(Personal Trainer Los Angeles) 6 Weight Loss Snacks

Turkey jerky, my personal favorite easy snack
Turkey jerky, my personal favorite easy snack

If you’re looking to lose weight, then you may know snacking is one of the best ways to keep your metabolic rate high throughout the day. Although it can be good for you, too much of a good thing can have its consequences. Excessive snacking will not only add extra pounds to your stomach, but can completely ruin your weight loss results thus far.
Below are six pieces of advice to keep in mind when it comes to snacking.

Tip #1: Stay Clear of Low Calorie Snack Packs

Stores are loaded with this type misleading snack. Companies will package up foods such as chips, crackers, and cookies, and then slap an “Only 100 Calories” statement on the box. While it may seem healthy due to the low amount of calories, it’s still unhealthy and has no nutrition value whatsoever. Usually they will contain a lot of sugar as well.

Tip #2: Avoid the Refined Sugar

Sugar is one of the most common reasons people are overweight. It is one of the best ways to gain fat as quickly as possible, so unless you want those extra pounds it is best to be avoided. Fruit is the best alternative to sugar as there many sweet and delicious ones at any grocery store.

Tip #3: Check the Expiration Date

This is one of the best and easiest ways to figure out if a certain snack is unhealthy. If the expiration date on the box or package is years from now, then it is safe to assume that this snack is packed with tons of chemicals to keep it edible for that long. Foods that will go bad in about a week from when you purchase it, such as fruits and vegetables, are the best options to go with.

Tip #4: Note the Calories

Calories are an important factor when deciding if a snack is good for your body. Even if all of the food you have is considered healthy, too many of those calories will cause you to gain weight.

Tip #5: Stop Eating Carbohydrates

Chips, crackers, white rice, and grains are all causes of weight gain in most people. Just about every unhealthy snack contains some form of carbohydrates. You can think of refined carbs as fat itself, as when you consume them its only purpose is to stay in your body until you shed it off with exercise. Avoiding these carbs alone may be all you need to get rid of that extra weight.

Tip #6: Consume More Protein

Healthy fats, such as almonds and chicken, are great snack choices especially before an intense workout. This type of fat will keep your muscles fueled so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Tip #7: The Healthy Snack List

hard boiled eggs, sliced apple, almond butter
hard boiled eggs, sliced apple, almond butter

If you are having trouble finding a quick and healthy snack to eat, then these foods may give you some good ideas: Kale Chips made from scratch, low sodium jerky, apples topped with almond butter, berries mixed with nuts, and a hard-boiled egg with vegetables.

With the tips above, you should know exactly what to avoid and what types of foods you should be eating. Be sure to exercise as well because diet alone usually doesn’t help. To get started on a fitness program created especially for your body type, give me a call or send an email today.

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