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in home personal training
in home personal training

One of the biggest hurdles gym-goers face is simply getting there. Overscheduled, stressed, and exhausted, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves. But self-care shouldn’t be a luxury, and as you may have noticed, exercise helps manage stress.Why not invest in your own well-being and get the results you want with a great personal trainer?

There’s no shortage of gyms in Southern California, but one-on-one time with a truly knowledgeable and dedicated professional is harder to find.

By arranging to work with a top personal trainer that comes to your home, you will save valuable time and eliminate the ‘do I or don’t I’ debate that often pops up when it’s time for the typical overburdened Loz Feliz resident to go to the gym. It’s more and more common to outsource, customize, or personalize when it meets our needs, so why not do the same with your exercise efforts? The time you spend working up a sweat should be meaningful and help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of in-home personal training

  • Less chance of skipping workouts
  • Eliminates wasted time in traffic when the trainer comes to you
  • Trainer helps make workout more rigorous and efficient
  • Fewer distractions = more meaningful workout
  • Overall greater return on time invested

We also have personal trainers in gyms and studios in the nearby Hollywood and West Hollywood areas.

With over 20 years as a competitive bodybuilder and a personal trainer, Jason Kozma is uniquely qualified to provide the well-rounded training that has won him a number of titles and loyal clients. Contact us to learn how he can help you achieve your goals. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

Our Certified Personal Trainers are available for both in gym training in Hollywood and West Hollywood CA as well as in home personal training in Los Feliz, West Hollywood, West Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Hills, Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, Crescent, Oakwood, Park Labrea, Hancock Park and adjacent areas.

(310) 772-5105 and email to sign up

before and after Randy
Randy before and after
before and after personal training
Noelle before and after
before and after Michael
Michael before and after

Los Feliz Personal Trainer For Your Busy Schedule

private trainers los feliz
Jason, Deena, Brandon, Sean

Online Personal Training Puts Your Excuses To Rest

Who wouldn’t want to have the amazing results that people get from an elite personal trainer? We all look at the incredible bodies that celebrities have and think to ourselves: “Well sure if I could hire a top of the line trainer every month, I could probably look that great too.”

It’s hard to justify investing in the trainer at your local gym who may or may not have the experience and know-how to get you the results you want. Plus, sometimes getting to the gym at all is difficult because of young children, accessibility issues or schedule conflicts.

jasonWell, the excuses end here, because with online personal training you can have one of the most premium personal trainers in the world giving you a customized training program from the privacy of your own home. You will receive a custom plan for your nutrition, your cardio program and your weight training outline designed to meet your specific goals. Plus you will be receiving your training from the winner of the Mr. America bodybuilding competition. Jason Kozma is the best. The kind of trainer celebrities and athletes spend top dollar for. You would not find in your local gym, but with online training you can get the same world class results his face to face clients enjoy no matter where you are located. You can be Mr. America’s client anywhere in the world!

losing the last pounds
Kristina: Online Personal Training Client Age: 39

Forget creating your own workout routine at home, have a professional personal trainer and bodybuilding champion create your program and see what an incredible difference it makes in your life. An important aspect of hiring a professional trainer is having the accountability from a fitness expert that expects to get results. Jason’s online personal training program will set the bar high and push you to do your best. If you are wish to lose weight, increase your muscle mass, build endurance, begin to compete in fitness competitions or just get in shape to feel good, Jason’s online training program is about getting results that will change your life. Our before and after photos speak for themselves.


About Jason Kozma, Fitness Expert: Jason Kozma is a certified fitness expert with 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Jason is available for media appearances and quotes on topics related to health, wellness and fitness.

Los Feliz fitness

In addition to in-home personal training at your Los Feliz home gym, our nearby West Hollywood and Hollywood gyms, our Santa Monica headquarters, we also offer the following fitness related services to address all your health and fitness needs:

Private training with a High Performance Personal Trainer in your home gym, office gym or outdoors. Call to verify availability.


In home sessions with Jason himself are more, contact for details.

Meal Delivery: Healthy, organic, Mr. America – approved meals delivered to your door.

Meet the High Performance Personal Training Team here

Los Feliz personal trainers

Our High Performance Team Trainers available for Los Feliz in home personal training include Terrance, Amr, Kevin and more. Kevin, Matt, Tasha and Mike are available at studios and gyms in the West Hollywood area. Those seeking VIP training can train with Jason at our Santa Monica headquarters. Call to ask if we serve your area.

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