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What is the most effective anti-aging regimen? – Personal Trainer

anti aging

Pop Quiz #1
What is the most effective anti-aging regime?

A) Drink green tea
B) Eat blueberries
C) Eat dark chocolate
D) Lift weights

If you read my tips and blogs, you’ll already know the answer. Yes, a diet rich in green tea, blueberries and dark chocolate sounds pretty tasty and easy to follow. And yes, all of these things, in moderation, are pretty darned good for you. However, as we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density. There’s only one proven way to retain and even build this as we age. You guessed it, weight lifting. Building strong muscles and bones helps prevent fractures and osteoporosis as we age. A lifetime of weight lifting has been proven to keep bones and muscles strong. You can drink all of the green tea you’d like, but if you can’t lift the tea cup, you’ll have to use a straw.

I have created a unique personal training, nutritional and lifestyle plan for anti-aging effects. If you are 40 or older, I’m the trainer for you. Check out the client before and after and testimonials sections for proof of the efficacy of my methods and programs. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, I have the experience, training, and know-how you need. Contact me today for a one on one consultation to create a customized anti aging workout and nutritional plan just for you.

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Jason’s Tip of the Day – Rest

Rest! Yes. I said it. Sometimes you need to give your body a rest. Muscles need time to rebuild. As you lift weights, you make microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. They knit back together to make muscles stronger and give them more definition. Ever wonder why we train certain muscle groups together and never train all muscles on the same day? To give them time to rebuild. So, yes, give your muscles a rest one day a week and be consistent in the way you work out. Certain muscle groups on one day, other muscle groups the next day, and don’t forget to stretch.

Reach Your Goals

personal trainer los angelesDo you have goals that you haven’t met yet?
Most people never meet their goals. The self-help industry is a multimillion dollar industry of repeat buyers. Because they never meet their goals. But they do buy more books and courses.
People who successfully meet their goals write them down, declare them publicly, and take actions that are congruent with their goals.
So if your goal is to lose weight, it simply doesn’t make sense to be drinking alcohol, eating sugar, bread, or pizza.
Write down your weight loss goal, keeping a written diet log, and a training log.
Be systematic about it, patient with yourself and you will get to where you want to be.

Right now is the time for you to get in the best shape of your life. Contact me today!
by Jason Kozma