Private Yoga Manhattan Beach

Private Yoga Manhattan Beach

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Many people do not know that yoga was traditionally taught on a private one-on-one basis. The modern group yoga classes that many people attend are the result of yoga’s growing popularity that has caused group classes to become the ideal situation for many people. However, there is a reason in which yoga was originally taught on an individual basis as private in-home yoga lessons provide many benefits. These benefits include:

Manhattan Beach Private Yoga Benefits

The Advantages of Private Lessons

  • Reducing Intimidation: Many people who have never practiced yoga may be reluctant to go to a group class because they are afraid of exercising in a group setting and/or they are intimidated by the fact that they do not know what to do. In-home private lessons can help introduce people to yoga and help them build their confidence.
  • Relaxation: Oftentimes people who attend group yoga lessons are not able to let themselves go and focus solely on the yoga instruction. Whether this is due to the fact that they are distracted by the classroom setting, or because they chose to join a class with people they know, many people are not able to take advantage of yoga fully in a classroom setting. However, when people take private in-home yoga lessons, they find that they are able to focus completely on the instruction and relax fully since they are comfortable with the environment and free from distraction.
  • Personal Accommodations Can Be Made: People often come into yoga with a specific reason for doing so whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. When you work on an individual level with an instructor, they can tailor lessons that will help you to meet your specific goals in a way you would not be able to in a group lesson. Also, if you have any physical limitations, a private yoga instructor can work with you to show you how you can alter the yoga poses to suit you.

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in private yoga, contact us. Yoga was originally taught on an individual basis, and by opting for in-home private yoga lessons you will enjoy all the benefits in the convenience of your own home. Contact us today to find out more about the fitness and wellness services we offer.

Manhattan Beach Private Yoga

Private yoga lessons are available in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and the Southbay area, Pacific Palisades, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Brentwood and other west side LA areas.

Postpartum Yoga in Los Angeles with Deena

private yoga Manhattan Beach Deena

Having a baby is a miracle and a blessing, but it does leave moms feeling pretty drained. You are tired, and your body just isn’t the same.
Getting your body back in shape after having a baby is a pretty daunting undertaking for most moms. Instead of feeling intimidated and putting off your first trip back to the gym, try an exercise program that is designed just for you!

Private Yoga in Manhattan Beach, CA

Deena, a mother herself, is a world class personal trainer with over 18 years of experience sculpting bodies and facilitating motivation and confidence in women in Los Angeles and New York. She will get your training off right with yoga for mothers. Getting back into a routine can be tough, after you’v had a baby to throw your whole life for a loop. Get your body back, your energy up and let go of stress with a fun, enjoyable, safe exercise plan that will come right to your door so you can have an eye on the baby as you take care of yourself. You can invite a friend or two for moral support and some social time and take advantage of the partner rates.

Private Yoga will get you moving again and help you feel more confident and physically capable of recovering from your pregnancy. Plus, yoga is great for stress-relief and has many mental benefits in addition to the obvious physical benefits.

6 Physical and Emotional Benefits of Postnatal / Postpartum Yoga

  1. Rebuild flexibility and muscle tone: Help your body handle the new demands of caring for your baby. Developing strength in abdominal and back muscles reduces postpartum back pain (Gustafsson and Nilsson-Wikmar 2008).
  2. Maintain spinal integrity: Relaxin looses joints everywhere in the body, not just the pelvis. Some researchers believe these ligaments may stay loose and are prone to overstretching up to eight months following giving birth (Karadeli and Uslu 2009).
  3. Tone and stretch your upper body: Toning your arms can stave off soreness that comes from constantly picking up your child. The average newborn weights 7.5 pounds and gets picked up about 50 times each day.
  4. Stretch those achy shoulders and back: Breastfeeding can cause the spine and shoulders to become rounded and sore.
  5. Routine exercise may prevent postpartum depression (Norman et al. 2010).
  6. Cultivate patience: A newborn requires an intensive amount of energy. Stay with one breath at a time, one pose at a time. Cultivating connection on the mat can help new moms be connected through the long hours and days and months of a new baby’s life.

The postpartum period lasts up to two years, so practicing yoga is a great way to get your strength back, take time for yourself, and even prepare for the next baby. You deserve this time for yourself!

Yoga is the perfect way to work every muscle in your body, while you ease your way back into a regular exercise routine. Soon, your yoga for mother’s program will have you feeling so great that you’ll be ready to set goals to get your body back, or get an even better body than you had before you were pregnant.

Nothing is impossible when you have a top qualified physical trainer to help you pursue your goals. Please contact us to find out why moms all over Los Angeles and surrounding areas are thrilled with the results they get with High Performance Personal Training.

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