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Santa Monica Personal Trainer Guru Jason Kozma has over twenty years experience in bodyshaping and fat loss techniques. Jason’s High Performance Trainers are an elite group of Los Angeles Personal Trainers that Jason has recruited and taught his ground-breaking training methods.

Jason and his Santa Monica Personal Training crew can be considered artists, sculpting bodies out of flab. Any client of Jason’s who is 100% dedicated can look forward to being rewarded with amazing results. His plan can’t be packaged into boxes and bought off the shelf, but rather personalized specifically for each client.

Like a fine tailor, Jason customizes training programs and nutrition plans, made to order for each problem area. This program is completely results oriented designed to shed fat, tone, while teaching the client to maintain the completed sculpture after it’s done. Weights are combined with nutrition and cardio specialized to chisel your unique problem areas.

Santa Monica Personal Trainers

High Performance Personal Trainers have at least ten years of personal training experience and can make anyone reach their fitness goals. Over the years, Jason and his team have designed and implemented nutritional and exercise programs for clients with various capabilities and limitations. They have worked with people of all ages, from the elderly to high school and collegiate athletes.

Professional Personal Trainer Santa Monica, CA

Jason himself has won several prestigious bodybuilding competitions including victories at Mr. America and Mr. Muscle Beach. You can read more about Jason here and his High Performance Team here. Don’t worry, Jason and his team realize that most clients are not trying to look like bodybuilders. Jason first started bodybuilding to gain size and strength at the age of 12. He has been involved in health and fitness ever since and has been very successful at making a living out of his passion.

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Many Americans need to lose weight, but that is easier said than done.  For many people, implementing a diet and exercise regimen that can aid weight loss is difficult to do alone. With no one there to encourage you and keep you honest, it is easy to get discouraged, give up or become frustrated.  That is why many people choose to work with a personal trainer when they want to lose weight.

Having someone there to hold you accountable, encourage and support you and show you the tried-and-true ways to achieve the physique you want works much better than going it alone.

Personal Trainer Jason Kozma Helps Santa Monica Clients Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Kozma has spent more than 20 years in Los Angeles working exclusively as a personal trainer. In fact, the entire reason he moved to L.A. is because he knew that, at that time, it was the only market in the country where one could be a full-time personal trainer.

Along the way, Kozma has won Mr. America and Mr. Muscle Beach titles. But more importantly — both for him and for you — he has assisted hundreds of clients and helped them become happy with their bodies and fitness abilities.

Helping clients with weight loss is one of Kozma’s specialties. He has assisted actors with rapid weight loss for movie roles. He also works with female clients to help them slim down without adding bulk.

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Santa Monica Personal Trainer

Why you need a top personal trainer

Now, you may think you are able to diet and workout perfectly fine without the additional help of a personal trainer. However, everyone can benefit greatly from the advice of a qualified personal trainer. One needs not look much further than their favorite television show or movie to see the benefits a personal trainer can provide. Not only do our Santa Monica personal trainers know the most effective ways of transforming a person’s body, but they know how while taking the large variation of body types into consideration. The reason why this is important is because not everyone has the same type of body and trying to apply a blanket workout or diet routine to all body types will not provide the desired results for each client.

What’s more, having a personal trainer poses a potential benefit that simply cannot be found elsewhere and that’s accountability. When you know that you are paying for and going to be seeing their personal trainer again later in the week and that their personal trainer will call them out on their shortcomings, they are much more likely to actually follow through with their prescribed diet and workout routine than if they have no one to answer to.

If you are tired of looking in the mirror, only to be met with countless layers of frustration then now is the time to do something about it. Now is the time for you to look forward to taking your shirt off and not dread it. Contact us now if you want the best Santa Monica personal trainer to help you get there.

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential

With Jason Kozma’s Santa Monica Personal Trainers

If you are ready to make a lasting change to your body, it’s time you contacted a Santa Monica personal trainer. Jason Kozma’s High Performance training concept is a tried and true method of getting the results you want fast. In fact, 100% of his clients have lost weight and improved their overall health and wellness.

Santa Monica Personal Trainer Brandon demonstrates a Turkish get-up with a 100 lb dumbbell!

The High Performance Program was designed by Mr. America, Jason Kozma. It is a unique overall conditioning program which integrates targeted (not indiscriminate like most “trainers”) resistance training, cardio training, and a custom designed personal nutrition plan which promises dramatic results.

Many of us tend to become complacent when it comes to working out. After time, when we don’t get the results we are after, we often give up and forgo our regimen. Jason’s program is specifically tailored to each individual’s unique needs; enhancing your experience and keeping you motivated. The High Performance Program is customized by Jason’s experienced trainers in order to keep you moving and kick your results into high gear.

Jason’s program works for everyone. The versatility of the High Performance Program enables the seasoned trainee or the first timer a chance to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve overall health. In fact on average an individual can lose approximately 20lbs in 8 weeks.

It’s not just a workout regimen; the High Performance Program is designed for overall wellness. Besides weight loss (or gain depending on your personal needs), you can expect improved cardiovascular health, improved strength and stamina, a better self-image, as well as an overall enhanced mood.

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So start working out with the best trainers on the west coast. We invite you to contact us today and take the first step toward your total body transformation with one of our Santa Monica personal trainers.  We also have personal trainers in Venice, personal trainers in Marina del Rey, personal trainers in Brentwood and personal trainers in Los Angeles.

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We are independent trainers who operate out of several Los Angeles private gyms.
Please call or text (424) 235-0284 for a consultation and appointment, no walk-ins please.

Whether your interest is to lose body fat, improve shape or appearance, increase strength and endurance, boost energy or improve sports skills- Jason is focused on helping you achieve maximum results in the least amount of time.

Jason’s Santa Monica Personal Trainers can provide exclusive private training to you at our Santa Monica gym or in your home.

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