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Fitness For Your Family – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

With the advent of things like video games and social media, today’s current generation are less and less fit and active than previous grades. If activities were made to be more engaging and fun, there may be a more natural inclination to exercise and then we wouldn’t have such a problem with childhood obesity as we currently do.

If you consider that when a child is bad, and you ask him why he done, his response is usually “Because it was fun!” so this designates the idea that exercise should be fun as well, this way they may be more interested in the idea than believe things like fitness are for adults.

Below are a few great tips to get your family acting healthier together. Use these fun ideas to get everybody together and doing things as a family, as well as improving their health and fitness.

Dance Nights

Everybody loves to get up and move around, even those who say “Oh no, I can’t dance!”. Move all your furniture back, even ask the kids if they want to invite some friends over, and have a little party!

Not only does it let you blow off steam, you can be yourself as you are in the company of those you love, but dancing is a great way to burn off the carbs. If you own a video game system, get a dancing game so you can dance the night away, have little dance-offs even, just make it fun, something they can get lost in and enjoy themselves. If they think of it as having fun, rather than the gruel of exercise, they will be enjoy it more.

Make Chores Fun!

Nobody wants to do the dishes. Or go upstairs to get their plate. Or clean the living room. Incorporate the idea of enjoying yourselves.

Let the kids choose some of their favorite songs and let the youngest do all the little jobs. Even challenge them to a speed race with incentives, whoever wins gets to choose tonight’s activity, for example.

Keep Track

Get a little chart made up on the PC for the living room wall, or for the front of the fridge. Set up little routines such as a set of press-ups, then up and down the stairs 20 times for example, and challenge each other!

Get involved with a good personal trainer to get advice on a good circuit for your family.

Set an Example of Fitness for your Family

If you want your kids to charge into the broccoli, or to get up and hit some shots at the garden wall, you are going to have to do it yourself. Remember, you are the shining example in your kid’s lives, show them how it’s done and they will follow.

If you start early with encouraging activity and eating right, they will do it throughout their lives. Bring them up on take-away food and television, and they will be reluctant to do anything in later life.

A good thing to do is make sure that you cook the best food possible for them in the house, in terms of healthiness, and it means when you go out for dinner or get take-out food, they are going to really enjoy it and work hard to get the next one by impressing you. Just search for some recipe ideas, there are many great websites easily found with a quick search that have many healthy recipes for you to use.

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