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Hancock Park Personal Trainer Works You Out in Your Gym

You had enough of fighting the crowds at impersonal health clubs. So when you bought your Hancock Park condo, one of your must-haves was access to a fully-equipped gym. You took your time finding just the right property with the best exercise facility, and have been working out there ever since your purchase.

But something’s wrong. Despite the fact that you can get to the equipment without a drive at any time you like, your body hasn’t changed all that much. And the lack of people around makes your regular training sessions that much more boring.

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You need to energize your work out with one of our Hancock Park personal trainers. They can come to your building gym at your convenience and will add the social element you’ve been missing . These body-transformation experts will develop different routines that use your equipment, so you’re never bored. Each session can start by with a record of your current weight and physical measurements. That way, you can easily see and celebrate the progress that your body making.

If you want more of a challenge and don’t mind an occasional field trip, the trainers can also take you to our West Hollywood or Hollywood facilities. It contains equipment that you’ll find new and exciting, because it won’t be available at your building fitness center.

No Intimidation With In Home Personal Training

Hey I get it. If you’re new to fitness or just feel insecure about working out in front of others, you’re not alone.

The reason you want to transform your body in 8 weeks is because you don’t like where you are at right now, and the idea of being in a gym learning movements and routines for the first time around others who are in week 8 intimidates you. Let me say it again, YOU’RE NOT ALONE, and I understand completely.

That is one of the reasons why we designed our in home personal training program. In home training allows you learn and develop in the freedom and privacy of your home, while under the instruction of an experienced trainer who is there to ensure your success. You will still be pushed and encouraged, just like you would in the gym, but in the protection of your own home.

And unlike other gyms, we do not use an outside contracted trainer for in home personal training. In fact, you can still have the undivided attention from me, Mr. America Jason Kozma, or one of my very qualified and exceptional trainers. All of my trainers’ integrity is beyond reproach and have been trained, by me personally, to be the absolute best that LA has to offer.

Please, don’t let this temporary insecurity be an excuse for putting off your transformation. You can do this, and we are going to help you every step of the way. From your dietary planning, to all the fine adjustments in your movements. We will ensure your success and stand proudly with you, transformed, at week 8.

“OK Jason, but I don’t have a home gym? Where are we going to work out?” Not a problem. We have designed and built literally tons of home gyms. We meet with you, discuss your immediate and long term goals and your budget so we can build you a gym that will get you the results that transform you and keep you transformed.

So contact us if you’re ready to transform yourself, and maybe even transform a part of your home. We’re ready and waiting.

Why don’t you contact us today so we can discuss the best ways to improve your current workouts.

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