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Getting Stronger Together with your Trainer

Gone are the days of the women only gyms or women only workout hours at fitness centers.  Probably for good reason.  Women these days are not afraid to be seen lifting weights, running on treadmills, pounding the pedals at a spin class or just sweating in general.  However, many women feel more comfortable training with a female personal trainer and we totally understand it and support it.  No matter what your motivation is to get into shape, my team of High Performance Personal Trainers and I are here to help you transform your body and get results quickly and safely.  You don’t need a reason to want to train with one of our highly qualified, certified personal trainers, just let us know and we’ll connect you with the best female personal trainer in your location.

Many of our female clients are looking to get their bodies back into shape after years of not having the time or motivation to work out.  Some are looking to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, others want to get ready for a beach vacation or reunion.  And some are taking their first steps toward health and fitness after a lifetime of eating what they want and not having to worry about working off excess calories.  However it is you’ve come to this page, we’re happy you landed here.  Now let’s talk about how you can transform your body, tone your physique, boost your metabolism and get back on track with eating healthy, nutritious foods that fill you up and keep you going all day.

Each and every client who trains with my team of High Performance Personal Trainers receives an initial consultation where we discuss your goals, create a realistic workout schedule and address any concerns about injuries, weaknesses, dietary restrictions and issues in general.  We assess your current physique and help determine how best to approach your body transformation. No two people are the same, which is why each client has a unique training profile. We’ll periodically analyze your results and make whatever changes are required so you don’t get stuck in a routine and the number on the scale keeps moving in the right direction.    

Benefits of Training with our Personal Trainers
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Online Personal Training

Years ago, we had a number of clients who traveled frequently for work or pleasure and had expressed concerns about keeping up with their workouts while out of town.  This was before the age of apps and I’m proud to say we developed the first online personal training program specifically for our High Performance Personal Training clients.  Even if you’re out of town, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your trainer, stay on track with your workouts and keep track of your daily nutrition intake. There’s no reason not to stay on target with your body transformation just because you’re traveling or move away.

In Home Personal Training

For those of you who prefer to train in the privacy of your own home, rather than training at one of our gym locations, we are able to provide in-home personal training with one of our highly knowledgeable female trainers and yoga instructors.  Some of our clients have their own well-equipped gyms, others ask us to bring equipment for their workouts. We’re able to work with your requirements and your schedules. We are even available for our entertainment industry clients who want to take their personal trainer to their off-site locations.  

Some of the concerns we hear from new clients is that they don’t want to “bulk-up” from lifting weights.  Understandably, when stepping foot into a gym for the first time, or after a long time absence, the equipment at a gym can look very intimidating.  Unless you are interested in training for a fitness, physique or bodybuilding competition, I can truly guarantee your muscles won’t “bulk-up.” What WILL happen is that once you start working out and revving up your metabolism, you will start to shed body fat and you will begin to build muscle.  Building muscle is key to boosting your metabolism and burning fat. It also defines your physique and shape. Ever look at a celebrity magazine and wonder how some of your favorite actresses, entertainers and celebrities seem to have every curve of their body looking lean and fit? It’s not just taking a spin class every day or running miles on end, it’s due to weight training. Only weight training actually sculpts the body and create the defined shape you want to see when you look in the mirror.  Your personal trainer will address your goals and ideal physique and create your personalized workout and nutrition plan to build your unique body transformation roadmap and stay with you every step of the way to help ensure you reach your objectives.

Keys To Fitness Success

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If a little bit of exercise is good for your body, than a lot more exercise must be better, right?  So you start going to the gym every day, and work with the same routine religiously.

At first, you show some progress but soon nothing seems to be improving. You’re also starting to feel tired and achy all the time – and you are dreading going back to the gym.

That’s because fitness isn’t just about working out all the time. It also requires the following:

Components for Effective Fitness Results

  • Rest. Rigorous physical activity stresses the body out and may cause some damage to muscles and bones. They need time to recover so they can repair the damage and grow stronger. You get that time from sleeping 7-8 hours a day and from taking a break from the gym. When you’re first starting out, you shouldn’t be training more than once every other day, or you won’t have time to heal.
  • Variety. If you stick to one type of workout all the time, your body eventually gets used to it and does not change. In addition, other body parts that are not used for training do not improve. If you change your workouts constantly, your body won’t know what to expect and will improve constantly to adapt to the new stresses. In addition, you exercise every muscle.
  • Nutrition. Food fuels the body. If you simply start exercising without changing your diet, your body won’t have the right fuel to burn fat instead of muscle or improve performance. You can’t outrun your fork. A good nutrition program must include plenty of quality nutrition (not a starvation plan) and avoid junk foods. Proper nutrition also enhances the skin and hair and makes you look younger.

Our personal trainers take all these factors into account when designing a program tailored to your goals. If scheduling and convenience are important, they can come to your home. If you like more variety in equipment and exercises, you can come to one of our gym locations. To sign up with one of our female personal trainers Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Areas served

The High Performance Personal Training Team includes highly experienced male and female personal trainers in most major LA areas. You can work with our High Performance Team professional trainers in our training locations or in your home in Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Marina Del Rey, Venice, West Hollywood, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, South Bay, Redondo Beach, and more for fitness and weight loss services.  Jason also offers online personal training programs.

Are you ready to finally create the body you deserve? Contact us to start working out with the High Performance Team’s best female personal trainers in Los Angeles. You can do it!!

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