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Wedding weight Loss for Brides | Bridal Boot Camp Los Angeles

Weddings bring the promise of a new life and a bright future. You want to look your best for the expectant and happy crowd and look great in your wedding dress. For most clients, this involves trimming down and toning up at the same time.

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Trying to do this on your own can be ineffective as rapid fat loss while not losing muscle (tone and shape) is extremely difficult to do on your own. You need an experienced nutrition coach and trainer to design a comprehensive lifestyle plan that will get you the maximum return for your investment of work and time. Most people have no idea what they are doing in the gym and even less about nutrition. Don’t feel bad about it, you’ve been mislead about nutrition by the media for your whole life. Also the person who showed you how to work out the first time was also picking exercises at random and doing them wrong.

You can avoid these pitfalls by going with our experienced personal trainers. Our headquarters gym is on Wilshire Boulevard in Brentwood on the border of Santa Monica. We have team trainers serving most parts of Los Angeles.  In addition, our trainers analyze your body type, your goals, and your deadlines, to tailor a fitness program just for you. Every important detail about your program has been planned out for optimal results in minimum time. If you prefer the ultimate in privacy and convenience, our trainers can come to your home instead.

Losing weight or building muscle involves more than exercise. It requires nutritious foods and a healthy eating plan. You won’t be stuck eating lettuce leaves and drinking coffee for lunch. We will try to work with your personal likes and dislikes to come up with meals that you’ll find delicious. Your more likely to stick with the menus if they include your foods you enjoy.

Don’t want to wait another day to sign up with one of our wedding prep personal trainers because those wedding ceremonies come faster than you think.

Look your best for your upcoming wedding!

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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… but wait, are you worried that you will not impress your guests? Do you have wedding jitters or wedding jigglers?  Wedding preparations can be very overwhelming. You may find yourself constantly running around doing miscellaneous errands and somehow you notice that your body is now jiggling all around too. You pause and feel lost in the middle of it all. You want to look great for your special day but you need a West Los Angeles personal trainer for women to point you in the right direction especially with your busy schedule.

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Professional West Los Angeles Personal Trainers for Women

Personal Training for Brides
Meet Mr. America Jason Kozma

Well, look no further because Jason Kozma’s Los Angeles Personal Training can help you look and feel fabulous for that special day. Jason Kozma, founder of High Performance Personal Training, is a certified personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist. He has trained celebrities, professional athletes including Major League Baseball and NFL, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, executives, and CEOs. He has over 20 years of experience and truly believes that the most challenging part of losing weight is doing it by yourself. With his support and wisdom, you will see results in 8 weeks! That’s right- His 8 week program will transform your body inside and out. You will look and feel amazing. Jason can customize a workout regimen to fit your busy schedule. He also has a special package deal for the bride and groom so both of you can impress your guests on your wedding day. Your goal is to walk down that aisle with pride. It will be a magical day. In addition, you will also look great by the pool on your honeymoon! If you want to see real results with help of the best West Los Angeles personal trainer for women, then do not hesitate and contact us today!

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