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  • Do you want a positive lifestyle change?
  • Have you been working out but gotten the results you wanted?
  • Then why not consult a professional?

Personal Trainer West HollywoodBuild a powerful physique with your very own personal trainer in West Hollywood. Kevin is one of Jason’s Elite High Performance Trainers. Kevin is one of Jason’s Premier trainers having been schooled intensively by Jason for years.

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in fitness with extensive knowledge in multiple training techniques. Kevin’s background includes competitive cycling, golf and golf-specific training as well as bodysculpting and strength training.

Kevin is our top personal trainer with over twenty years of physical fitness experience using a variety of advanced training methods to help clients reach their goals.

Below are a few reasons why you need a personal trainer .

  • Start Now. Most of the time, getting started is just so difficult. How many times have you backed out just because you don’t have that push? If you have Kevin as your personal trainer, you will have that push and support needed. He can help you get started now!
  • Success Rate. Having Kevin as your personal trainer increases your ability to achieve your desired goal whether it is body building, fat loss, overall conditioning or improved health and longevity. Kevin will develop a program depending on your needs and goal and make sure that you stick to it.
  • Safety. Having a professional guide you will prevent you from suffering any accidents due to improper exercise choices or techniques. Strains and overtraining are common in those whom train on their own. You would not want to injure yourself training. Kevin will make sure that you remain safe and healthy while getting the most out of your workouts.
  • Health. Personal training is more of a necessity rather than a luxury, especially when you want to improve your muscularity.

Meet West Hollywood Personal Trainer Kevin

Personal Trainer In West Hollywood CAKevin has over 20 years of fitness and exercise experience. During that time, he’s gained valuable exposure to a wide variety of personal training techniques. As a result, his method is a carefully selected blend of tried-and-true tactics from a variety of disciplines. His unique approach combines the best of multiple worlds.

Clients who work with Kevin are availing themselves to the very best of what’s been developed over the past two decades; they don’t have to work with multiple trainers to study multiple disciplines, because Kevin can deliver the best results of many different ways of training.

Kevin is available for gym training for West Hollywood clients. He also does in-home training with clients who live in Hollywood Hills, Trousdale Estates, Crescent Park, Beverly Hills, Park Labrea and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Mr. America Jason KozmaJason Kozma, the founder of High Performance Personal Training, personally hand-picked Kevin to join his team because he recognized Kevin’s dedication, expertise, hard work and — most importantly — strong track record of delivering measurable results for his clients. His choice was a good one; Kevin is now one of Jason’s Elite High Performance Trainers, a recognition that acknowledges his top-notch results and consistently strong performance.

If you’re interested in training with Kevin, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve the health and physique of your dreams.

personal trainer West HollywoodTeam trainer Natasha is available for personal training at a nearby West Hollywood personal training studio. She can provide in home personal training for clients in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the nearby area. Contact for service areas and availability.


Got Results? Start Now!

You want to make sure you are making the most out of your workout time and that means hiring a skilled personal trainer like Kevin, Tasha or one of our other High Performance Personal Trainers. They will provide a smart and effective workout for you that changes as your body changes. You’ll get amazing results quickly and safely. Check out our client before and after photos for examples.

click here to see more client before and after transformations!

3 Easy Steps To Shape Your Body

client Kym

Ready for the red carpet!

Let’s say you have a special, high profile event coming up. This event is sure to have lots of attention on you and cameras ready to capture you at your finest. But what if you’re insecure about the last few pounds you have been meaning to work off? Worry not, we have tips and tricks to help you have a great body for red carpet or other events!

#1 Eat the right things
Cut all fried foods from your diet and replace them with healthy, delicious grilled lean meats. If you’re craving a snack, grab almonds or other lightly salted nuts. They are filled with proteins which tricks your body to feeling more full. Also, don’t cut carbs entirely, but opt for whole grain wheat and pasta.

#2 Don’t Starve Yourself
Cutting your calories by itself is not the way to go. Doing so could make you feel fatigued and irritable. It could also do a number on your face as well. Starving yourself can make your hair look brittle, your skin sallow, and your nails fragile. Overall trying to lose weight via extreme caloric restriction just isn’t healthy or particularly effective.

#3 Hire One Of Jason Kozma’s West Hollywood Personal Trainers

If you live in Hollywood, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, you know that the pressure is on to look your absolute best at all times. In the City of Angels, everyone wants to look like a star. Some get plastic surgery so they look slim, trim, and beautiful (which still requires some type of exercise to continue to look as good as you did right after surgery), others diet constantly and try to stick to a workout routine. If you live in the West Hollywood area of LA, Jason Kozma and his team of experts can get you slim, trim, fit and fierce, so you can look just as good as the stars!

With a West Hollywood personal trainer from our team, you’re sure to achieve whatever fitness goal you’re looking to reach. Jason Kozma offers body transformation fitness, guaranteeing results in just eight weeks! If you’re looking to lose some serious weight, Jason’s Personal Training Program will be perfect for you. If you’re wanting to stay fit and lean, you might want to try Jason’s Private Yoga instruction. Are you an athlete? Jason and his team can train you! Professional Sports Specific Training is the answer for you! Even if you have trouble with sticking to a diet, Jason even can create a custom nutrition program for you that can get you on the right track and keep you feeling great while you get in shape.

Below is an example of one of an upper body exercise you can do at home.

Exercise: Bench Press – With Bands.

This exercise focuses primarily on the chest area but also works your shoulders and triceps.

elastic band bench pressYou will need to secure a band under your bench’s legs nearest to your head. Once you have secured it, grab both handles and lie down on the bench. While holding the handles, extend both arms in front at your shoulders width. Rotate your wrist outward, palm facing away from you. If you have a door anchor, you can affix it to the doorway and perform the exercise standing.

standing elastic band chest press

Slowly bring down the band handles until your elbow forms a 90 degree angle. Then bring the handles up using your pectoral muscles. Keep a very slight bend in your elbows while in the extended position, squeeze your chest, hold for a second, and then lower it. Rinse and repeat.

We have more routines that we would like to share to you. Give us a call or send an email today to set up an appointment with Personal Trainer West Hollywood Kevin so he can help you reach the well-sculpted body you envision.

West Hollywood Personal Trainer Kevin Murphy is available for both in gym training as well as in home personal training in West Hollywood, West Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Hills, Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, Crescent, Oakwood, Parklabrea, Hancock Park and adjacent areas.
triceps pushdownIf you live in LA and want the body to match, contact us today. Jason Kozma is a miracle worker waiting to get you the body you’ve been dreaming of. Train with him in Santa Monica or one of his West Hollywood personal trainers.

Bodybuilding and Physique

Our team includes personal trainers with bodybuilding and physique competition experience for those looking to compete on the highest levels or just train and look like they do.


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