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Choose Smart When Eating Fast Food – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

With today’s fast-paced busy lifestyle, eating fast food is a convenient way to get a meal. As you may know, fast food is not a healthy option in the least due to all of the saturated fat and trans fat within it. Although most know this, it’s still hard to resist a quick and easy meal. On the occasion that you do order fast food, be sure to choose as healthy as you can.

Though there aren’t any healthy ingredients in fast food, the key is to purchase the foods that have the least amount of calories and fat. Over the years people have realized just how bad fast food is for them, which is why these businesses decided to release their own “healthy menu.” These still aren’t good for you, but you can worry less about what you’re eating when you go for fast food.

In order to choose meals that are the healthiest for you, you’ll have to learn to resist the best looking fatty foods. The menus at fast food chains are designed to make you want the most expensive looking item on the menu with words such as creamy, Alfredo, Teriyaki, baked, crispy, fried, or scalloped. Food items with delicious adjectives in front are usually the ones filled with the most calories and sodium. Rather, go for foods that have the word steamed, grilled, or broiled in font of them.

The size of a meal is also important to watch out for. A standard fast food burger and fries contains enough servings for about three to five people. That’s over one thousand calories per meal! Whenever you have the choice between sizes, which is especially important for beverages, go for the smallest size you can get. Instead of a soda, try water or unsweetened tea.

Watch out for all you can eat buffets as most people try to stuff themselves with more food than they should eat in a day. When you’re in a rush, you tend to overeat. Make sure you can take the time to slowly chew your food so the stomach has time to realize it is being fed. You’ll realize you won’t need to eat as much food as you thought if you do.

Toppings alone could make an entire dish deemed unhealthy. Take salad for example, ranch dressing and bacon bits makes this healthy dish into one you should avoid. Sandwiches are a huge target for unhealthy extras such as mayonnaise and cheeses as well. Try and eat these foods at the most basic level you can get them at as this is when it is the healthiest.

It is best to research into what you’ll be consuming before your next visit to a fast food restaurant. There are detailed menus at these places upon request or you could always look online before going. Be sure to find a website that compares the difference in calories and fats between the major fast food chains. Most fast food chains now have smartphone applications which will show the menu with all of the nutritional information you will need to know.

Now that you know how to research and what to avoid, all that’s left is for you to make the healthiest choice. Of course, every once in a blue moon you can treat yourself with an unhealthy meal, but remember that you’ll have to workout harder later just to burn it off. Once a month is the most you should eat these kinds of foods, any more that that will not be worth it in the long-run. Remember, when you do eat fast food go for a grilled sandwich or low-calorie wrap instead of greasy foods like cheese-stuffed potatoes or fries.

Fast food chains may advertise their food as healthy, but nothing compares to home-made meal. Meals made with fresh ingredients bought from the store will always be much healthier than any meal purchased from a fast food restaurant. Fast food should never be eaten, though if you must, choose wisely. Eating fast food doesn’t have to kill your diet for the day, you just need to make the right choices.

Besides eating healthy, physical activity is an equally important aspect for those seeking to lose weight. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles personal trainer that will help you achieve the results you desire as quickly as possible, then give me a call or send an email today so we can set up an appointment to create a customized exercise and nutrition plan created just for you. With the right amount of dedication, you’ll be living in the body of your dreams in no time at all!

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