Fitness Facts

  • Did you know that 45 minutes of exercise three times a week can slow the aging of your cells? Exercise alters your blood flow to the brain and helps you feel calmer and happier.
Gale: 2003 Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Classic Champion
Client Gale winning the Muscle Beach Venice Championships in 2003 at age 53!
  • Burning 350 calories a week during a workout reduces depression symptoms almost as much as taking an anti-depressant drug. It happens because exercise helps heal regions in the brain damaged by depression.
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  • Regular weight bearing exercises let you eat more because people with more lean muscle burn more calories at rest. A pound of muscle burns three times as many calories as a pound of fat.
  • A 20 minute fitness cardio workout decreases your triglyceride levels by up to 38 mg/dl and increases your good cholesterol, HDL, levels by up to 8 mg/dl
  • Weight lifting reduces your risk of osteoporosis. All it takes is just 3-5 times a week of weight-bearing exercises or resistance training 2-3 times per week.
  • If you do not exercise regularly, you could experience up to 80% decrease in muscle strength as you age.
  • Muscle can burn more calories at rest than fat. One pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day. If you are looking to lose weight, don’t crash diet or do only cardio, eat healthy and build muscle instead.
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Anti Aging Program
  • You don’t sleep enough, you increase your chances of weight gain and trigger the production of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger.
Optimum Nutrition ZMA

Optimum Nutrition ZMA – sleep and recovery solution

  • Ripped and defined abs don’t just happen as a result of doing tons of crunches. The best way to lose weight in your midsection and define your stomach is to follow a custom designed fat loss nutritional plan over a long period of time to change your metabolism from a fat storing metabolism to a fat burning metabolism.
client Aaron
  • Working out is not about burning calories. Exercise has the ability to make you stronger, faster, more agile and more flexible. It will enhance your cognitive abilities, enhance your immune system and promote longevity.
  • Want a flat belly, better posture and sleek physique? Jason Kozma’s efficient resistance training will challenge your stability, strengthen your core and engage all your muscles. The result: firmer abs and a beautiful lean body you’ve been dreaming about.
before and after abs
John went from skinny fat to ripped in 8 weeks
20 lbs weight loss 1 month
Maria lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks!
before and after of personal trainer Westwood client
anti - aging strength training
Amy lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks!
online weight loss program
Heather lost 20+ pounds in 8 weeks!
online personal training client
Carlos lost 15 lbs!
online personal training works
Bryan’s total body transformation
online bikini coach
Esther won 1st place at Muscle Beach!
  • Want a road map to help you slim down? Check out Jason Kozma’s Body Transformation Online Personal Training Program. Jason explains how to set realistic goals and provides a custom plan (including nutritional and supplements support, plus detailed workouts) to reach your goals.
online fitness program
Kristina: Online Personal Training Client Age: 39

I think Kristina looks 10 years younger in her after photo – don’t you?

  • If you are a runner and prepping for a race, make weight lifting part of your plan. Athletes who do strength workouts shave 50 seconds off their times in 5K races, according to a study. Strength training improves our bodies’ efficiency in using oxygen and makes muscles firmer, helping the fibers release an increased amount of energy with each contraction. If you add deadlifts and single leg squats to your trainings, you will finish even faster.

My client and super successful personal trainer in Riverside Karla lost 20lbs following my program and won the Highland Half Marathon! Prior to that she only finished races, not even placing!

  • So many people like to follow diets and trends, and the latest is the soup cleanse. I say, your favorite bowl can do your body good. Research shows that people eat fewer calories on days they sip soup for a meal. But remember, not all soups are created equal. To keep calories, sodium and fat in check, choose Soupelina wholesome soups, made from organic, gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients.
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Study Reveals Weight Training Is The Answer To Belly Fat

As men get older, they tend to put on extra fat, especially in their mid-section which results in a pear or apple-shaped body. The truth is, it’s harder to get rid of that excess fat as the years go by. The reason for this is actually simple. As you age, you lose muscle mass. Decreased physical activity also contributes to the loss of muscle mass which, in turn, decreases calorie usage and the weight starts piling on. It’s also possible that fat cells in the arms and legs are no longer able to store fat and the excess goes to the abdomen.

8 body fat male

belly fat insulin sugarWhy Belly Fat Is Bad

That round belly doesn’t just mean having to buy larger pants, or putting another hole in the belt, it’s harmful to our health. The problem comes from the visceral fat that collects around the internal organs, causing them to work harder. According to the Mayo Clinic, a large amount of belly fat increases your risk of many health issues including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer and sleep apnea.

Knowing that extra abdominal fat is bad for you is one thing, figuring out what to do about it is another. Cutting back on extra calories is an obvious place to start, but that’s not the entire story. To really make a difference, you also have to increase your physical activity. The advice that doctors, nutritionists, and fitness gurus give men is to increase the amount of aerobic exercise they get. But, there were also those that say that weight training, cardio and proper nutrition is the cure for belly bulge. With the conflicting information, it begs the question; is aerobic exercise or weight training a better way to get rid of that excess fat?

Thankfully, there’s finally an answer to that question in a new study by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). Researchers compared the physical activity, waist size and weight of 10,500 men 40 and over. They discovered that men who spent 20 minutes a day on weight training gained 0.67 cm less in their waistlines than men who increased the amount of aerobic activity they did by the same amount. Not surprisingly, they also noted that men who spent more time in sedentary activities gained inches in their waistline.

Take Action Against Belly Fat

Armed with that information, it might seem like a great idea to grab some weights and start working out. Slow down though, you could do more damage than good if you aren’t careful. It’s not a good idea to jump into any fitness program without first speaking to your doctor to make sure you’re able to. Once you’ve got the go-ahead, it’s a wise idea to consult a personal trainer to get some expert advice.

You don’t have to give in to age, in fact, you can fight it every step of the way. Starting a weight training program is one of the best ways that you can assure yourself of a healthy, happy and long life. Contact Jason to learn more about his personal training programs.

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