! It’s no surprise that Mr. America, Jason Kozma, and many of our other trainers are bodybuilding, fitness and physique champions. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, and so can YOU! (Men and Women)
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program: For those concerned with age-related or health-related issues, this program focuses on anti-inflammatory, anti-aging nutrition and weight control. Building lean muscle, strengthening bone density and joint mobility, increasing flexibility and slow, steady weight loss. Our trainers work with you to support a healthy lifestyle and sustained immunity and longevity.

These are just a few of our transformational programs designed to get you into shape and help you feel healthy and strong.

Metabolism Building Nutrition

Top Los Angeles personal trainer and Mr. America Jason Kozma himself works with you, no matter what your goals, to create nutrition plans using real, whole foods designed to boost your metabolism, balance your body-fat levels, increase your intake of lean protein, balance carbs, vegetables and fruit to keep you feeling satisfied, never hungry.

By eating smaller meals throughout the day, you’ll feel satiated without feeling bloated by starchy carbs or salty snacks. We help you track your food intake, monitor your body-fat percentages against your goals and adjust your meal plans accordingly, to ensure you stay on track to meet your objectives. We don’t obsess over your weight and neither should you.

Many of our programs are designed to help you shed fat while building muscle and you’ll see the results in the mirror and in the way your clothing fits. The numbers on the scale will move in the right direction as your body transforms. You’ll be amazed at the results when you combine the precise nutrition and workouts your body needs to reach its optimal fitness and health. We create a customized meal plan targeted to your goals.

The most effective, healthiest way to achieving your optimal weight and bodyfat percentage is through a careful combination of strength training, cardio and nutrition.

Hollywood Celebrity Personal Trainers

venice personal trainer

David is a top personal trainer in Hollywood California.  David trains clients from all walks of life including athletes, competitors, executives, homemakers, just as long as they want results. David will help you create new fitness oriented lifestyle that supports your long-term and short term fitness goals. His training is challenging and constantly varied workouts.

With over 25 years in the fitness industry, David’s many bodybuilding championship titles include the NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding Championships (winning both master’s and open classes), The NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships in both 2003 as a heavyweight and 2006 as a super heavyweight, The 2004 NPC North Carolina Bodybuilding Championships, The 1994 NPC Tournament of Champions as well as first runner up in the IFBB North American Championships.  Like Jason Kozma, David started competing on bodybuilding as a teenager featuring a top 4 appearance at the AAU Teen Mr. USA.

Most recently after a 10 year hiatus from competition and double hip replacement surgery, David came back to win the overall at the 2018 NPC Muscle Contest Challenge!

bodybuilding coach near you

David emphasizes traditional weight training techniques that produce radical results in the shortest amount of time.  You’ll get get more toned and shapely, more fit and healthy, feel great and look great in no time!

David is down to earth, fun the train with and very genuine in his demeanor.

David’s clients stay with him long term, so if you do manage to secure a spot in his schedule you’re on the inside track to success!

David is certified by PROPTA Personal trainer certification, the official personal trainer certification of the IFBB and NPC.  David has also been featured in Mens Health, Elle Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag, Flex, and other bodybuilding magazines and websites.

David has volunteered as a strength coach for the Special Olympics.  David was also nationally recognized in the media for helping his client with cerebral palsy Stevie Zee to compete in a physique contest.

David is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals and will sculpt your body to its fullest potential.  Other trainers may waste your time and money so don’t train with a lesser trainer.  Sign up for training with David and see for yourself!

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More High Performance Team Trainers
personal trainer in Hollywood California

Hollywood Personal Trainer Tasha

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Vinyasa Yoga instructor Tasha brings a holistic approach to personal training and fitness. She enjoys incorporating assisted stretching to her workouts, to help ensure her clients maintain flexibility along with building lean muscle and boosting metabolism. Tasha has trained numerous celebrities and athletes as well as clients with everyday health and fitness goals. She provides in-home personal training and yoga as well as on location services or at her gym.

