Personal Trainer Studio City CA

Personal Trainer Studio City CA

High Performance Personal Training Team Trainer Judit in Studio City

Personal Trainer Studio City CA - Judit

Studio City personal trainer Judit has been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for nearly 30 years. Originally from from Hungary, Judit has trained hundreds of clients from all walks of life in Los Angeles. Judit is an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer and CORFIT Certified Trainer (international certificate). Many beginners train with Judit for toning, weight loss, and strength training, while more experienced clients come for advanced training goals such bikini or figure competition training and bodybuilding. Her clients range in age from teenagers through senior citizens — men and women.

Whatever the client’s goals, Judit is skilled at developing a training program customized to meet their individual needs and goals. For clients with pre-existing conditions, such as shoulder issues or a bad back, she designs weight training regimens to accommodate, and even counteract, such problems. Judit challenges her clients to advance within their own levels of capability as they gain strength. She guides her clients with great care and safety, and presents an amazing variety of fitness techniques to keep workouts interesting. Several of Judit’s clients continue with her for many years and are frequently surprised when she introduces new gym activities to keep them challenged.

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Judit back in the day #tbt

Judit’s philosophy is to be truthful in every aspect of her life and work. She points out that fitness is a continuous process, not a quick fix. To create the results most clients seek, Judit advocates consistent development of muscle strength and stability through a whole body weight training regimen which varies over time; proper form; building endurance through cardiovascular exercise; and following a tailored nutrition plan. These are not easy—but are true—answers to physical fitness.

For bodybuilding buffs; some of Judit’s past trainers and training partners include Albert Busek, Gabor Kenderes, Tamas Kenderes, Ms. Universe Gabriella Spoon.

Weightlifting Myths and Why Lifting Weights is a Must for a Lean Body

I see many women who come to work out with me and want to lose weight. “I can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds,” they tell me. “I don’t like how I look in jeans,” or “I miss feeling sexy with my partner.” Then they tell me that they’ve done it all but worry that weight lifting will make them bulk up. So, I decided to finally spill the secret of those women who look lean and toned. They lift weights! Here are five most common weight lifting and weight loss myths and it’s time to debunk them.

1. MYTH: Lifting weights will make you look bulky.

woman before and after weight lifting results
Does she look bulky to you?

B.S. Your metabolism will increase and your muscles will grow to a healthy and normal level. It takes much more work to gain any muscle, so you will have to work for every ounce. It’s not easy and it takes time. The good news is that even a couple pounds of muscle mean leaner body and flatter tummy. But you have to remember that proper nutrition is as important in maintaining a lean physique.

2. MYTH: Lifting weights is bad for joints.

fit woman back
Cassie trains too, she’s not bulky either

On the contrary, weightlifting builds muscle and helps grow strength in the structures around your joints, absorbing shock and protecting the joints. A study in Journal of Rheumatology found a 43% reduction in pain in people who knee joined pain and worked out with weights. They also reported a higher quality of life than those who just did cardio exercises.

3. MYTH: Muscle turns to fat if you stop weight lifting

Once again, who came up with this statement? Having more muscle will actually help you burn more fat. Muscle and fat are two completely different things, muscle never turns into fat and fat never turns into muscle. Research shows that intense weight workouts help you burn calories even 16 to 24 hours after your sessions.

4. MYTH: If you want to lose weight, just stick with cardio

Spending hours cycling or running might feel great but cardio alone doesn’t equal weight loss and certainly not a toned body. Adding strength training and doing smart cardio tips the scale in the right direction. Think about it, the metabolic boost you get after just one weight lifting session lasts up to 24 hours. Cardio boost only lasts a couple hours. The best way to get results you want is to balance both.

5. MYTH: You have to eat less if you want to lose weight

healthy meal for weight liftingIf you eat nothing, you will lose weight. But you will primarily lose muscle and if you are over 40, you skin will sag and you will most likely look unhealthy. Moreover, who can sustain the starvation diet? Most people end up bingeing and gaining even more fat weight. If you want to look lean and toned, don’t skip meals. In fact, eat 5-6 meals per day, every 3 hours. Nutritious foods like veggies, lean protein and complex carbs are what will help you reach your weight goals. Proper nutrition and weight lifting together will give you the body you want.

Five Lies We Tell Ourselves That Can Ruin Our Health

I get it, nobody is perfect and how boring would our life be if we were. But when minor slip-ups become habits, they can do real damage. Not only to our bodies but also to our health.

Don’t Lie to Yourself About Your Health

health lies“It’s okay to have a second piece of cake or skip a week of workouts when you are overwhelmed with work, kids, life,” you tell yourself. Well, if it happens once, it could be okay but when you convince yourself that it’s always okay, it could become a big problem. I see people sabotage not only their bodies but their health by rationalizing that you can be “bad” here and there and then it becomes a pattern. These self-deceptions are enemies to your weight loss and staying healthy efforts and here is what you can do to stay on course for the long run.

1. LIE: “I can have 2 glasses of red wine, research shows that it’s healthy.”

REALITY CHECK: One glass of wine can derail your weight loss efforts by making your body work on breaking down the sugars that you have just consumed. Two glasses increase your breast cancer risk by 25 percent and your risk of ovarian and esophageal cancer increase as well, according to the National Cancer Institute.

2. LIE: “I can get by on five hours of sleep.”

REALITY CHECK: Not being able to sleep for at least eight hours per night is okay once in a while, but when it becomes a habit you become irritable and less productive. And when it comes to health consequences, it gets downright scary. Studies show that people who don’t get adequate amount of sleep are overweight and have higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. Lack of sleep is also associated with increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

3. LIE: “It’s low-carb, so it’s healthy.”

REALITY CHECK: Food labeled “low-carb” aren’t lower in calories or fat, in fact, some have even more calories. Our bodies need carbs for energy, but make sure they are complex carbs, like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, lentils and brown rice. Studies show that low-carb diets can actually hurt your efforts to stay lean long term and could jeopardize your health as well.

4. LIE: “I don’t have to lift weights and do cardio, I chase my kids around all day and that’s enough.”

REALITY CHECK: Running after your kids is a workout but not in the way you think. You get a modest calorie burn, an immune system boost and lower blood pressure. But if you want your jeans to fit perfectly or show off your post-baby body at the pool, you need more than just chasing your little ones. Doctors and trainers agree that only an intense and sustained workout for 30 minutes or more provides maximum health and weight loss benefits. If baby duties leave you with no time to hit the gym, transform your stroll in the park to a 30-minute jog. And when your kid naps, strength-train at home. Build a workout around push-ups, lunges, squats, calf raises and tricep dips until you are ready to do more at the gym. I suggest to do 3 sets of 20 reps each for maximum benefit.

5. LIE: “I’m not overweight, I’m big boned.”

REALITY CHECK: How many people know that our bone mass is only 4 to 7 percent of our weight? That translates into 6-10 lbs, which means that being “big boned” is just an excuse. Check your body mass index (BMI) – a measure of fat based on height, weight and skin fold measurements and if the number is higher than 22-25, you may need to lose weight.

Dalia Lama health quote

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Mr. America Jason Kozma

Meet The Boss

High Performance Personal Training Team Leader Jason Kozma is a former Mr. America who is based out of Santa Monica, California. He has over 20 years experience helping clients destroy fat, build muscle and feel great.

Contact Jason to sign up for personal training in Studio City or North Hollywood with Judit!

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Your very own custom-designed weight training, cardio and nutrition plan created for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself. Learn more by clicking here.

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