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Get Jacked for the Sand with Your Marina del Rey Personal Trainer

meet jason Sure, you want to be in the best shape of your life for good health and so you can cope with the demands of work and daily life. But a more visible reason is Southern California’s limitless sunshine – your body can’t behind thick coats, long sleeves, and big skirts like in the East Coast or Midwest. Living at Venice Beach or any of the shore-side communities compels you to wear as little as sunshine, if only to enjoy waterside activities like all the locals do. As your Marina del Rey personal trainer, we can get you jacked for the beach. If your bod isn’t quite there yet, no worries. We can start in the privacy of your own home or a nearby gym. Maybe we’ll get you used to working out in the outdoors with some jogs around your block or a turn at the playground equipment at a nearby park.

Professional Marina Del Rey Personal Trainer

When you’re ready to show off your powerful pecs or shapely thighs, there’s only one place to do it: the outdoor Muscle Beach Gym. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need bodybuilding cred to hoist its weights under the sun. Daily, weekly, and yearly passes are available. Here, we can teach you everything from basic curls to complex Olympics lifts like the clean and jerk. Don’t be surprised if the admiring passersby want to take their pic with you. It’s customary to say yes.

The more budget-conscious may prefer a turn or two at the free gymnastic equipment that’s nearby. We’ll teach you the moves like dips and swings so you look good on the rings and bars. Then it’s on to the boardwalk with a run or two to the Santa Monica pier. We can only do this outside of sunny weekends or tourist throngs can impede speed on the pavement. A cool-down by the waves is a perfect way to cap off your exercises.

If this sounds like your fitness ideal, contact us right away so we can get started.

Personal training in Marina del Rey is available at your home, apartment or condo fitness center for females or you can come to our headquarters in Santa Monica.

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