Hollywood Personal Trainer

Hollywood Personal Trainer Matt

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Matt has been an active and competitive long distance runner and marathoner through his college career. He became interested in bodybuilding and weight training soon after he stopped running competitively and has become a nationally ranked physique competitor. Matt’s knowledge of nutrition, supplements, medicine and health is astonishing. His passion for perfection inspires his clients to get in shape and stay motivated.

West Hollywood Personal TrainerHollywood Personal Trainer Kevin

As a a former competitive cyclist, Kevin was inspired build muscle mass to fill out his frame.  His passion for the transformative powers of weight training lead him to become a certified personal trainer to help his clients achieve peak performance and optimal health. He specializes in body sculpting and strength training. He has also created a golf-specific program designed to maximize performance on the golf course and improve swing movement and mobility. He has transformed hundreds of people into healthy, fit, satisfied clients and wants you to be his next success story.

Mr. America Jason Kozma
The Boss: Mr. America Jason Kozma

Jason Kozma and his Hollywood Personal Trainers can teach you a completely new lifestyle to create and maintain the amazing results that you accomplish under their training program.

If you don’t believe that Mr. America Jason Kozma can help you achieve this, check out the results posted by a few of his clients here and below on this page.

By appointment only.

Best Personal Training Results in Hollywood CA 90068 90027

More Client Testimonials

Hollywood Personal Trainer client Claudia

“I had been running and hiking for years, yet I still lacked the core strength and strong legs that I always wanted. I always knew the importance of weight training, but I was scared of getting that “bulked up” look.

Also, as a physical therapist, I was skeptical of some of the people claiming to be trainers – I wanted to work with someone who had the knowledge and experience of proper weight training and anatomy….I got exactly what I wanted, and within a few months I could feel the difference in my strength and tone- but without the bulkiness that women often worry about.

And most importantly, he helped me get camera-ready for my revealing wedding dress!”

Thanks – Claudia, MPT

female body transformation results

“I have trained with some of the best and I can honestly say that David has helped me to get in touch with my body more than any other personal trainer and the results have been most satisfying—definitely worth the personal investment.”


Hollywood personal training client John

I’ve gone from a somewhat slack and sloppy 182 lbs and about 18 pct. body fat to about 218 lbs and about 14 pct body fat. Everyone who’s seen me thinks the results are amazing. Better than I expected at my age (I’m 42). Anyway thanks again. It’s been much appreciated!


personal training Hollywood client

Adam’s muscle building results

I’ve tried dieting and working out before but nothing seemed to keep the pounds off and in just 8 weeks after working with Jason on diet and with my trainer in the gym I was able to drop 3 dress sizes and drop close to 13% body fat and drop 17 pounds.

Best advice…… Just do everything Jason tells you to do and you will see the results and have the body that you’ve always wanted.

Thanks again, Kristina P.

As a long term client of David’s, I am allowed to state that he is the best. Lose weight, tone your body, gain muscles, or recover from an injury – go to him right away. He, I think, makes each and every client feel good about themselves and proud that they have committed themselves to working out.


private trainer Hollywood
CJD before and after: lost 85lbs!

CJD went from 230 lbs and size 16 to 145 lbs and size 8!

“As you can see, the program has made a world of difference in my life. He has helped me become a healthier, more confident person. Before I started, I weight 230 lbs and was a size 16.  After months of hard work, I was able to get down to 145 lbs and a size 8.

Thanks for everything… I am meeting my goals because of you!”

personal training Hollywood
Marcus before
7 percent bodyfat
Marcus after

Beginning body weight 183.6 with 11.3% body fat

Ending body weight 190 pounds with a decrease in body fat to 7.9%.

Total weight gain 7 pounds, body fat loss 3.4%.

Inches added to his legs 2 and a quarter inches.

Shoulders 1 and a quarter inch and added 1 inch to his chest.

He increased a 1/2 inch to his arms.

Marcus’ primary goal was to build his back and his legs.

“In just 8 weeks, we were able to add 7 lbs of lean muscle to my physique as well as noticeably improve my lagging bodyparts, which were stubbornly no responding to my targeted training efforts for years. Throughout this time, I was actually able to decrease my body fat percentage.

Not only did he take my physique to another level but he was able to teach me the foundational knowledge I needed so that I could continue to progress training on my own.

