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What’s the best way to get back in shape for summer?

Pop Quiz #4

What’s the best way to get back in shape for summer?
A) Cardio
B) Weight lifting
C) Stretching
D) Sunless tanning lotion
E) All of the above

Yes to all, except maybe “D.” Summer is almost here. You know you’ll be outside, enjoying some great outdoor activities. Maybe the pool or beach, maybe biking, hiking, golfing or even your summer softball team. You know you want to look good and feel great. And you’ve even been reading all of my great blogs, but you have yet to do anything to get back into shape. It’s not too late, but you really need to make the effort….starting today! My team of High Performance Personal Trainers and I have a great 8 Week Makeover workout which will get you back into shape well before July 4th, but only if you jump on it now.

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Transform From “Before” to “After”

personal trainerHave you ever seen a really impressive “before” and “after” photo on a weight loss product or my website?

Do you wish that you could transform your body like the clients on my website have?

I don’t really sell any secrets or perform any sort of magic. I give my clients a complete plan, motivation, schedule, and coaching to push them along to reach their physical goals.

This is something that you can do. You will have the body that you are willing to have. If you’re willing to have a crappy body, then you’re going to have a crappy body. If you’re willing to have a great body then it’s possible for you to have one. You just have to put in the work.
Contact me to sign up now! what are you waiting for?

Here’s how to transform your body in 3 steps:

Step One: Say “Enough is enough!”

You have to decide that you can’t stand another day in your “flabtastic” body. Get pissed!

Step Two: Create your ideal body in your mind
You can’t build a house without a blueprint and you can’t take a journey to destination without a map. Set an idea in your mind about how you want your body to look. You can also use photos from magazines, or old photos of yourself. Energy follows thought. Be realistic.
Create specific goals. Like to lose 20lbs in 8 weeks.

Step Three: Take Massive Action
Don’t spend too much time formulating a perfect plan- Get moving, take action, do not stop! Things will get in the way, you just keep driving through. You can hone your plan by contacting me to sign up for one of my personal training body transformation programs. That way you will take massive and precise action.

I am here to take you from your “before” picture to your “after” picture. What will your “after” caption read?

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