Project Muscle

Begin Transmission…….
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As you know I was assigned to Project Muscle in August 1995 in an effort to research for the government programs from around the country that will bring the best and quickest results in physical development. In my previous transmissions from Washington D.C., New York City, Denver Colorado and Los Angeles and my work with 6 different trainers in those areas you already know of my concern in the lack of knowledge exhibited by those trainers and the lack of results I had experienced thus far.

It was felt by my commander that I should wrap things up and return, with a closure of Project Muscle. But I persevered and convinced him to keep the program going. It was in January 1999 when I happened to find Jason Kozma’s internet site. I subsequently ordered a profile on him from our database, and other than a rather amusing trick he does with knee wraps, he seemed harmless enough. After speaking with Jason I became confident that finally, here was a trainer who knew his stuff. He put together a training routine and nutrition program specifically for my goals and then proceeded to put me to work over the next nine months. I am happy to report continuing progress, having gone from a weight of 212 and 19% bodyfat to my current 235 and 14% bodyfat. That’s a gain of 30 pounds of muscle over a nine month period. On this same subject please expedite requisition number 3AF23-Z, which I am transmitting with this message for a new set of uniforms. I seemed to have ripped out of my clothing yet again.

I have found Jason’s knowledge and training ability to bring the results I wanted to be exactly what we were looking for. His ability to tailor a program specifically for each individual is a talent I have found no where else in my investigation these past 4 years. I recommend at this time that you begin transferring elements of the Attack Force to the Santa Monica coordinates I have sent in separate wire for physique augmentation.

I am also submitting my request to continue my personal training efforts regarding Project Muscle. I have come to appreciate my added size and would like to see how far I can take my physique.

Always remember, The only easy day was yesterday.

David DiFrancesco

…End Transmission