What makes you guys different and better than any other personal trainers is that you know those expert pointers and “pro tips” that add up and are essential for one seeking to achieve their next-level fitness goals.  Their great attitude, commitment and willingness to help you succeed is the best.”

Marcus, medical student

female build muscle
Emily before and after

“In just 8 weeks I was able to put on muscle to my thin frame. My whole objective was to put on muscle without gaining body fat. Through Jason’s diet program and guidance and the personal training sessions I was able to achieve my goals during the 8 week program.  Could not have done it without you guys!”


“I have known David for over 10 years during which time he has demonstrated a unique understanding of the human body and its development potential. I highly recommend him as a uniquely-gifted personal trainer. A lot of trainers may waste your time and money; with David you can expect to see the results you are looking for.”

Hollywood Personal Trainer Reveals 3 Secrets To Great Abs

Looking for a lean, toned stomach? As a personal trainer, this is what most new clients ask me for. This is considered as the ultimate goal in most fitness plans but this so hard to do for most people no matter how much they exercise. You may have tried doing tons of abdominal exercises and given up and I wouldn’t blame you for doing this. You have to forget about just doing crunches because this alone won’t give you rock hard abdominals.

The idea that crunches alone can give you rock hard abdominals is a myth as this will never work for you. If you try to spot reduce with exercise alone this simply won’t work for fat loss and a ripped stomach. Spot reducing simply doesn’t work. You can only get a reduction in fat with clean eating, resistance training, and fat burning cardio. Anyone can do this even if you haven’t exercised before.

You may already have an exercise routine but this may not be working for you. To burn fat you need a good challenging resistance training as well as intense cardiovascular training. You can’t spend a few minutes on a treadmill or an elliptical trainer to burn fat from your body as this doesn’t challenge your access your stored body fat. You need a smart workout plan designed by a professional Los Angeles personal trainer to help you burn fat form your body and maximize the time you spend working out.

redondo beach sand dune runningGreat Abs Tip #1: Cardio

You need intense cardio to burn the fat from covering your abs. The main thing you need to do is push yourself almost every day to do cardio regardless of how boring it is. Each time you do a cardio workout it will burn a certain amount of fat. You need to consistenly put these workout days in a row.

killer exercisesGreat Abs Tip #2: Weights

You also have to have resistance training to burn fat. You want to work your major muscle groups. I prefer a split routine over whole body routines as they promote more shape in the muscles. This type of exercise increases your metabolism. As far as intensity goes, you should train at or near your limit to force your body to to build muscle. Muscle burns fat. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be and you will burn fat more easily.

healthy mealGreat Abs Tip #3: Diet

Your diet is also another key factor that will help you lose weight, fat and get your abdominals to show. If you don’t have an effective diet plan you won’t burn fat, or burn muscle instead of fat, which isn’t good. Get a professionally designed nutritional program with monitoring and updates. As your metabolism changes, you’ll need to adjust your diet to continue to be effective.

You want to make sure you eat the right number of calories each day. If you eat too much this will be stored as fat. If you don’t eat enough your body will slow down the metabolism and you won’t lose as much fat as you should. You want to record what you eat each day and evaluate the numbers. I and my Hollywood personal trainers can help you create the right eating plan for your needs.

You must give up junk food and the sugar in your diet. You will find sugar in soft drinks, cakes, cookies, blended coffee drinks, packaged foods and many other products. Another thing you want to avoid is processed fat. In general, you must avoid all junk food in the diet if you want to have a storing, powerful midsection.

hanna at bikini contest

You do have to exercise your abdominals of course but it’s more a combination of diet and exercise that will reduce fat in this area not a lot of crunches. All you need to do is commit yourself to exercise and you can lose weight now, in time for the holidays if you really want to.

My fat blasting workout will help you lose weight now so the fat just falls off of your body. You’ll get definition and shape and great results. You can email or call me today for a consultation and I will help you reach your weight loss goals.

These changes won’t happen overnight but if you make a solid commitment to lose weight and get great abdominals then you can do this. You may have some setbacks but you should never give up. You can get in awesome shape if you put your mind to it so contact us today.

Hollywood Hills Personal Training

15 body fat female
16 weeks get ripped
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