Ms. Figure America 2006 1st place , Muscle Beach Championships 1st place figure

Lejla Citro

High Performance Client, Personal Trainer

nabba Miss Figure America Champion Lejla


Lejla: Trained with Frank, nutrition by Jason

Starting bodyfat: 18%

Ending bodyfat: 9%

in 6 weeks!

Won 1st place in her first 2 contests:

Muscle Beach Classic 2006
Miss Figure America 2006

I was training for about a year, and wanted desperately to compete in figure competitions. I had a hard time losing that “extra” fat, especially on thighs and Glutes. I contacted Jason Kozma, and we sat down for a consultation. He knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve my goals. I had only 6 weeks, and on the 1st appointment with Jason I was 18% body fat. By following Jason’s expertise in nutrition and supplements, I was able to get down to 9% BODY FAT in LESS than 6 weeks. Jason Kozma, knows what he’s doing… he is the real deal. Many trainer’s can talk, but few deliver. I went from a flabby average girl… to the 2006 Ms. Figure America. I would have NEVER taken first place if it wasn’t for Jason. I intend to use him again throughout my career in Figure Competing.

Miss Figure America

~ Lejla

nabba Miss Figure America Champion Lejla

Lejla Lejla

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New Contest July 6th LA Classic in Burbank At the colony theater Burbank all the info is on the poster and website. buff.ly/2Grjqu2 (typo on the url on the poster) Grand prize... buff.ly/2GsR3f1

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