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Jason realized that his hours were limited and to be able to spread his unique philosophy of fitness and nutrition, he would need a strong team of ultra professional, well trained and reliable Los Angeles personal trainers who could be trusted to provide the highest level of results and expertise that his clients have come to expect.

Our personal trainer team is available in most areas of Los Angeles. All new clients will meet with Jason himself for screening and orientation. Jason keeps tabs on the progress of all personal training clients on his program.


Santa Monica Personal Trainer

Mr. America Jason Kozma **

Hollywood Personal Trainer

Mikel, Matt, Frank

Norwalk Personal Trainer

David Hughes

Encino Personal Trainer

Larry *

Woodland Hills Personal Trainer

Ms.USA Debby McKnight *

South Bay Personal Trainer


Venice Personal Trainer

Miss Fitness America, Lucas

West Hollywood Personal Trainer

Kevin Murphy | Natasha

Marina del Rey Personal Trainer

Amr, Deena, Nick

Pasadena Personal Trainer


Playa Vista Personal Trainer

Amr, Deena, Nick

Pacific Palisades Personal Trainer & Malibu

Suavi, Deena, Kim

Beverly Hills Personal Trainer

Natasha, Steven

Bel Air Personal Trainer

Natasha, Steven

Santa Monica

Deena Morgan

West Side in-home Personal Trainer



San Fernando Valley in home


North Hollywood Personal Trainer

Ms.USA Debby McKnight *

Malibu Personal Trainer

Jason, Alisa, Terrance

San Gabriel Valley Personal Trainer


Anywhere around above areas

in home personal training team

Live in Personal Trainer

Downtown Los Angeles Personal Trainer

several team members

* Denotes Team Captain

** Denotes Team Leader


Santa Monica Personal TrainerSanta Monica Personal Trainer Brandon is a certified Z health coach, functional fitness expert, TRX master trainer, kettlebell and strength and power training expert. Clients really enjoy Brandon’s approach and his schedule is usually pretty full because of it! If I match you with Brandon, you are in for a treat! He trains clients exclusively at our Santa Monica gym on 3rd street promenade.

Topanga personal trainerBel Air Personal Trainer Terrance has been a High Performance personal trainer for over 10 years. Terrance was trained and certified by my own mentor, as well as being certified by NASM. Terrance has a unique approach to training his clients, combining elements for all around balanced fitness as well as visual results. Terrance is very adept at training you in your home gym, making maximal use of what equipment you have and teaching you how to best use it on your own. Terrance provides in home personal training in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Topanga and adjacent areas. He also trains clients at our santa monica gym on 3rd street.

Angelica JordanSanta Monica Personal Trainer Angelica has been a fitness professional for over 15 years and specializes in women’s fitness, core and flexibility training and endurance. She is also a professional hip hop dancer and group fitness instructor and she always makes her workouts fun. Anjelica is always in top shape and she is very motivating for women to train with. Anjelica is normally pretty busy, and trains clients exclusively at our fitness center in Santa Monica.

Manhattan Beach Personal TrainerManhattan Beach Personal Trainer Deena was my first High Performance personal trainer, around whom the rest of the team has been built. Deena specializes in women’s weight loss, pre natal training and post natal weight loss, functional, balance and core fitness and strength, senior fitness and more. Regardless of your limitations, Deena can safely and effectively train you for results. Deena provides personal training in a Manhattan Beach gym. She also provides in home personal training in the nearby South Bay area including Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance, Hawthorne and El Segundo. Deena also provides private training at our Santa Monica gym and nearby homes.

