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Giannci bikini competitionWomen’s bodybuilding is a steadily evolving sport. Once upon a time, the competition was strictly about the muscles that a woman can develop and show off, just like the men’s division of the competition; the bigger the better. Many began to feel like women were losing their femininity with bodybuilding, so the National Physique Competition (NPC) has recently created the women’s physique division to replace women’s bodybuilding. The difference between bodybuilding and physique is that there is less emphasis on excessive muscle size, density and striated muscularity; and there is more attention paid to femininity in the symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise, and posing. The physique is judged by the compulsory poses (all open hand): front double biceps, back double biceps, side triceps with leg extended, side chest and front abs/thighs. Other competition federations still feature the women’s bodybuilding category.

Mr. America Jason Kozma: Your personal trainer for women’s physique, bodybuilding, figure or bikini division

female bodybuilding trainer Los AngelesTraining for a women’s physique competition can be strenuous and stressful. Preparing for competing in the NPC is no walk in the park, and it takes a qualified personal trainer for women’s physique division, to keep a strong – willed competitor motivated.

Jason Kozma, who was the 2004 Heavyweight Mr. America has the experience to train any woman that has the determination to be a champion physique, figure bikini competitor or bodybuilder. He has a tried and true contest training protocol including precision nutrition, targeted training and posing coaching. It will ensure that you will be ready to take a top spot in your contest.

For more information on training with the best, and tips on reaching your competitive goals, contact us.


Jason’s Champions – Do You Have What It Takes?

Some more of Jason’s competitive clients:

  • Lejla – Miss Figure America 1st place
  • Roxanne – Miss Galaxy Fitness
  • Gale – Venice Muscle Classic 1st place
  • Esther – Venice Muscle Classic 1st place
  • Karla – Fitness Model, Marathon Champion
  • Larry – Musclemania California 1st runner up
  • Anthony – Mr. Tennessee Natural
  • Emily – Musclemania Fitness and Ms. Figure America
  • Hanna – Muscle Beach Championships 1st place
  • Giannci – Musclecontest Bikini 1st runner up


Los Angeles Figure Competition Coaching

What is Figure Competition?

Figure is one of 5 divisions of women’s physique competitions. These include: Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Physique and Bodybuilding. Figure division is supposed to require less overt muscularity than physique or bodybuilding competitions, while still emphasizing great muscle tone and shapeliness. The competitor is expected to show more muscle development than the typical bikini competitor however. This emphasis on shapeliness means building muscle while keeping your naturally feminine shape.

Do I Need a Physique Coach?

Just like all fitness competitions, training for a figure competition is challenging and strenuous. It takes real commitment and expert knowledge of the human body. Women’s bodies are unique and training or diet regimens are never one-size-fits-all.

Whether you’re thinking about entering a figure competition for the first time or whether you’re a long-time competitor, an expert coach can help you safely reach your fitness goals and win first place in any competition. Choosing the right figure competition coach in Los Angeles can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are three great options right here.

Jason Kozma: Your Figure Competition Coach

Mr. America Jason Kozma offers expert coaching for women’s figure competitions in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Jason has more than 20 years of experience in bodybuilding and has been featured on MTV, the Discovery Channel, ESPN, and Fine Living. He has been rated the world’s #1 expert on Personal Training and Bodybuilding by Ask Me.com.

Jason has worked with celebrities and top bodybuilders including Chris Cormier, Melvin Anthony, Mike O’ Hearn, Marshall Faulk of NFL fame, and even Major League Baseball stars such as Hideo Nomo.

Contest Coaching Services

Jason’s physique contest coaching plan includes:

  • Nutritional program and weekly checkups
  • Personal Training
  • Posing coaching

Jason has worked with individuals of all fitness levels – no matter what level you’re at, you can become competitive and reach your fitness goals. If you’re not in the area, Jason also offers online contest coaching.

Bikini Contest Coaching in Venice and Woodland Hills

For those whom haven’t been involved in the sport for the last 10 years or so, the “beginner class” to start physique competition is the bikini division. In bikini competition the expectation is for the competitor to have low bodyfat, some noticeable muscle development – but not too much. About the amount you can develop in 1-3 years of weight training. You’ll want to maintain round glutes and not get overly lean – usually not below 7% bodyfat and usually higher in the 9-11% range. however, visible abs, some leg definition and tight arms are a must.

Not all bikini competitors will “grow out of it” and move on to figure – it depends on how the competitor wants to maintain her body. This division extends to the professional level and there is a Miss Bikini Olympia. There is also a Miss Figure Olympia and a Women’s Physique Olympia.

Sherlyn – Venice

For aspiring figure competitors in Venice, you can sign up to work with Miss Fitness America Sherlyn.  She coaches for many women’s bikini, figure and fitness competitions. She meets with clients at Gold’s Gym Venice or in their home gyms.

Debby – Woodland Hills

If you’re in Woodland Hills or nearby, you can sign up to work with Ms. USA Debby. Debby has over 30 years of experience in personal training and coaches for women’s physique, bodybuilding, figure, and bikini divisions. She can help clients of all fitness levels.

As with any personal training or coaching program, the best way you can succeed is to stay motivated and stay safe. If you have any questions regarding personal training, coaching, and health, please contact us for information.

Online Coaching

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