Heather H

heather wedding weight loss

Heather H

My Fiancé, Mathias, and I wanted to “get fit” prior to our week long destination wedding on the beach so; we choose Jason and his team to help us with that goal!

From the moment I met Jason he was ready to challenge my way of thinking about nutrition and fitness. He set me up with a manageable, easy to understand diet plan. I appreciate the fact that he explained the science behind why he had me eat and work out the way he did. The information helped me make educated choices regarding my health and fitness and understand the rationale. In this way, I became more and more prepared to make this a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet.

Jason helped monitor my eating and was willing to motivate and challenge me when the going got tough. He has a unique style that is a balanced mix of blunt observations and sensitive, motivational interventions.

Jason set my Fiancé and me up with one of his spectacular trainers, James. Not only is James a knowledgeable and effective trainer, but also, a truly good person. He kept our training sessions challenging, exhilarating and even fun! Mathias and I met with James three mornings a week and, without fail, James was full of enthusiasm and vigor during each 6AM session! He brings such positive energy to the gym and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Thanks to Jason and James, I am feeling more fit than ever with a healthy energy and a better understanding of how to properly feed and care for my body. And, I am confident that I will feel great romping around in a bikini for a week long wedding extravaganza! (and for the Honeymoon to follow!!!)

Thanks guys!!! James, I will truly miss seeing you three days a week!
Heather H

wedding weight loss

heather wedding weight loss

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