West Hollywood Personal TrainerWest Hollywood Personal Trainer Kevin is admittedly one of my favorites. Having known Kevin for 20 years, I can assure you that you are in good hands. Kevin’s areas of expertise include strength and weight training, competitive cycling, golf and equestrian. Kevin trains clients at a West Hollywood personal training studio or client’s homes. Kevin is usually booked full, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

personal trainer Venice CAVenice Personal Trainer at Venice at Gold’s Gym, Sherlyn is an expert women’s fitness trainer. She is an IFBB Bikini and figure pro and holds many titles including Miss Fitness America Champion, Team Universe Champion, and national Aerobic Champion. She’ll have you reaching your goals and exceeding them in no time. To cite one example, one of her clients, Jacqueline, wanted a 10 pound weight loss to prep for a bikini contest. She ended up going from over 20 percent body fat to under 15 percent, and lost a total of 20 pounds!

My West Hollywood personal trainer Matt’s background included marathons and distance running through college, after which he switched to bodybuilding and weight training. A national level physique competitor, Matt is an expert at building muscle and losing fat. Matt is also extremely knowledgable in the fields of nutrition and is always on the cutting edge of new and current nutritional supplements. Matt is always ripped and is very motivating to train with.

Beverly Hills Personal Trainer West Hollywood


Beverly Hills Personal Trainer Tasha specializes in functional training and women’s weight loss. Tasha is also a personal trainer in West Hollywood, Bel Air and Los Angeles homes. Tasha has won the Miss Arizona pageant and placed in the Miss USA. She is an expert in pre and post natal training and weight loss, and integrates yoga and Pilates into her sessions.

My Hollywood personal trainer Mike shares my background and love of old-school bodybuilding training. Mike trains at an excellent gym in Hollywood with a very low monthly membership rate. He also trains clients in West Los Angeles. Mike is an early riser, so his availability is generally early morning to late afternoon. If you’re looking for in-home personal training, Mike is generally too busy for that, but it never hurts to ask. Mike has been working with me for the better part of 8 years and all the clients that I’ve assigned to Mike have been extremely satisfied with his professionalism, custom tailored workouts and results.

My Norwalk CA personal trainer Dave is also a personal trainer in Simi Valley. Dave is a national level competitive bodybuilder and looks every bit the part. Dave has been a personal trainer for about 20 years. Dave is an expert on all things body sculpting and bodybuilding from training women for basic weight loss to bikini and figure competition to men for men’s physique or hard-core bodybuilding. Don’t worry! Dave is not going to suddenly turn you into Mr. or Mrs. Olympia. We can tailor your training and nutrition to make you sleek and lean just as well as building up.

figure coach Los Angeles valleyWoodland Hills Personal Trainer Debby is a former professional IFBB Bodybuilder and NPC bodybuilding national champion. Debby has over 30 years experience as a professional personal trainer. With you are a man or woman, want to build muscle and strength or just lose fat, Debby is an excellent choice of a personal trainer for you. Debbie is a personal trainer in North Hollywood. Debby is an early riser and is sometimes available for in-home personal training in Calabasas as well.

Woodland Hills Personal TrainerWoodland Hills Personal Trainer Larry recently moved his practice from Encino. Larry trains his clients at a fantastic gym in Woodland Hills. Larry’s schedule is extremely busy and he does not offer in-home personal training, only training at the gym. Larry is a fantastic trainer and I feel extremely comfortable in placing clients with him. I think of him as the Jason Kozma of the San Fernando Valley. Larry is adept at training clients for weight loss, functional fitness, body transformation, physique competition and more.

Pasadena and Glendale Personal Trainer Arun is a master-level expert in athletic training, functional training, strength training and kettlebell training. He trains clients at a private training studio in Pasadena exclusively (no in home clients). Arun is highly educated with a Master’s degree and writes for several health and fitness publications.

Pasadena Personal Trainer Alden and I share the same professional mentor and we have a similar way of looking at how to shape the clients body safely and effectively. With a background in bodybuilding and well over 20 years experience, Alden know how to get your body in the shape you want. He is also available for in home personal training in Pasadena.

I have more expert personal trainers on the High Performance Team and will be adding their details to the site in the future. Wherever you live in the Los Angeles area, I likely have a great personal trainer near you. Contact me to start your body transformation now!

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