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The holidays are long gone. New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. And we are once again lamenting that those “extra ten pounds” just won’t go away. LA health and fitness expert Jason Kozma says he gets more questions on losing the last 10 pounds than on any other fitness-related subject. “Losing the last ten pounds is very possible,” he says. “It’s just most people don’t want to hear that it takes a combination of diet and exercise to get rid that extra fat.”

Kozma who sculpted the bodies of athletes and celebrities, says just working out in the gym won’t do the trick. “You won’t fit into that magical number jean size you’ve always wanted or minimize a ‘problem’ area by spending an hour a day on a treadmill.” Kozma explains that losing weight and getting a toned body is a process and that a proper diet is the key to getting into that hot little black dress.

Mr. America Jason Kozma
Mr. America Jason Kozma

Kozma has been motivating people for over a decade and offers 10 tips on losing the last 10 pounds faster.

  1. Don’t skip your meals and especially breakfast. “You have to jump-start your metabolism, so your fat burns faster,” says Kozma.
  2. Log your food. That will make you aware your eating habits. “My clients are always surprised how much more they actually consume once they look at their logs,” Kozma explains.
  3. Look through your logs and see where you could make different choices. Small changes can go a long way to losing the last ten pounds and those small changes will add up quickly.
  4. Eat every 3 hours.
  5. Eating 5-6 times a day will maximize your energy and stabilize your blood sugar so you won’t be hungry.
  6. Eat foods that will optimize your metabolism like high fiber foods, low fat foods, and lean proteins.
  7. Eat your carbs early in the day so your body gets a chance to burn them.
  8. Make working out a priority.
  9. Take a “before” picture of yourself and put it in a visible place. “Having that ‘before’ photo is a huge motivation to stick to your plan,” says Kozma.
  10. Just do it! “Nike put it brilliantly,” points out Kozma.

He says that selecting the right personal trainer who can help monitor the progress is as important as sticking to the plan. Having an expert like Kozma to navigate the diet and exercise landscape can make the difference between baring your shoulders at your high school reunion or not making it and faking a cold. To schedule your interview with Jason Kozma, email him at

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