Stop the Fall Weather Weight Gain

It’s sweater weather and this time of the year, after working out all summer to stay in shape for bikini season, you start slacking off. Cooler temperatures start off the season of eating. You tell yourself that missing gym is okay because you worked out so hard during the summer months. And when it comes to your diet? Let’s just say it’s easier to be naughty than nice. Also, everyone is back from vacations and your friends are getting together more often. Some of your co-workers are baking pies, cookies and homemade goodies. If you don’t plan ahead, all those office treats, receptions and stress can show up on the scale quickly and add up to a gain you won’t like. As tempting as it sounds to stuff your face with all that bready yumminess and wear baggy sweaters until spring, stick to your goals.

Here are a few tricks on how to squeeze in the workouts, stay on track when you don’t feel like it and avoid fall weight gain.

How to Avoid Fall Weight Gain

1. Ditch oversized sweaters. Yes, they are in fashion right now. You’ve browsed through the highlights of the Fashions Weeks and they look so chic with leggings and a pair of boots. Don’t fall for it. Remember that sweater weather doesn’t last very long. Buy a few boyfriend cardigans, they are quite trendy as well but these show your muffin top the moment you gain a few extra pounds. They are a great incentive to turn down pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks.
2. Go for warm foods. When it gets chilly, we crave something warm and comforting. Unfortunately, most things we end up eating warm are also rich, like cream based soups, bread bowls or hot pies. It’s all about making some healthy swaps. If you are in LA, order some healthy soups, made with nutritious veggies, high-protein lentils and fall squashes. They are incredibly tasty and don’t have the flower or butter of regular soups. Bake a fresh apple with oatmeal and sprinkle cinnamon on it…you will be amazed how tasty it is.
3. Make a plate. Eat every three hours to avoid being hungry. If you go to a party , eat something right before you leave; choose protein so you arrive full. But if you didn’t get a chance to eat beforehand or you just don’t want people asking too many questions, get a cocktail napkin or a small plate and fill it with veggies. Avoid parking yourself next to the hors d’oeuvres table and politely decline the high-fat options being passed by waiters. Instead of wine, go for sparkling water with lime. People will think you are sipping a cocktail and the bubbles will fill your tummy.
4. Choose your splurge. Most reception food is fatty or sweet and you know you don’t want to fill yourself with those calories. If you have to splurge, go for a glass of champagne.
5. Move on if you pigged out. Well, sometimes it just happens. We’ve all been there. A few cookies, some bread and cheese and of course, wine. Don’t beat yourself up, just don’t make it a regular thing.
fall running6. Keep exercising. Yes, it gets dark by the time you are home from work. And you don’t feel like putting on your workout clothes and running outside. If you can’t work out in the morning or during your lunch hour, pick up a few DVDs that you can follow in your home.

Or even better, join my online workout plan to keep you in shape through fall and into the holiday season. You’d love showing at those office holiday parties wearing tight fitting dresses.

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