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Let’s get one thing about fitness chains out of the way first. They are definitely cheaper than hiring our Pasadena personal trainer . But does the low cost mean the best value for your dollar? Or do you simply get what you pay for? Consider what happens after you sign up for a chain gym (high end or low end) so you can lose weight. Your initial session with a “staff trainer” introduces you to someone who is barely out of high school. He shows you all the shiny equipment and hands you your personal workout sheet. (It’s actually a preprinted list of exercises, sets and reps with your name on it.) He demonstrates the exercises you have to do but doesn’t have the time to watch you go through your entire workout. After all he has to meet with a few more clients before the hour is up. But you can always consult your personal sheet, which will remain on file.

So you eagerly attack your workout the next day and come regularly for a couple of weeks. You start skipping a day or two since you’re bored with the exercises and have other things to do. In the coming weeks, you end up visiting the gym once or twice a month. You don’t bother canceling your membership because “I’ll go tomorrow” (you never do!).

After a year of this type of “fitness program,” you notice the only thing that’s gotten lighter on you is your wallet.

Our top personal trainer in Pasadena will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals

Compare this with our personal trainers. You have a choice of two experienced specialists. If you’re interested in functional fitness and sports training, you can go to Arun and his private studio. If you’d rather sculpt your body with traditional bodyshaping weight lifting, Alden can help you at his private training studio. (If you’re not ready to display your efforts at a personal training studio, don’t worry. They can come to your home gym for in home personal training – if you have a home gym of course.)

With Jason Kozma’s physical fitness program, you will see results. It doesn’t matter if you need to gain muscle, lose weight or simply get into a shape that is healthy and appealing; he can help you like he has helped professional athletes, celebrities and even the guy or girl next door. His physical fitness program combines all of the essentials to a better body. You’ll perform fat burning cardiovascular exercise, targeted weight training and even a custom designed nutritional regimen that puts your body on track to being the best that it can be.

Pasadena Personal Trainer
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If you’re in Los Angeles and ready to be on your way to the body you’ve always wanted, contact us about our personal training and physical fitness program so we can help you get started.

Ready to start with the best Pasadena personal trainer?

Contact us. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get started on the road to your best body.


Does this sound familiar? This year you told yourself you were going to take your heath and fitness into your own hands. You bought a gym membership for the new year. You told yourself you’ll work out three times a week and you’ve been diligently showing up at 6:30 p.m. You’ve been making an effort, but you’re not seeing the results you expected. The number on the scale hasn’t moved, your clothes fit the same and you’re not feeling any healthier. What are you doing wrong? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people who join a gym quit after just three months because they don’t see the results they expect. Don’t let your gym membership go to waste. This is where personal training makes all of the difference.

Next time you’re at the gym, look around. Pay attention to how many people are actually getting a quality workout. Notice the person who’s reading a book on a treadmill, the person who is chatting or texting on the phone and wandering aimlessly, the person lifting weights so light you wonder if they’re measured in ounces rather than pounds, and the person who appears to be on their first visit to a gym in their entire life. Each person should be congratulated for showing up at the gym, but that’s only the first step. Ask yourself if you’re committed to your workout. What is your plan for the day. Cardio? Weights? Spinning? All of the above? If you want results, you need to commit yourself to serious exercise.

Here are 7 Tips for Fitness Success:
  1. Personal training: is the best way to see results and get in shape. Time and again, it’s a proven fact that the combination of weight training, cardio, diet, sleep and stretching is the best way to optimal health.
  2. Log your workouts: Keep a log of your exercises and track the time, intensity and frequency of your workouts. Don’t think that if you spent an hour walking on a treadmill, you can indulge in an ice cream sundae.
  3. Monitor your eating: What you eat is perhaps the most important component of your workouts. More than 70% of your success depends on your diet. Many people say they eat healthy, but have you tried a food journal? Once you see what you consume daily, you’ll realize what you’re actually eating, at what time of the day and what needs to change.
  4. Change your workout: Do you do the same thing every day? Are you good at the exercises you do? The moment you perfect an exercise, change the resistance, number of reps or weight lifted, or even change the exercise altogether. If you do the same workout all the time, you inevitably hit a plateau and stop seeing any progress.
  5. Fix your form: Where did you learn how to do the exercises you do? Did you look at the picture on the machine? Or did your friend show you? Having a correct form is critical to getting results, especially when it comes to weight lifting. It is best to hire a personal trainer to teach you correct techniques that can achieve results.
  6. Stop weighing yourself: If you are like most people, you are measuring your success by the weight you lose every week. But a better way to assess your fitness progress is by tracking your body composition. Your personal trainer would be able to determine the percentage of your body fat loss and muscle gain. Cholesterol, blood pressure and energy level are other markers of your success.
  7. Commit fully to your fitness routine: Don’t let anything prevent you from doing your workouts or following diet, etc. YOU are in control.

Workout out with me, or one of my High Performance Personal trainers and see what a difference it will make to your health and fitness.

Taking the time to make the most of your workouts work for you will provide the results you’re looking for. Maybe it’s your skinny jeans? Maybe it’s being able to see the outline of your muscles under your tee shirt. Whatever it is, when you make a real effort, you’ll see real results.


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