Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

online personal training inventor Jason Kozma

Your Online Personal Trainer, Mr. America Jason Kozma

Mr. America’s Custom-designed Online Personal Training Program

You can be Mr. America’s client anywhere in the world!

Hand-crafted plans just for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself!

I will design a program for you to achieve your specific goals. Whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, fitness/figure or bodybuilding competition or any other goal.

Typical Client Goals:

Weight Loss


Body Transformation

Build Muscle

Contest Prep

If you are an intermediate to advanced level exerciser, this is the “next level” program for you!

Advantages of High Performance Online Personal Training:

  • Advanced training techniques
  • Superior nutritional manipulation
  • State-of-the-art supplement recommendations
  • Rapid visual results
  • Blast through plateaus
  • Programs designed by a real-life 30+ years experienced personal trainer, Mr. America and competitive bodybuilder!

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What is Online Personal Training?

Being my client on the High Performance Online Personal Training program is just like being my personal training client, without the expense of the personal training sessions. You get everything that my clients get: a custom-designed workout (weights and cardio) and nutritional plan which evolves and changes as your body changes. I monitor you online, make adjustments as needed to keep you progressing. You get a setup kit with an informative handbook which outlines your whole program, explains how your body works and how the program is designed to make you achieve the desired results. You will also have access to my exercise demo website with photos of all the exercises so you can make sure you are doing them correctly.
People get amazing results following my programs and coaching. Online personal training clients from this site include Alex, Anthony, Heather, Emily, Deanna, Jenny and Jake (below). Click here to see tons of results!

Note: All the client photos selected on this page are online personal training clients only.

You take measurements weekly, take before and progress photos, email me your training and nutrition log weekly and I reply with adjustments to keep your progress moving forward.

All the materials work well from your smartphone (iphone or android phone) for reference while in the gym. Plus, an iphone and android app is in the works!

What’s Better About My High Performance Online Training program?

Most other online training and nutritional programs are cheaper, but are not handcrafted by an experienced trainer. They are either standardized programs created for average people or created by “bots” or computer programs. While these programs may work for the beginner, they lack the “fine tuning” skill necessary to create the “sculpted” look you are looking for. They will work only for the most basic functions such as: losing weight, gaining cardiovascular health, starting an exercise program. If you want not only to lose fat, but to sculpt a body that your peers will emulate, then this program is for you.

My Online Personal Training service is low-tech compared to other online training services out there. That’s because it is run by me and not some large company. The workout and nutritional programs are created in document form and emailed to you and you get access to my exercise demonstration photo website. The website has detailed explanations of how to perform the exercises including the little nuances that make the difference between pro level training and beginner training.

My training programs are designed more for the intermediate to advanced trainees. While my programs will work exceedingly well in an absolute beginner, their superiority really shows to the more advanced trainee who is looking to get to the next level. A ripped abs, sculpted arms and legs and more muscular back by some of the things that you may want to do to your physique. If my online personal training program sounds right for you, then sign up below!

More Sample Testimonials

Your online personal training program is awesome. I had been training with someone for the past 2 years face to face and had some concerns that trying to do this in Texas and my trainer being in California was going to mean I was on my own. That was the furthest from the truth. I appreciate the dedication you give your clients, I felt like you might as well have been right here with me with your interactions. I consider myself pretty healthy and in shape but was looking for something to take it up a notch and I accomplished that and more. I have never had the definition I now have in my body. I won’t lie, it is a lot of work but well worth every minute I put into it. Anyone that does not get amazing results from your online personal training program did not put all of their effort into it. You will absolutely get amazing results if you stick to the nutrition, workouts and supplements. You make it easy to follow. Thank you for your support and advice. I have learned a lot along this path and find myself passing the information on and educating others about ways to get more from their workouts and eating habits. Can’t wait to see where else I go with this. Thanks!!!!

Results summary for 8 weeks:
138 (-8 lbs)
Size 2 (start 4)
Legs 21 (-2 inches)
Hips 37.5 (-2.5 inches)
Waist 27 (-2 inches)
17% bodyfat (-4%)
23 fat weight (-7 lbs fat)
115 lean weight (+3 lbs muscle)

online personal training Jennifer


online personal training Jennifer


Jason: I hope these pics work for what you want. I showed my daughter the pics and she said….”momma, you have a six pack! You go girl.” lol…I told her not quite, but best stomach I have ever had. Can’t wait to see what else I accomplish going forward. Let me know anything else I need to do different going forward with supplements, food and exercise. The results are just too good. Thank you for all your support and advice along the way. I have been telling all my friends about you and they all think I look amazing. I took several pics and you can see which you like. I like the ones showing off my great definition in my stomach and arms. 🙂

Thank You!!!!!
Jennifer F, Texas

When I found Jason online he fit all of my requirements for what I was looking for in a personal trainer. I wanted someone with both knowledge and experience in the world of bodybuilding. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to solve every dilemma related to my fitness and goals. I always look forward to my workouts with Jason and the results that they are sure to bring when paired along with his custom nutrition program specifically tailored for my goals. I can safely say that choosing Jason as my personal trainer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

online personal training Jake


physique Jake


What you get:
Online personal training includes “as much as you want” text and email access to me. If I feel a phone call is more efficient to explain something, I’ll do that too. This is in addition to all the normal materials you receive: custom weights workout, custom nutritional plan, supplement list (optional), cardio assignment, support handbooks, recipe books and weekly email checkup.

High Performance Online Personal Training Packages

Rapid Fat Loss Online Personal Training – Weight Loss – Cutting Plan

You get your own customized workout plan and diet, plus weekly email coaching support and checkups. Each week you will email me a diet and workout log for me to track your progress.
This program is designed for maximum fat loss in minimum time. There is a lot of exercise and the diet is strict. Note: you should have some familiarity with weightlifting exercises to follow the workout plan.

Rapid Fat Loss Duration

Mass Gain Online Personal Training – Build Muscle – Bulk Up

You get your own customized workout plan and diet, plus weekly email coaching support and checkups. This program is designed for either rapid bulk-up or slow quality muscle gain, you can specify. Each week you will email me a diet and workout log for me to track your progress. Note: you should have some familiarity with weightlifting exercises to follow the workout plan.

Mass Gain Duration

Healthy Lifestyle and Anti Aging Online Personal Training

Completely individualized and custom-designed. Specifically designed for your body. Tells you exactly what to eat and when. Includes supplement recommendations and weekly email coaching support and checkups. For weight loss, muscle gain, general health, etc. You will specify if you have a specific immediate goal after you order. This program is designed for greater flexibility, functional strength and cardio fitness with a heavy emphasis on reducing inflammation and increasing energy.

Program Duration

Contest Prep Online Personal Training – Bikini – Figure- Fitness – Physique – Bodybuilding

You get your own customized workout plan and diet, plus weekly email coaching support and checkups. This is for physique competitors like bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes as well as fitness models. Each week you will email me a diet and workout log for me to track your progress. I usually also do some phone / skype / facetime consultations with this option as needed. want to win?

Prep Duration