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Getting consistent daily exercise is a necessity for our health. Humans were designed to move, so it’s only natural that we stay physically active each day. It is quite unfortunate that people avoid doing so and even go as far as making up excuses not to. Those who do this are missing out on the tons of benefits regular exercise has to offer for both our mental and physical health.

Have you been putting off exercise lately? You can come up with every excuse in the book, but there is always a way to incorporate exercise into your schedule. Below are the most popular excuses people come up with to avoid exercise.  Are you trying to avoid pain?  That’s your weakness talking.  Burn it away!

Weakling Excuses To Avoid Exercise

Excuse #1: Past Failures
People who use this excuse tend to only try new activities once. It’s time to stop looking down on your failures in the past, get up and start moving!

Excuse #2: Time Constraints
This excuse is the most used and especially common for those who like to watch television all day. If there is time to watch television or use the computer, then there is time to do a quick thirty minute routine.

Excuse #3: Lack of Motivation
Why exercise? Well, there are plenty of benefits to exercising which you can read about below. Whether you want to look good, stay healthy, gain energy, or feel better than ever before exercise can help.

Excuse #4: Lack of Energy
If you’re not running around all day, then this isn’t a valid excuse as you increase the amount of energy you have by exercising! Once you start, you’ll notice a huge improvement in energy levels.

Stop avoiding it!  You need to fell the burn. If you are reading this article, then you are looking for a good reason to exercise. There are in fact many very good reasons to get started right now. Below are the top fifteen benefits you will get from regular exercise.

The Top 15 Benefits You Get From Regular Exercise

Benefit #1: Increases Confidence
Daily exercise produces chemicals in your brain that makes you feel more confident in yourself. The fact that your body will be in its best condition will also increase one’s confidence.

Benefit #2: Reduces Depression
Exercise has been proven to reduce and treat depression, with much better results than any medications. By completing your workout each day, you will lead a much happier lifestyle.

Benefit #3: Produces Energy

Although a workout may be tiring, you will notice an overall increase in your energy levels. You will not feel tired in the middle of the day anymore and you will even notice how much easier it is to exercise.

Feel the burn now?

by Jason Kozma