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Mandeville Canyon Personal Trainer: In-Home Sessions For Total Body Transformation
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If you can’t make it to our Santa Monica headquarters, Jason Kozma’s got the solution. High Performance Mandeville Canyon personal trainers are available for in-home sessions and will get you fit and ready for the beach from your location.

Mr. Kozma’s uniquely designed program will dramatically reshape your body. In fact, those who stick with the program have a 100% success rate for weight loss and improved wellness. Staggering results in an amazingly short period of time is a direct result of Mr. Kozma’s intricately developed High Performance Program.

For many different reasons we often lose motivation to work out and stay healthy, Mr. Kozma’s specially trained staff can bring your workout to the next level. Several of Mr. Kozma’s trainers, including Jason himself, offer sessions at your location that will deliver results which will exceed your expectations.

The High Performance Program was designed with your overall wellness in mind; combining cardio vascular exercises, resistance training, and nutrition plan. For your convenience, Jason’s staff will travel to your location, provide you with an evaluation, and customize the program to meet your specific needs and goals.

Each of Jason’s trainers has a minimum of ten years of specialized fitness training; in addition, Jason has personally re-trained each in the High Performance Method, ensuring your confidence in the mastery of their craft.

Mr. Kozma’s background includes 20 years personal training experience. He has blown the competition away, securing the Mr. America, Mr. Muscle Beach, Southern States Champion, Tennessee Valley Champion, and Kentucky Derby Champion titles throughout his impressive career. He is a respected trainer of personal trainers around the country and is considered a trainer to the stars, having worked with Hollywood’s and the sports world’s elite.

Contact us today and let Mr. Kozma and his team develop a High Performance Training Program to help you transform your body in as little as eight weeks. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

Meet Some of Our Mandeville Canyon Personal Trainers
Mandeville Canyon personal trainers
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Randy before and after
before and after Noelle
Noelle before and after
before and after Michael
Michael before and after

Mandeville Canyon fitness

In addition to personal training at our Santa Monica headquarters, we also offer the following fitness related services to address all your health and fitness needs:

Private training with a High Performance Personal Trainer in your home gym, office gym or outdoors. Call to verify availability.


In home sessions with Jason himself are more, contact for details.

Your very own custom-designed weight training, cardio and nutrition plan created for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself. Learn more by clicking here.

Meal Delivery: Healthy, organic, Mr. America – approved meals delivered to your door.

Yoga in your own Mandeville Canyon home. Meet Litz, private Yoga instructor.

One on one Pilates in West Los Angeles and Hermosa Beach. Click here for more information.

Meet the High Performance Personal Training Team here

Personal Trainers in Mandeville Canyon California

Our Santa Monica personal training facility is located on 3rd Street Promenade. We have plenty of free parking.

In home personal fitness training in Mandeville Canyon Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Malibu is available for your convenience

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