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Do you find it difficult to make time in your schedule for exercise? If so, it would be a good idea to sign up to train with one of our Holmby Hills Personal Trainers.   Find out how you can get in great shape and shed as many unhealthy pounds as possible in the small amount of time you have available to exercise.

Contact us to set you up with one of our great personal trainers.  We offer in home, outdoor, or gym based personal training as well as virtual personal training or online personal training programs.

Holmby Hills Fitness Training

If you are not currently training or experiencing the benefits you expected from your training, you should seek the services of our qualified Holmby Hills personal trainers. Our trainers can develop a workout system which will suit your current abilities along with your weight loss and muscle building ambitions. We will push pass your limits to attain your goals.

How To Make Your Workout Great Again

Pre Workout Snack
In the event you lift weights in your work out right off the bat each morning, or if it has been several hours since you ate or if you experience tiredness while performing your exercises, you might be impeding your metabolism and therefore not getting the results you desire. To get the best out of your efforts, it is advisable that you provide your system with energy with a pre-training snack of carbs and lean protein, around half an hour before working out. In a pinch, you can use a handful of raw nuts instead.

Start off With A Bang
Following a quick warm-up, most people start at an easy pace and gradually increase it throughout the workout. It’s been found that you can increase your total calorie burn by 10% or more by jumping straight to your peak speed / intensity, and slow down towards the end.

Work Out Bright and Early
Training first thing in the morning is a good way to ritualize your exercise and will elevate your metabolic rate for about half the day. It also gets it out of your way early so you don’t end up blowing it off or getting caught up in something else. Even pros like your Holmby Hills Personal Trainer will do cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast. He will then train some clients and then do his weight training in the early afternoon, getting another metabolic boost. After that he will train his evening clients. Precontest, he will do another cardio session after weights.

Cardio Warmup Prior to Weights
For the times you concentrate on resistance training and muscle building, it is essential to start your routine by heating up the entire body on a cardio machine or a jump rope. Ensure you get your heart rate increased enough to really get your blood flowing and your muscle tissues more flexible. You will have the ability to lift for an extended period of time and with heavier weights. Remember to avoid pushing your body too much with the warm cardio exercise for no more than 15 minutes (5 is enough) as it is meant to warm-up your muscles, not wipe you out.

Maximize Intensity Levels
By pushing your body past its limits each day, you’ll get the most out of your sessions. Every single day push it a bit harder than the previous session or perhaps add an additional session to your training regime. By performing exercises different, such as using elevated height on the treadmill or increasing your weight limit, you are going to lose significantly more calories and fat!

Interval Routines
Interval training is a method where you switch between high intensity and medium intensity cardiovascular exercises. Instead of working out at a constant speed, this technique boosts the overall burning of calories per minute and enhances your level of cardio fitness. Example include alternating running and walking, moving the resistance level on the bike up for 2 minutes and back to normal for 4 minutes, or you can use the interval setting built into most gym cardio equipment.

Alter Your Routine
Every time you go to the gym, you probably use the same set of exercises, the same split, and the same type of cardio. Mix it up by changing your split, doing exercises you don’t normally do, and changing your rep range. For cardio, just pick the one you hate the most. It will shake up your body, train different areas and depths of the muscles, and provide additional endurance and muscle building benefits

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